Copies are all done already. After that i am miserable result. Last night it was hard to take yeah got a lot of stick today. Some of us got a lot of stick today. Um, okay, embarrassing result for the club we need to move on. We need to react quick. We have motherwell the weekend, i’ll be doing a preview about that tomorrow. It’S just it’s hard to think that celtic are not even near the level of champions league football. Three years in a row, you know it really it’s hard to sink in. We don’t have the best manager in the world. Yes, neil and the celtic truman trail yes desire, but he lost the last night. His tactics were shocking. He should have went with 342. Yes, there was two strikers on the bench he could have used. He was blaming that yet he wasn’t full fit full fitness for a full game. Could i bring him on the second half? I have told him not like 20 minutes ago, but okay it’s hard. We have europa league qualification as much as that sounds absolutely embarrassing. We’Ve got to move on from it. There’S, not much money in your alpha league, but celtic europa league team show the last season. Obviously our great wins against lazio being clues. Beating ren, we had a good campaign topping the group, so we get into the europa league. He really needs to consider what players are picking your role blake, i won’t be playing all our top players to be honest with you, because we’re looking at your overlay we’re.

Looking at as a financial way, we’re not looking at to like let’s, be ambitious until you win it, we need to intend the role that’s, the god honest truth, you know, but what i’ve learned about last night what’s been said. A lot in reports and stuff is, is there’s a there’s about three or four players that are asking. Can you leave the club that they don’t want to be at the club anymore? Christopher lawyers won him and his agent are asking for evaluation, so he can be approached by other clubs and get money. Look if we get if we sell oil for at least 15 to 20 million. Yes, let him go. Let him go because he was doing last night. I don’t know what’s going on. You know. It’S he’s been a good player for celtic in the last two seasons. He gave it to him there. Since he came back from kamarnick alone. He was. He has improved. Yes, he’s been good for the good games, you know, but um yeah that’s it for like okay, olivier, could be on his way out as well. Olivier could be going to southampton could be, everton could be newcastle, it could be in france, so he could be another one on the way out as well. You get 12 million for olivier that i’d be happy with that. You know it’d be ha. I want to keep budget. I really do want to keep time lodged.

You know, especially if these midfielders are going i’m. Speaking of a midfielder david tumble is in congratulations, david as much as i didn’t want you to come in just yet. Yes, i did once at celtic, but i thought at the time you know let them develop like it. Let them get the full season. These bells on the motherboard get a bit of gold and all but okay, maybe maybe somebody do need them, especially if you leave the old box and you know so he’s 21 years of age. You know: he’s played his captain mother well good few times. Scored 18 goals two seasons ago, you know it’s it’s a good prospect for scottish football. A lot of celtic fans are excited about coming to the club. It was 2.7 million last season when i went to paid 3.2 and along a couple players, but obviously this time around we got him. He’S, obviously been playing from brother well in the lake and scored already so welcome to the club, david um. I hope you all wish you the very best. I hope you do well hope you get a lot of game time as well, because it is a long season ahead. We’Re using the cup competitions. You know you know the scottish games, you’ve, scored some mental goals, so it’s not it’s, not a fear that you’re going to obviously develop or not know the game you’re going to be well. You play well so let’s see how you get on you’re scoring he’s got against the hibs, and all you have so looking forward to david hornball.

You know hope you can link with well with mcgregor links. Well, with brown even gets mario james forest on the wing and el news, you know obviously he’s attacking midfielder, so let’s see how this gets on good, shot him as well. So his passion’s unbelievable he’s, a well found true and trio, but let’s let’s see how he gets almost celtic. I wish him the very best you know but i’m going to be positive on this we’re still linked with rodrigo raquel me um under 21 spaniards from alexa, madrid, potentially three million. I hope it happens. You know when you need that back over, i don’t think we’re gon na get roy and sesame or from spores european football champions league football. What attracted them can’t see him coming the biggest one that everybody’s concerned about duffy. What is going on? Are we going to get them out of the line? Only time we could tell if oya walks celtic should realistically outbid west ham pay the 10 million pay the 9 million and get them to the club? Why not? We need we don’t need cover, you know we. We can’t always rely on el alhamid and beethoven. You know we can’t always rely on that. We need to establish center back. You know and it’s it’s very hard at the moment to be positive. What happened last night and why this season started, but look it it’s. 80 days, as i said a couple weeks ago before, the ball kicked we’re off our bloops bruises and bumps bumps and bruises, as you could say and we’re all for, and we have to be optimistic about this look.

We have a dressing room there that can win a lake. We have we’ve proved in the last nine years. We have a great skipper there, fair enough. He has bad days like every player, but we do have a good manager and you need to back him as much as he does cock ups. You know we need to back near lennon and a lot of fans would disagree me and he’s a totally opinion. But what is the point of changing manager? Now this early messing up the plans? Messing up, you know: it’s, not it’s, not water, just keep them in there to the end of the season. We don’t win the league, we don’t win the league it’s, not the end of the world, once they don’t win it. I know they’re the only chance. The only team that can realistic, troy compete with us, but we’ll see i’m optimistic that we can win this league and i’m, not gon na. Let one defeat in europe rooney season. We have a lot of games to go. We have 25 league games to play before cup competitions before potential europa league as well, so take a jail folks, we’re gon na do it. We can keep edwards happy days if edward goes for 20 million, which is that it’s similar to what happened last season, retaining it not getting champions league football for celtic we’re gon na we’re gon na have to sit up, invest in strokers if antoni is not.

For those 10 million he’s on the brentford, so can’t see it can’t see what’s getting him we’re. Looking at another let’s go madrid striker, i don’t know his name so i’ve just seen the rumors today, i’ll get back more on that about that in the next couple of days, but um he’s, the eastern european he’s, an eastern european striker, so we’re looking at getting Him rumors at 6.1 million time will tell so we have lee griffiths there in a locker just get the mentality rightfully getting fully fit, and we have, we can get calls at home in the league. Definitely definitely still has it he’s. Only 20 years of age like you, can still get still getting much album, but yeah that’s, not what you think um much better form than i was last night. The hangover is gone all that oinborough. All that is it’s all sorted me out for them. I hope you enjoyed the journeys in the background. Y’All, nanny and grandma got that for me for me towards you. Thank you very much for them so close to 4k, so um. If you can subscribe to the channel, i really appreciate it on speeches.