How does it feel to finally be a celtic player? Um cheers uh. It feels amazing, to be honest, just feel good past year, what kind of work towards us and i’m delighted to be partnering and can’t wait to go. Obviously there’s a real delight, but is there a sense of relief? As you mentioned a year ago, you were so close. You’Ve had to come back from adversity and it’s now finally happened. Yeah it’s going to later then the tunnel after last year and just what’s so hard for it and and it’s relief. As you said, can i have that everything just get here and then i suppose, as a young player, you obviously just want to play but early on your career it’s, a big test for you, because obviously you’re so close to a dream move to celtic. But you have to almost prove yourself again: yeah yeah. I can knew that when it happened once i’d come back to india. I was just wanting to get back playing with my wall and giving 100 and gon na get back to my top form. I feel done that and hopefully continue on here. Obviously you’ll know the celtic players from having played against them, but a completely different thing. Well, suddenly, they’ll know your teammates yeah it’s funny just how quick it changes. I’Ve seen lr that playing against mcgregor and scott brown that’s gon na gone for playing against him, no playing with them, or this um gon na be good and enjoy it.

Do you think it helps as well the fact that you’re already familiar with scottish football you’re used to playing in the premiership? Is he playing against celtic? So you know the standard of the opposition you’re going to be facing yeah um kind of played. All the games started this season and season before i’ve played then can you know really well and it’s a great evening? It’S, tough, obviously, but i feel that i can do well myself and help the team out and, i suppose, the different expectations when you’re now a celtic player of you’re expected to win every week – and you know going for silverware i’m guessing as a footballer that’s. Your ambition anyway, yes, what you can dream to do when you’re younger and what i grow up to do is play for trophies and win as much silverware as you can and coming here, it’s. Given me a great chance of doing it and can’t wait, can’t, wait for that and it’s funny the way football works out. You joined celtic from mollywell the first game. As a celtic player, the manager has already said you’re in the squad for the game. It’S going to be getting smaller, well, yeah it’ll be strange. Obviously i was on it alone, monday, thursday, earlier on last week, can waiting on everything going through and hopefully strange, just being opposite side for them all. Can i even the cat man and while i was talking to him about it, but i can’t wait for it and just get started.

I’M sure it’ll be a good game. I suppose you’re going to have to come up against your former teammates at some points, you’d. As well get that one out the way as soon as you get straight, the way straight away and they’ll all be dying for me as well getting them moving a little bit, probably having a joke with me in the park. However, i mean, i suppose, i know that they they said a lot of complimentary things about you in in the deal to sell it was announced. I know you appreciate everything that mother will have done for you as well in terms of progression years of football and also the way they’ve helped you over the last year. Yeah when i was younger, they’ve helped me through the full youth academy and they’ve. Given my chance to play, play fostering football and – and they gave me that opportunity and also over the last year as well, can he looked after me so well, through my rehab and through the kind of tough times and they’ve all looked after me brilliantly and i Can’T thank them enough, and i was speaking to steve mcmanus, who obviously was one of your former youth coaches at motherwell, he’s now self taking. He says he remembers. He always says that you had the look of a player even as a youngster under 40 under 15. Somebody who could end up playing for celtic – and he obviously knows a thing or two about that – yeah mike.

I remember when he coached us back, as you said, 14s 15s kind of like having him as a coach used to used to go on well, when he kind of helped help me out what to do and tell me just to go. Express myself and hopefully see him soon and the manager in his pre match. Press conference obviously spoke very highly of you. He’S very well aware of your abilities, but it must be good as well. When you hear the manager praising you like that yeah it gives you confidence when you hear the manager and speaking so highly of you and and i obviously met them early on – and i said the same things and it’s it’s amazing, really just giving you the support And confidence that you need to go on and play and celtic fans they’ll have seen you playing for motherwell, but what can they expect you’ll be on the green and white hoops? First of all, obviously give it 100 every game and i feel like i can bring goals and assists to the team and um i’ll go watch the box without playing the number 10 running behind her just feeling and excitement in the team and obviously, as we mentioned, Molly well at celtic park you’re ready to go if called upon yep i’ll be ready. Um played every game in the season so far so feeling fit and sharp and whatever happens i’m ready to go.