Celtic i’ve signed david turnbull, of course, last night um. It was a disappointing result that celtic crashed out of the champions league, town, gearing champions, frank farlos or not. As i said celtic of saying, david turnbull, i think that’s a good big piece of business um, a player in scotland who have always admired and um yeah, came from motherwell fc and he done really well there and got a good few goals for a young midfielder. As i spoke about in my last transfer, rumor video, so yeah i’m – very happy with that one. Of course you know it feels like the whole world is um getting everybody digging it celtic this morning and uh today and you know that’s fine. You know we’re crestfallen, of course, but uh we keep the chin up and uh. We can’t lose sight of of um what’s of paramount importance. This season, which is a 10 in a row. You know that’s the main that’s a main priority. Let’S not get it twisted here and um. You know it seems as if everybody’s on neil lennon’s, back and and uh you know at the end of the day, look as i said last night i don’t think lenny’s to blame for that fully. I think uh you’d have to be looking at the players on the park. Um a manager can only set up his team and and give tactical instructions. At the end of the day, the players on the park affect most of it and um a lot of those lads better.

Have a good look in the mirror for themselves. I’Ll tell you that much now um, you know they want to give themselves a bit of a shake um. You know still disappointing it’s a bit of a chore to make a video like this so soon, but you know um, i see to be part of my video last night about us being there. Barcelona did the rounds in hungary stunned around and govern and look um. I still stick by that. It was so raw, it was, you know so angry i was so angry after the result and it was so raw. It was literally, i just ended up streaming and i picked up my phone and and started the video um. So it was literally right after kickoff, you go full time, you could say and what i should have said you know was in recent history. I likened last night’s result for freddie farlas two hour result against barcelona, beating a real giant to european football, and i still stick by that. You know fair enough. We’Ve all got european finals uh. You guys have said that you, you know to think farlash fans. You guys have been to your defense, no problem right, absolutely, no problem, i meant in recent history, but i still stand by my statement. We’Ve all got european finals. The name of the game is to win the top prizes and the biggest prizes to european cup as it’s now known as the champions league.

So between years uh, frank varish. If you a viewer rangers won the european cup, i didn’t think so so shut your mouth at the end of the day enjoy it while you can and other teams. You know it speaks volumes. You know. Other teams seem to celebrate our results in europe. Our negative results more than their positive results. It speaks volumes guys at the end of the day, all these radio shows down south and all that they’re only loving celtic failing and that’s fine. You know and they’re trying to take away uh as if tinder has no value now uh, some of them and that’s fine identity, look um, they say scottish football is irrelevant and celtics are relevant. Well, i’ll tell you what they don’t have to talk about as much but um. If we are relevant, you know, but it is what it is guys. Um people don’t like to see the big clubs win all the time and uh yeah. At the end of the day, look there’s people only loving it out there and that’s fine. We. We have to remember that, and we have to use that as motivation, and i just think from a psychological aspect when you’re celebrating other people’s downfalls more than your more than your positive results, kind of speaks volumes and it just tells you the mentality of of weak Clubs over in govan there and and and we we journalists and – and we people like that – you know so at the end of the day – neil and i’m, 100 i’m behind them.

The majority of celtic fans are 100 behind them and that much has changed guys. Not much has changed um without the champions like okay. Where are we ever going to win it? Um let’s be realistic. Again, don’t have a defeatist mentality, but were we ever going to win it? Um we’re still going for a 10 0 tick we’re still going for that quadruple, travel and then the last season, tick, all the domestic trophies are are still up for grabs this season tick. You know not much has changed guys um we’re, just missing out on a on a huge 40 million or so windfall and um. You know we’re missing out in the glamour of the champions league and i’ve seen something online. You know we’re a champions league club, but a europa league team, and i can’t disagree with that. You know it’s something i’ve seen there on an online website and you’d have to agree with that right, we’re, a champions league club in terms of stature fans, stadium, even manager. You know lenin has proved this time and time again. Um he’s got he’s navigated us to the group station we’ve had some fantastic results in the champions league under new london, so everything about the club, that’s frustrating as champions league screams champions league, but unfortunately guys we’re there for them, but a lot of those guys in The changing room aren’t there for us and and you can see that with that result and uh people criticizing lenny’s, lenny, saying um, you know, oh, if you don’t, want to be here, get out that’s exactly what i said in in one of my videos: um not Too long ago you guys will remember and i’m always saying that you know if you think, you’re bigger than the club, if you think you’re bigger than celtic football club away, you go away, you go honestly or you’re, treating as a stepping stone.

No problem away. You go, you know a lot of people if they’re getting too big for their boots. Um neil will have no problem getting them out and and that’s exactly what should happen. Nobody’S, bigger than the club we’re crestfallen um, but we’re not defeated we’re blues, never broken guys and um. You know we’ve got a lot to play for so keep the heads up. Let our people talk after we laugh, we’ll, see who’s laughing at me when you guys are joining me for the vlog 10 in a row. Big bottles of champagne – and i really can’t – wait, hopefully it’s a full house for that. But um we’ve got a lot of hard work to do before then and um yeah, just really looking forward to the season. Now david turnbull that’s a great deal there i’m really happy with that one. I think um we’ll see any more rumors i’ll. Let you guys know but um. As far as i know, i’ll see you guys for the for the motherwell match and a big hill here, wherever you’re watching around the world. Please make sure to like share and subscribe join me on the journey it doesn’t matter. What club you support, it’s, a channel for all guys and uh, you know any likes and subscriptions is very, very much appreciated, it’s, all free, of course, and um. You know just fasten your seatbelts guys when the world is open again, when full stadiums are back.

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