Now today we are back with the scottish premiership content, we’re ranking every single kit in the premiership. From best to worst, there will be some people, angry let’s, just get straight into it with the hearts kit. Look at that color i mean the hot color of hearts is absolutely gorgeous it’s, a beautiful kit and they’re done so they they didn’t, stay up and win the cup. They didn’t win the cup. They didn’t stay up, they’re, not playing standalone’s way, they’re, not playing standalone anymore. Aberdeen then, shall we well? No, no let’s start with the light target. Oh okay and we’ve got such passionate subscribers in scotland, six thousand i’m bumping it up to ten thousand let’s. Do it come on? That is just stupidity. Why not? Why not listen you don’t know about the scots dad you don’t know about the scottish let’s. Do it and if there’s any new scots around sub to the channel loads, more scottish premiership content coming right and the first kit we’re looking at is aberdeen, and this is a throwback to 1958 to 1964. last year’s kit. Aberdeen did a better job. They had this whole red out added ass. This doesn’t even have the editor stripes. When do you see adidas, not slap the stripes on there it’s unusual, i actually like that sponsor’s logo yacht being buffeted by the north sea wind. I think that’s really nice better than a betting company as well. An energy company supporting their local and the kit is very, very simple.

You can’t really go wrong with it. I’Ve got them in fifth place at the 12 that’s decent second place. No way you put that in. Secondly – yes, yes, that is just a classic kit. With a bit of dodge and white on the bottom of the sleeve it’s lovely there and the next kit we’re looking at is celtic yeah you’ve got the classic green and white hoops and a little bit of yellow detail atheia. I think this is the best celtic kit i’ve seen in the last few years of releases. They agreed a deal with adidas as their kit manufacturer and the first year in they have absolutely smashed it. Yeah, the famous green and white hoops of celtic, the daphobet sponsor with that bit of yellow on top, which complements the bottom of the sleeves and around the collar. So that little bit of yellow just adds up. And it really makes the kit what it is and with the simple, green and white hoops which for once goes around the sleeves as well as all the way up to the top thing about the celtic kits the 1967 kit. The lisbon lions kit is the one for me. They won the european cup and i can’t get beyond that, and i think the designers of the kit, yeah they’ve, got nowhere to go. They’Ve got rid of the collar from last year, which i didn’t like yeah and that’s, much better as it is overall, do you know what actually there’s some really good kits in the league, this season yeah and i’m, putting this fifth fifth, you have to be kidding Me and i’ve you have to be kidding me: i’ve just lost a lot of friends which rangers fans paid your fans, i’ve got them in second place and it’s in second place, because the one thing that holds it back, it’s the sponsor it’s, a betting company i’m.

Just hearing the sound of celtic fans switching off in disgust, well, they need to wait for my first play absolutely well don’t. They might be a little bit worried. You might be surprised, dundee, united and look at that orange thea. What do you think of that? It’S? A tangerina black of dundee united. What can you say, really dog, dad yeah? Everyone knows and loves it. They’Re back in the top league, it’s, not a bad kid. Is it look at the color? The more you look at that it looks like a fox wearing some wrap around sunshade bloody yeah. Honestly, look at the sponsor it’s, a dog kennel’s back. I understand what you’re saying about the collar yeah, but i don’t find too much wrong with it. The black on the collar complements the bottom of the sleeve, similar to the celtic design. I put them in seventh place, which is another mid table, one for me. What about you? Dad yeah and i’ve gone for tenth place, tenth place. Yes, that’s a little bit harsh because of the color hamilton, academical and we’ve got some red and white, horizontal stripes and the adidas stripes on the shoulder you like your stripes don’t. You think i, like my stripes, but i don’t like the shirt there’s, not enough going on look at the sleeves. You know what celtic did with that with their hoop design: yeah they let it go through to the sleeves and then they had to add their stripes, and i like that.

But what they’ve done with hamilton is they basically said to them? Well, we can’t have the same as celtic, because the celtic fans will be saying it’s, just a template of the same kit yeah. So what we’ll do is just leave your sleeves as completely empty whiteness. You know what it reminds me of those little red and white candies. You know with the stripes the sponsor eco friendly packaging like how do they have the money to sponsor a football club, but you know what fair play seventh i’m, putting it at ten hibernian. Now the cabbage, the only edinburgh team left in the spfl, sadly – and i tell you what i see first and i respect this – thank you nhs, because this is a message that a load of us want to give right now, isn’t it thea. Of course, it is dog dad football club have taken the risk of not having a sponsor and giving up that space to say. Thank you. Nhs during coronavirus during when football clubs should be the ones at risk because they’re not getting the sponsorship money and the ticket money in because there’s no football games going on i’m. Putting this in first place out of respect the fact they’re taking your pay cut yeah just so they can give respect to any chess, so well done to hear. Bernie and you’ve got that trim around the collar you’ve got the trim around the sleeve cuffs. This is a beautifully crafted kit, but i’m not going to put it first.

Oh third place kill marnak and look at this one by hummel thea. What do you recommend? We’Ve got these thin white lines through the blue stripes yeah, which i think are absolutely gorgeous. Hummel have done a great job, not only that. I love the sponsor browning’s, the bakers yeah, a bakery company in the scottish premiership sponsoring one of the clubs that is special talk about support your local, that is absolutely brilliant from kilmarnock yeah i’ve got to say this is a beautiful design we can. If i was a killi fan i’d buy, this less is more sometimes, and i think there’s too much going on there too much going on dad club shirts have to change every year. So you can get sales and they’ve done that so nicely there’s, not even a caller for you to get angry about. I generally thought you put this first place i’m, putting it ninth, but i still like it ninth place. Yes, are you mugging me off got that? Maybe if brownings have bribed me with a few pies, it would have been higher i’ll, put it forth, livingston and immediately i’m thinking of that sun baby from teletubbies. This is so yellow theo it’s. So what do you think? It’S, the bloody sun dog dad? Yes, i’m. Talking i swear it’s very similar to last year and i don’t even check that where’s the authenticity i dislike that kit 12th 12th for that yeah and the last one was too fussy.

So you put it ninth yeah. This is this: is the opposite of that dad? There is no pleasing thug dude. Well, i’ve got it in six six yeah. How can that be sick, it’s, a mid table kid dad, it’s, clean and now mother, well she’s, right thanks! That has got to be the worst choke in our videos ever right and now. We’Re moving on to motherwell don’t say it great kit well done for winning europa league match uh the other day smashed it 6 1. Obviously, it’s got that amber and clara of motherwell that they always have on the kits, but yeah, like you, said, dad it’s that claret that goes through there. It looks a bit rugby style and the white on the bottom, obviously a collar, which means it’s, not your first place. I’Ve got it in ninth place, nothing special yeah and i have to agree theo and i think they’ve tried really hard to come up with the retro look yeah. But just because they’ve gone for a 70 year old look doesn’t mean it’s. Nice eighth place rangers now. We’Re going over to the blue side of glasgow here we go and you’ve not announced your first place. I’Ve announced my first and second. So, where is it gon na be? Is it gon na be that no, to be honest, look at the kit. What do you think? Well, i think it’s very nice – and i, like this intricate v neck collar – hold up hold up who’s, that castor, who are they? I mean it’s, pretty nice, where they call that collar and it’s his sleeves it’s, simple, it’s, not but who’s castle.

I don’t know who castor is, but overall, you look at this and it’s very range. Apparently there’s been some problems with the home kids they’ve been sending them back, they’ve been having to you know, have to be repaired after a few days. Well, i’ll tell you something: if you’re paying 50 60 quid for a shirt, it’s got to be good quality yeah and if it’s not, then shame on the kit manufacturers rangers fans. Let me know: if you’ve got this kit, has it been falling apart or not? We don’t know no they’ve got the stay in control now, of course, they’re right on the sponsor rangers fans will be hoping they can stay in control of the league and get their 55th title that’s. True they are in first place. You know what overall fourth place. Fourth place: i’ve got them in third place, so both right, they’re, pretty high yeah, not taught we’re off to the highlands now theo ross county. Here we go and they’ve released. This blue two shades of blue dark blue light blue a bit of white bit of red. What do you wrap you don’t, like it here, nah it’s, not for me, stop with me thug dad the problem with it is that little bit of red on the collar it looks out of place. I have no idea why it’s there, if there was other bits of red in the kit to compliment it i’d, be like okay, fair play, it’s, not my favorite, but it’s, not my least favorite mid table.

Sixth, i’ve got them in twelfth all right, so i’m, not lucky johnson, yeah and i’m, not sure about this one theo it’s, blue and white. The first thing i see is those appalettes on the shoulders. It makes it look military, almost yeah and then the second thing i see the sponsor is the color, oh, the color and then the sponsor, then the sponsor the bim group. You know what i i have eighth written down on this, but i didn’t have a proper look at this kit: i’m. Switching at ross county ross county you’re, going up to eighth, oh i’m. Switching st johnston down to 12th 11th 11th and 12th you’ve got bin group on your it’s, not appealing. Next one is saint martin. Well, if you look at the video we did last year, i absolutely crucified this strip yeah and some mirror and i’ve got to say to you i’m a little bit angry because you’ve turned it round, and this is beautiful and it’s first place yo. No. This is a prank, so, oh, very funny, you’re intense, actually nice. No, this is gorgeous now. Look at this no it’s not gorgeous and you’ve got the five black stripes dad it’s, not chocolate, mirrored you’re a man in front of the shirt that’s, not a first place kit. That collar is superb and the sponsor sky view capital, they’re selling houses on this number. One place kit: you are a mug that you’ve looked at celtic rangers hibernian juventus.

Do you not like the juventus dog, dad you’re, a mug? If you think this is anything like event, it’s totally like juventus? Oh, my god! This is a classic! You put it in. First and now you look like an absolute laughing stock 11th place. No, yes, no you’re! Joking no i’m! Not that is a prank, no it’s, not a prank, because it deserves to be wait. Man, i’m gon na have a look around where’s jeremy, beagle what’s the team that playing clara, amber um, what’s up yeah she’s right thanks Applause two times anyway. Thank you very much for watching this. Video absolutely appreciate it. If you want more scottish premiership unreal, though slap the subscribe button on you’ve asked for five, six thousand, like i’ve, asked for ten thousand we’re gon na prove him wrong. The scottish fans will do it. Thank you for watching this.