It is time for the starting living prediction for tomorrow’s game at home against mueller, albeit still absolutely livid about wednesday, and i can’t even be asked coming on here and picking a starting living for this game tomorrow. To be totally honest with you um i’m, so so disappointed with wednesday night. I think if you reflect on it that’s another terrible early exit in the champions league, um that’s three years in a row now we’ve not even been able to make the playoffs um. I mean you combine it last season with the cluj game and the copenhagen last 32 tie at home and then that on wednesday the club is just miles off it in european football terms, and i think, obviously, if you can analyse it, we’ve all analyzed. It uh till the death since wednesday and i’m sure it will continue, and it should continue because i think if we want the club to advance and to be on an elite european stage which it should be given the size of the club. Given the size of the fan base, given the stats or given the history and that’s where the club should be it’s, not where it is, and we should maintain this sort of frustration with it until it gets there, we know we’re pursuing general domestically and domestically we’ve Done brilliantly in the past few years, but the club is regressing every season in europe and to to sum up and and champions league terms and trying to get to the champions league, some of the players aren’t good enough.

The recruitment hasn’t been good enough and the manager isn’t good enough. That’S the be all and end all and we keep making the same mistakes season after season. And these knockout ties and it’s all right to come out after the game and say well new line and actually come out and slated the players pretended. He was taking responsibility and insulated some of the players for the attitude that don’t want to be here and they’re. Looking for moves away, um, which we’ve ridiculed steven gerrard for in the past, and then he came out and yesterday’s press conference and said i thought we played well. I thought we dominated the game. I don’t like talk about stats, but look at the possession the shots and target all that stuff. I brilliant the same as cluj we were in control and we thought we were dominating and we end up losing it the same as copenhagen when we’re in control we’re dominating. We end up losing it and then the same again on wednesday night, and you can put it down to a number of things: it’s, probably a combination of all of them. Is it tactful an aptitude as a mentality problem going for scottish football to playing in europe? Um are some of the players just no good enough. The recruitment certainly hasn’t been good enough um. You can look at the board as well. Okay, i think the responsibility for wednesday night lies when you’re winning, but in recent seasons, um the board haven’t done herself any favors in terms of getting the club to a champions league level at all.

So i think responsibility for it lies across everyone in the club and i think if we can get 10 10 0 this season. I think it’s time to look at how the club is structured, how the club has run and refresh it, because it’s been the same for so long now and it’s, not working in terms of advancing celtic and in the context of european football, but to tomorrow’s game And mother will come into this. One no wins for their opening. Five in the league they’ve actually started the season really poorly um. They did get a 5 1 win against glen, torin and you’ll probably qualify on thursday, though, and so that might have done the confidence. A bit good but, as i say in the league, they haven’t started very well at all two draws and three defeats and we’ve obviously completed signing david turnbull, which i’m happy with. I think david turnbull is a good player and so much potential and growth in him. I’M excited to see him for celtic and again i’m, not sure 100. What his best position is well, this is a box to box or eight, or can he plays a 10? I know he’s probably done both for mallory um, a goal scoring midfielder, which is really really good. You can never have enough of him. I know midfield is probably the strongest area of the team, but i’m happy we’ve got him in and neil in and says that he’ll be involved tomorrow.

I think it’ll probably be from the bench um, but we’ll see and goals, and it will be back ass come in for a bit credit service on the night. I think unfairly. I think, with that defense and funny, and the way we defended um there’s, not a lot of the goalkeeper can do. The the first strike is absolutely brilliant and the side net and and the second, the second one, that the boy okay it goes under is make wonders legs at the near post, but um the guy’s five or six yards out um one on one. So he kind of put too much blame on him. I write back. It was obviously al ahmed. That was when i got right. I’Ve spent weeks saying how he’s more defensively reliable than frimpong um. But again i don’t know if he tired into the game, but we get beat over the top where big cleans up the park and he gets a foot to the ball. I know he’s been booked, he gets a foot to the ball, it should just clear it. It should slide in if he’s, confident he’s going to get through to the ball slide then put it for a corner just deal with, and he didn’t it was really really poor. Defending i fully expect from punk to start tomorrow from punk did come on, as he always does shows. A lot of energy uh driving runs forward still needs to work on his end product, but he’ll start tomorrow.

Second half it’ll be julian and i are um bhutan’s. Apparently, out with a little bit of strain um, i don’t know if he’s going to train today, but because he’s got that a lot of niggle it’ll be beaton and iya again a lot of speculation about whether i was one of these players trying to force a Move away, the new end was talking about energy rant after the game, but we’ve not got any second half have we so it’ll, be julian and aya a left back it’ll be greg taylor because we’re gon na get any other left backs and again come in for Criticism now at night, but he’s all we’ve got there. So he’ll start in front of them. Scott brown and carlin mcgregor scott brown on another one, massive criticism again, the other night listen. I know that we all want to see a lot of changes in the midfield. We want to see, after a performance like that, we want to see the team wrapped up and and make six and seven changes and and and try and shock everybody, but it’s not going to happen it’s not going to happen. Scott brown i’ll almost definitely start tomorrow. Callum mcgregor will play alongside them in front of him. I think olivia and chan will keep his place. I think overall, a pretty decent performance for olivia and chan. He was really unlucky with that strike um early in the second half and at the ground that came off the crossbar and great technique.

He played relatively well. I think he’ll keep his place and i’ll explain why, as we go, follow up the pitch the right hand, side, james forrest again and effectively all night um, very, very little competition for him on the right hand, side of the pitch, though he’ll keep his place. Eli nussey, who was was good the other night. They just didn’t get a goal um that the one time they did add a proper end product to a move. Was that one where he was offside? I don’t know if he was outside. It was tight, but it was a lovely move. Julian switched to taylor till i played the gate ball in every university. Kills it into his path and then thanks to goalkeeper. It was absolutely beautiful, but other than that, and there are chances that he did get. He couldn’t either. He couldn’t add a finish. So i think he will keep his place um as one of the better performers, though at night and up front austin edward’s still out, and so i think that and chris he’s going to start as the number nine and i can feel you all behind the camera. Like thinking, why would ryan christie be starting after making that mistake on wednesday night? Well, i’ll tell you why if patrick lamala isn’t a match fit on wednesday, he’s not much fit on saturday, and the same goes for yeti, it wasn’t a match fit three days ago. He’S no match fit now um and new lenses that i increased he played well, he got the goal as if getting a deflected goal for 20 yards justifies the fact that you’ve done your job as a number nine, and when the team would want to lose the Game and you missed chance after chance, but there you go that’s why? I think ryan christie will start again as a number nine and again.

This is not the team that i would pick. This is the team that i think neil and no pick. Neil lennon says that we played pretty well the night we played the performance was was decent and we just didn’t get the result because we made the thing we made defensive errors, and so i think ryan christie will start based on the fact that yeti and kamala, If they want to match fit on wednesday they’re kind of a match fit now that’s, the team i’ve went with like the video comment, your own thoughts below don’t forget to subscribe. If you haven’t already, we will be back tomorrow after the game live full time reaction.