Everybody knows and just it’s been a crazy week as well. Can i help in the country, so i started to get it done after all, yeah a long 14 months? Did you always believe that this was where you’d be certain yeah? I always had in the back of my head and what i wanted to achieve, and obviously, after what happened, just it’s great to kind of top off. Really, how easy is it going to be for you to break into this team yeah, well, that’s, just the manager and the coaching staff i’m just here to play as much as i can they’ll give a hundred percent training every day, and can i look to what To kick on and just give competition in the squad is there a sense of relief now that it’s, finally all settled yeah yeah? You could say that just um. After all, the talking was last season and then there was also some talk out last week and stuff it’s, just yeah it’s good to go. It must give you real confidence that a club like celtic really want to have you in the squad. That must give you a lot of confidence yeah. It gives me confidence, it’s, a huge club. Obviously everybody knows that and and they’re well, given my confidence going into training and games, they they were looking to see this even last year and this year as well. So delighted, mother, well we’re also, obviously, very congratulations for you as well.

How difficult was that to leave and just a message for it for the club at motherwell for everything they’ve done for you yeah, it was tough um. My mother has been there for making my whole life and neat thank them. Thank especially the physio david henderson for looking after me, the past year, 14 months, um they’ve been brilliant with me through helped me through every part and can i think, they’re all delighted for me as well so it’s one one talking to the injury david, obviously it’s Been a long 14 months for you in that regard, a lot of people have praised your mentality throughout that. How would you sum up your own mentality, your own approach, to that whole stretch of time? Um? To be honest, i just kind of took it day by day and some days you have tough days and it’s hard to go on me, but can i use your teammates and, as i said, david henderson, he always he always helped me if i needed a day Off or whatever he’d he’d, let me go and – and i just kind of tried to take it day by day and um work as hard as i can and knew that i’d get back sooner or later. How difficult did it get and what pulled you through? Would you say in terms of motivation just to get back fat and point to be honest, um couldn’t wait to get back out.

The boys were fighting last season. Just gon na do that yeah come back, try play as best i can get to form. I got to the season before. Were you always confident you get back to the player that you were before yeah yeah? I always was. I always believed my ability um after the injury um not much would have changed um it was. It was always my head that can a i would come back and be the same player. It was just how long i would take, and finally, back and can’t wait to go. You’Ve been very good at the motherboard these last couple of years david, but but that’s. One thing being very good for celtic is a different challenge. How do you approach that, because, obviously, the quality of plays you’ve got to get past has gone up and just playing as hard as i can work as hard as i can. I don’t know the club, and can they just push other players and they’ll all push me as well with the competition and just give one hundred percent every day, we’ve seen other young talented players like the cheek hd greg doctor, get moves to big clubs recently and It’S not quite panned out what convinces you that that you can make that journey, yeah. Just to believe my ability – and i feel, as i can come here and make an impact and um hopefully hopefully do that. And then i feel i feel ready go back.

10 years so ago, scott brown came for a big fee here, he’s established himself in in the side. You look at him as a example of what can be done for a young, talented player. Definitely yeah he’s obviously been here for ten years. He said, and he came as a young boy all the years ago and it’s just someone good, you can look up to him and if you’ve do half of what he’s done, they’re amazing, do you have to be patient or are you not the kind of person Who will be patient if you have to wait for game time, because obviously, players like to play um, as i said, just going to work hard and um work hard every day in training whenever the gaff was ready? They put me on i’m ready for him as well. How did you feel about me yeah if you’re against mother it’ll be strange um if it happens, it’ll be a weird one, obviously been with them all all the years and then it’s automatically kind of switching sides and then popping in the more again. It would just be a fun experience. What kind of messages do you have for your teammates or my teammates uh they’ve all been delighted with me. Putting messages in the group chat wishing me luck and saying: it’s, a great move and stuff and all my buzzing for me, yeah yeah. I can commit that now what’s the message that neil lennon’s been given to you in terms of his plans for you just that he’s delighted to have me have me here and get in.

He told me how good i played on my army he’s, looking forward to working with me and just kind of wants me to kick on and push my place in the team disappointed. Maybe this season he won’t play champions league football um. These things can happen just um buzzing over here and can a challenge, potatoes and trophies, and when we can what’s your family be saying about the move. I think they’re all buzzing loads of messages yesterday and obviously my mom dad and brother they’ve kind of been through all with me as well so they’re buzzing, just as much as i am it seems you could play anywhere in the midfield david. A new learner was to ask you, which was your preferred position instead of midfield.