We also had a great video from jackie mcnamara went out yesterday on the channels he looked back on the men who managed them at celtic if you’ve got a spare, 15 minutes or so go and have a look at that. Some brilliant tales and the likes of john barnes vim janssen and martin o’neill in there tommy burns as well of course, but for now in the channel we’re gon na look ahead. Three o’clock kickoff for the game tomorrow against motherwell at celtic pack, a real chance for new lenin and his players to get back into the way things and get the fans a little bit back on side after the obvious disappointment of wednesday night against fernando varos. Here are three things that neil lennon must do with his team selection tomorrow right, the first one is likely to be the biggest talking point among the celtic support. It kind of went a little bit unnoticed in the midst of the horror show against fernando varos, but on thursday we announced the signing of david turnbull. We all know the story regarding turnbull the fact that he was so close to joining the club last year. We’Ve paid around 3.25 million pounds for him. I think that’s the exact same deal that was in place for him last year and i think he looks like a real good sign and he’s a player who can add some freshness to our midfield. That’S looked really stale. So far this season, in my opinion, i think the likes of scott brown and even callum mcgregor could do with a bit fresh competition for a place because they’ve effectively got no competition at the moment and looking at this weekend’s game, i simply think new lenin has To start david turnbull, he has a habit of taking it slow and introducing new signings to the first team.

You look at christopher julian last year. The fact he missed out the another champions league debacle against cluj, he’s, obviously taking it massively slow with the likes of schwed and that’s, putting it lightly. I mean shed’s likely to never get a chance. Bio never really got a chance, even though those two were roger signings. You look at lenin, signings, clemala, ishmael, sorrow. Those guys have barely had a chance starting games anyway, and i don’t think sorrows even made a competitive appearance for us, but he simply has to do it quickly with turnbull. He has to get turnbull into the first team there’s a few reasons i’ve got for that. First of all, the fact that tumble’s up to scratch, he started all of all five of mother whale’s games in the premiership this season. He knows the league, so it doesn’t take him or it won’t take him time to acclimatize to his new surroundings, so he’s fit. He knows the league and also just taking the game on sunday it’s against familiar opposition he’s playing against a team. He knows well, he knows their strengths, he knows their weaknesses, so surely it makes sense to start him on sunday. Added to that, as i say, the celtic midfield isn’t exactly going from strength to strength at the moment, is really really struggling and it needs someone fresh to come in. However, i don’t think new lenin will start turnbull. I just i don’t see who he’s going to drop there’s a bit of chat amongst the celtic support of whether tumble’s uh center mid or whether he’s a attacking midfielder a lot of people, say he’s attacking midfielder.

I would tend to disagree. I think he’s more of a center midfielder, just haven’t watched him at mother. Well, i could be wrong. He could turn into you know ryan christie, rather than a callum mcgregor, but i think he’s more of a center midfielder and in that area of the pitch i don’t see new lenin dropping either scott brown or callum mcgregor. I just he doesn’t have form to do it, even though scott brown was awful. I think he’ll see it as an opportunity to show faith in scott brown and show faith in the players. Just judging from his his kind of backtrack comments. He made in friday’s press conference, so i think he has to start tumble do. I think he will sadly not right next one, and this will sound massively obvious and i can’t even believe i’m having to say it for a home game against motherwell who haven’t won a game all season. I think they’ve only scored in one game this season. So far in the premiership, but neil lennon, you have to play a striker this time he obviously didn’t on wednesday night against fernando varos, but he simply has to this time. He’S got two options: there he’s got patrick lamala, who he clearly doesn’t fancy and i don’t see why he would start patrick clamala now and he’s got a new recruit, albeit yeti, who i think he will go with. I think he’s he’s got to play a striker for this game and i was a little bit concerned by his comments in the press conference on friday.

I don’t know if you’ve seen them, but he effectively made a throwaway comment, almost kind of defending his situation. It’S on his decision not to play a striker against ference faros and wednesday, he was quoted to say something along the lines of i played ryan christie up front and he scored the goal. Almost making people aware that he was almost right to play chrissy, but because christie got the goal but there’s so many chances in that game that a striker would have scored you think of the one chris he had in the first half that he kind of slid Past the post, when it looked easier to score – and i think a striker would have scored that one, so he has to play a yeti up top and this one. I think he will i yet he obviously hasn’t started for the club. Yet but he’s looked handy enough in the last couple of games, especially against dundee united when he got the winner and with nords and edward for this game, he has to go with albion a yeti if he doesn’t and we don’t get a result. Um i’m. A little bit worried for the reaction and i think it could be pretty toxic, because people are right on the edge with this team and new lenin. At the moment, and in many ways, the team will be glad that there’s no fans at park head for the game, because if they were, they might be getting a few boos early on.

If a few passes go straight as it is, they’ll be able just to pass the ball and not have to worry about making too many mistakes in terms of the reaction from fans and in a funny way. That could actually help the team get a result and for the final point, this is where i feel like i’m clickbaiting a little bit, because in all honesty i don’t actually have a third thing that neil lennon has to do and there’s a reason for that there’s. So many players in that team from the game against fernando varos that i would adopt, i could honestly go through them. I would have dropped. Probably the two centre backs. I would have dropped greg taylor who wasn’t the worst player, but i think the jury’s out massively on him whether whether he’s got it to be our first choice left back. I think he’s handed our second choice. I would have dropped scott brown, definitely um at the rock james forest i’d have played with striker, but the problem with all the positions i’ve mentioned here other than stryker is that we don’t have anyone to come in if we do take them out. If, if he decides to drop christopher iyer, who does he put in now, i know near beton’s been mentioned. Apparently, nearby tony’s got a groin injury if beaton’s fit, i think beaton will play. But the talk is that he’s got a groin injury, so he won’t be fit so who comes in? Does he go with welsh? Who hasn’t played since i think hamilton back in late january? Something like that greg taylor who comes in if greg, taylor’s, not playing? We quite literally don’t have another option, because ball and goalie is obviously massively out of the picture and will be forever in midfield.

I’Ve mentioned david turnbull, but will he actually decide to drop scott brown? Would sorrow get a game if scott brown wasn’t right, when, if james forrest is going to be dropped? What would he do? Would they possibly play frimpong that far ahead? I just doubt it. I don’t think he sees from pong as a winger because he he hasn’t played him there up to this point. So my final point would be in an ideal world or in a normal world that neil lennon should be dropping players who underperformed the wednesday night. But i simply don’t think he will because he’s not got the options yet to do it. So i’ll be honest with you, i see uh. I see a bit of a banana scan this on sunday. I think motherwell as perez have been. This season will be confident after getting that boost in midweek, beating glen torin 5 1 in europa league qualifying, i think, we’re in a horrible state, and you look at previous disappointments under neil lennon last year, when we went out to cluj a few days later. We played them firmly in the league cup struggled badly after the copenhagen game. I think it was st johnson we played in the scottish cup after that could be wrong with that, but we struggled badly in that game as well. I just have the feeling that we might struggle a bit in this game, but it’s a massive game, because where we could go into the fixture 11 points behind arrival, something like that.

Um it’s, maybe only nine actually but it’s. A lot of pressure on the team to win this game. They have to go and do it and i’m a little bit worried, especially without edward. We lacked so much creative spark against french, varus and midweek. But we need to see this team come to the fore because, as i detailed earlier, if we don’t get a result and by a result, obviously mean beat motherwell, then the knives are out big time and you think the reaction was bad against french varus. It will go up in scale if we don’t get result in motherwell and we fall further behind in the league table it’s a massive game and yeah. We need to see celtic react here, i’m, a little bit concerned if i’m honest with you anyway, thanks for watching this video, let me know what you think of the comments i’ve made. You disagree agree, probably the former. What do you think about the game? How do you think it’ll go? Do you think we’ll struggle? Do you think we’ll blow the cobwebs away and win four or five now, let me know below subscribe to the channel if you’ve not yet managed to do. It would massively appreciate that click. The bell check out our previous videos tell a friend, etc, etc and we’ll speak to you next week. We’Re saying there’ll be no reaction, just to it being a bank holiday and no reaction to the game against motherwell, but we will be back with jackie mcnamara, probably on tuesday.