I thought we deserved the win and i thought we didn’t have the luck. If you want to call it that you know um, certainly there were spells long spells of dominance and made good chances hit. The bar had a good purpose allowed, so you know things: didn’t go for us on the net, not overly disappointed with the performance at all, because i felt we’d done more than enough to win the game. Afterwards, you come out as a few players. You know looking to get away. Do you have regrets about letting that be going public? Not really. I don’t want to elaborate on it, but we want them all. Here. We’Ve got a big year ahead of us and um. This is a difficult time of the years. You know peop people are unsettled, but we want them all to settle down. You know, do what’s best for the club, and that means winning the league and trying to make the best of what’s left of the european campaign. Have you addressed the squad? It’S, a tight knit group and we have a big big year ahead of us. You know and it’s really really important. We suffer the blow. One of our objectives is gone, but we’ve got plenty of other objectives going forward and i want them all here focused on that in terms of the players who indicated they may want to leave. Are you happy with them playing again this season if they’re indicating they don’t want to be here, yeah? Absolutely we want them to settle down.

We want them just to do what they do best, the great lads um. I understand that you know. Sometimes it can be interest, but this is a great club. You know we want harmony and i’m, not saying there’s been any agitation at all, but sometimes you can lose a little bit of focus. We just want them to get back on it and concentrate on the job that lays ahead. So i’ve said what i said after the game. I don’t need the elaborate on it anymore. Some supporters on there i think, are quite happy that you were so open after the game, but on the flip side, don’t understand why you would maybe keep them involved if they said that they would rather be able to understand that view from those side of things. Um yeah but um. You know at the end of the day, the the good players and once they realized that excitement and what we have in store this season, hopefully that’ll persuade them to knuckle down now and really concentrate on the job at hand. Did you have to be more pragmatic as well and say well disagrees, but if they’re good players, i should use them while we’re paying them, even if they are disgruntled. I wouldn’t say disgruntled, but you know. Sometimes you worry that you know it can affect the mindset. I’Ve been in that position before as a player, and i just want it all sort of settle down now and you know we’ve had a blow and that’s what it is.

You know so it’s a blow. One of our priorities was, to you know, make inroads in the champions league it wasn’t by any means deep down that bad performance well let’s get that clear the performance you know. If you look at the in the cooler there again and um, i do waffle on about stats and the certainly others. And if you look at the stats and the performance we dominated, we got caught cool with a you know: bad goal from our point of view, but the majority of the game. I thought the attitude and the intensity and uh the tempo that we played up was was very, very good, so it’s one that’s got away from us and it’s a super one it’s one of the problems you’ve got coming up. The transfer window drags on for so long now, or the season goes on it’s a long period for players to be be unsettled, overcome and settle. Well, i can’t think nothing about the length of transfer when the water count is, you know, settle them down, make them concentrate, keep them here. We’Ve. We want them here. We’Ve made that pretty clear, and then we want to move forward. We’Ve got a big game on sunday um we got a big sort of league campaign ahead of us. We’Ve got trophies to defend domestically and we still have european football, which we want to maximize. Does the lack of champions league football? Have an awesome situation at all? Is this something we already speak to about them? Well, why why would you bring the boson just in the fact that if i was a club watching out you’d be the one i’d be interested well i’m, not going to talk about individual players, i mean you know.

We would desperately want to keep watson for the 10 or for going for the 10, so you know i think, it’s time for her to singulate him. Will he be available for sunday or is he still injured? No, he won’t be available for somebody. Do you have a sort of time scale in his recovery? Well, it’s international break, you know so i’d. Imagine i’m pretty confident, he’d be fit for the ross county game after the international break. In terms of the you know, you said that this harmony may have been bugging you for a while. Is it something that has previously that you’ve seen has affected performances on the field at all or has affected you in terms of you know you selecting up my team for a game? No, not really yeah, but i do know from you know: i’ve played the game. You know i’ve gone through, that sort of you do lose a little bit of concentration, sometimes and that’s. All it is, and so i want them to. You know, refocus me i’m, not saying that had any effect on the performance, the other night, because it didn’t but and i’m, not saying there’s any disharmony within the group as well. But what i want is players who you know are with us and want to really be successful again this year and that’s it a couple of players, potentially representatives of them would come to the club and ask for evaluation, so potential moves away, that’s, something you’re aware Of no not at all, no well, they were flat yesterday, as you can imagine so you know what you do.

Is you just give them a day and then we’ll get back on we’ll speak to them this morning, see how we all are, and then you know prepare as best we can for the motherboard game and go out there and put on a good performance like yourselves. In in essence, really pleased with the performance, but the result that they ended is not what we all wanted. One of the traits of this celtic team, your celtic team over the last few seasons, have been when there are bad results in europe. When you get knocked out of chancellor or your own league, they seem to just bounce back domestically. Yes, how do you do that? Well, they’ve got a great mentality. Um and we’ve got great experience and we don’t get sort of um too high or too low too high. When things are going well too low when things don’t go so well, we try and keep a balance on it and um we’ve got a big game. You know, i think the best thing they can do is get back out there and play now that’s always the case. If you’ve had a really bad performance, what we’ve had is a bad result. The actual performance was pretty decent we’ve hit. The bar we’ve had umpteen chances against the decent side, so we weren’t a million miles away from actually overcoming the tie and, looking ahead, you know people will say you know your team selection.

Will you know i thought with a really strong team out it actually panned out that way, ryan played center forward rand scored? You know he scored the goal. Um elio and uc had good chances and chan played really well, and i thought we forced the issue for long periods and their goal came from a tackle clearance. You know that we just didn’t deal with and um we’ll have regrets about it, but um that happens. It’S very early in the season i don’t think we’ve hit top formers yet but main i was pretty pleased with the performance. Imagine you’re still looking to recruit a couple of players. What does the result make we do to your budget up to your nothing and we’ve brought in david turnbull. You know so i’m. Absolutely delighted about that. I’Ve got a brilliant young scottish talent who you know wanted in this time. Last year you know he’s overcome you, know a lot of obstacles and that speaks volume for his character and i think he’s, a top player and we want here. Does the player deserve this as well, because he’s had to show some real mental strength? Yeah? I think he’s done brilliantly and you know looking at him in the last few games. You know he’s got such a class about him and he’s, a very good finisher from midfield as well, which you know was a rarity in the modern game. How important is it for you to have a scottish element within your squad as well? You know there is no arrows for the awards, but it’s surrounding that scottish core players that you have here.

I think that’s always good. You know, i think it’s. I think you know dave will come and i’ll know the the values of the club, and you know what it means to the support and you know what it means to you know the scottish game. You know and then coming here, it’s exciting for him it’s a challenge for him and um. I think it’s one that he’s really looking forward to just just because my friend so you are, you are still able to go for the targets that you are yes before and you’re still confident getting. Yes, just going back to the game of the weekend. Did you see my last match last night? Not yet? No, what would you expect from them? Obviously i don’t know it’s been a bit sort of um, stop start for them like in terms of uh consistency, so um, you know, watch them against ross county uh early on in the season and they’re unlucky enough to get something there um, but stephen has to Sort of keep evolving his team, you know he loses. You know a player here and there every season he’s lost another one. Obviously now does, but you know he seems to find you know little nuggets to the brilliant season. Last year you know up until the pandemic stopped it. So i think it’ll be a you know, tough game. I think he’s got some again. Some exuberance, some energy in the team and um it’s a game, though that we obviously want to get back on track.

After you know the defeat and then get back to the minion waves as soon as possible, we’ll uh what time we’ll be in this one. Yes, you know a bit of a growing injury, yeah tom rogers still liked, but we’re near we’re, hoping we’ll train tomorrow. Um. You know maggie jones is still recovering from surgery and balangoli’s unavailable as well what’s the latest one he’s unavailable he’s. Still, you know rehabbing from scaffolding we’ll find out today has his sfb charge. Will it make a difference and tell the resulting future whether he’s banned or not? I don’t know i can’t comment on that. You know we um there’ll, be the sfa one and then we’ll have our own sort of in house disciplinary and we’ll. Take it from there as possible. Yeah it’d be ideal, yeah, it’s sort of dragged on a little bit now. Has he been activated back into the squad, yet? No, not yet! No! No so we’ll have to you know, obviously look at that and see when enough.