Oh boy, have i got a lot of news for you today, so sit back, relax, get a cup of coffee. Put the feet up and let’s go through all the latest celtic fc transfer news, rumors and targets. Where else will we start off let’s go to turkey? Shall we not literally, although i do probably need a hair transplant and new teeth but uh? We might save that for next year, guys caleb echo ban of course, he’s a canadian striker, with four appearances for the ghana national team and two goals he plays for turkish super league side, travis bonsport travis on sport. I really murdered that one, but uh he’s got 64 appearances for them and 17 goals. We with irish mixed scouting analysis is strong, pacey good in the air, good change of pace and he’s a decent finisher i’ve looked him up on youtube and uh funny enough guys. He does match vlogs as well and transfer room, but now i’m joking, i looked him up on youtube and um his highlights. He actually looks a good player now, it’s, a reported 8 million fee um a trusted journalist online and there’s. A few turkish websites as well and a few celtic websites are getting on top of it. For me, i’m, not too sure on this one i’m, not too sure being brutally honest um. You know the other ones. These guys have been linked for months and months and we’ve always had an eye on them, but for this one maybe um, the scouting team have identified him.

Maybe he’s a player lenny’s like for a while and we’ve kept it away with hush hush 8 million euros around about 7.2 million. Pounds is also being reported on another website. Um that’s big that’s, a big fee for celtic, make no bones about it and with 17 goals and 64 appearances in the turkish super league, i mean 7.2 million Music we’ll see i mean if eddie stays in a yeti and griffith stays. I mean. Who knows? Who knows who’s going to stay and who’s going to go, but uh 7.2 million pounds is a fair chunk for celtic and unless we’re playing 3 5 2. I think gekko bam will be on the bench because eddie’s you know it’s not even up for debate. He’S he’s number one striker at the club. It could be pissed. You could be a lot of fish guys. You know there’s all sorts of rumors during the transfer window, but um it could be a load of piss. You know it could be absolute pish, but i will see how this one goes for me. I don’t know to be honest. I’M kind of i think it’s i’d like to see it happen, um a bit steep for me being honest, 7.2 million, but um. Who knows guys? Next? One we’ve got david turnbull. Of course, um he’s been linked. You know we could have signed him last season. Of course we all know the story. The medical didn’t go through and uh fair play to the boy.

You know he’s kept going, he’s kept going with, motherboards came back and you know this deal is it looks as if it’s going to be completed this season, so you know what uh what an inspiration that is guys at. First, if you don’t succeed or if something doesn’t work for you, then keep going, and you know that alone tells us he’s got a strong mentality, he must have a he’s, a good character, um, nothing quote an ex manager but good character, but he must be a Good character, he must have a strong mentality. You know to come back after set back a step out like that and um. You know what fair play that a lot and i hope the deal does go through and i hope he does have a successful career at us. Uh. Our club um he’s, of course played 41 games for motherwell first team. He scored 16 goals um for marvel from the man from carluck. I mean he’s, uh, that’s, actually impressive, for a young midfielder, 41 appearances, 16 goals, that’s not too bad for a young midfielder and the reported fee is three million pounds um. I think for me, that’s a good deal i’d like to see that one happen, he’s a really good player, and i think you know when you look at teams like baron, munich and funny enough they’re going to come up with the next target. But when you look at teams like bar munich, it seems to work for them.

They’Re hoover. They hoover up the best young talent in germany and the best young talent um all over the world, really but they’re able to do that, but more or less they hoover up the best talent in germany and um. I don’t see why we we’ve always done that. Celtic, you know you look at armstrong and you look at kenny, mckay, stephen okay, some work out some don’t barry robson, of course paul hartley, stephen bradley. You know there’s, no reason why it can’t work for us and we’ve done it. You know we’ve done it ages. You know think of all the players: we’ve got from hearts and hibs um, the last 10 15 years, just a name then going back further. You know didier the cat and all that, so it does work and i think um these next two boys will turn ball in the next well, i think they’re going to be good investments and i think they can um they’re good players already, but they’re really young. The two of them – and i think they can even develop further and push on um when you have guys like that in the squad with the likes of mcgregor, with the likes of edward ayer julian quality, like that, you know, it’s, a good we’ve got a makings Of a good squad there, of course, you know it’s paramount to not only bring in quality but keep quality as well. It’S. Arguably more important this season to keep edward.

I know a lot of you guys have said that in the comments – and i absolutely agree, that’s what i said in the video it’s, absolutely parliament that we keep edward and i also think um, christopher eyer as well, and all our all our top big names. It’S. Really really important to keep them this season and fingers crossed. We will not. I think we will i’d be surprised now. If some big star left um, i would be surprised, i would be surprised if edward left or ir, namely, i would be surprised, especially the importance of 10 in a row and they could just go down and and and in celtic folklore, you know forever and all They have to do is stay another. What is it maybe eight, nine ten months, something like that. You know so it’s, a no brainer for me and uh. You know they’re more than capable of going off for big money and then the next season, so uh just depends what they want. Do they want money or glory. It remains to be seen. We’Ll find out soon enough, i suppose, and the last but not least, uh. Celtic of looks as if we bet the european champions that the signature of aaron hickey iron hickey, of course, 33 appearances for the hearts first team and that fee is, is being reported as a fee in the region of 1.5 million pounds. Terrific young left back. I think that’s an absolute steal if you want to.

If you want my honest opinion, i think 1.5 million for arnold hickey is an absolute steal. Will he start off in the development squad, possibly that’s the plan, but let’s not forget guys. That was a plan with fringpong and fringpong shocked us all, and i do not see why aaron cannot do that. It’S, a no brainer um being brutally honest. It was he gon na go and take alfonso davis’s space. No, it wasn’t um, probably would have been playing for bayern ii in the bundesliga tree. I think they’re in and um you know, or maybe a long move to a bundesliga, 2 team or maybe another bundesliga, 3 team um and i think no disrespect. I think he’s too good for for that level i think um. It would do him no harm at all, maybe settle in for a couple of months with the development squad. But who knows guys? You know baldi’s played his last game, which i think he has um. He could be our, he could be our next left back so and you know what you’d have to say. I think he’s capable now of pushing greg all the way greg is, you know no disrespect out and then i’m sure he’d probably agree at the moment. Greg is a superior left back, but there’s no reason why ireland can’t get up to that level very soon and even develop and – and you know, he’s got potential to surpass that level.

I think i think he’s a i really rate him. I think he’s um a very, very good lead back and that’s a very, very good bit of business for celtic, indeed, 1.5 million pounds and absolutely still in my opinion, let me know down below guys what do you think i’d be very happy with turnbull and hickey Coming in echo, ban i’m, not too sure the 7.2 million 8 million euros is a lot it’s a lot for me. Um and yeah. I mean it’s, not as if he’s he’s not even got a goal. You know half a goal per game ratio in the turkish league, but look i don’t, know um. I trust in lenny. I trust in the transfer team and if this one is true and if it is completed in the next few days or a week, then you know what i think yeah. If lenny believes in him and in the great transfer team that we have in the great scouting team, then you know what we put, i put our faith in them and i think he will pay off and uh. So let me know down below guys. I’M really happy with these three come in, but of course guys, as i’ve said, it is of paramount importance to keep uh. Arguably more, you know it’s more important to keep in this window, so we keep eddie. Add these guys in and the guys from yesterday i’d be happy with that.

Let me know down below guys. I’Ll see you tomorrow for the celtic fc and celtic v frank varage match in the champions league second qualifying round it’s gon na be live i’m gon na. Do a live watch along guys and i’ve got a wii. I’Ve got a few more notes. Um like this ready for commentary so i’m going to do it. Um it’ll be usual. You know, we’ll have to be joking. I’Ll laugh but also i’m going to try to take it a bit more serious and do like um. Give you guys. Information um and you know, have a few wee notes and just uh. You know, give you guys information, stats, facts and also be laughing, and all that and that’s what it’s about you know. You guys get a laugh and information about it out of the video, and you know at the end of the day. What more can you ask for, so i really look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night. Please please please tune in because i’m going to do a lot of preparing for this and i’m going to have a lot of notes and um it’s going to be um a level above my my previous stream, so make sure and tune in for that one guys. Really really appreciate that hit the like button on this one. Please subscribe if you’re new around here hit the like button on tomorrow’s one as well. If you want to enter the competition and um absolutely fantastic, the support has been amazing, as always, guys cannot wait to get out and about soon enough fingers crossed soon enough guys at matches or maybe on a wee holiday weekend somewhere away.

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