You know done a lot of work on them and um utmost respect as well. How much do you do you prefer this one on one, especially when it’s at home? Well i mean i don’t prefer it. You know it’s just the way it is and we have to accept that’s the challenge that lies ahead of us. The advantage is uh. You know we’re at home, but no support, obviously so it’s um, the only advantage i feel, is we’re at home, so we don’t have to do the preparation of travelling and and getting the players to do that with everything that celtic are trying to achieve this season. Where does champions league football rank and all of that probably second, you know and obviously the priorities were in the league, so it’s really important to us, and you know i think, it’s something that the players really want to try and negotiate as well. But you know, femveros had a very good, some very good results in europa league. You know pretty comfortable win against your garden, so yeah. I expect this to be a really tough game for us. I think it’s, one of the second qualifying round the level just opposition. More intense and even tougher yeah i mean it’s, you know it’s early to get a a team of this quality and you know even jurgen would have been you know, decent quality as well, so um we’re excited about it, though we’re looking forward to the game – and I think we’ve prepared us as best we can for it it’s good, with the experience that some of the boys have had and the champions like that.

Sorry for the basis to work on when you pride and determination for what you can achieve in this competition yeah, you know and we have got some new players in the building as well. Obviously, but then you know, got a team on a squad full of international players, and you know i think the europa league run hopefully will stand them in good stead. You know by giving them a taste of what they could have going forward. Ultimately, we want to play in the champions league it’s, the blue ribbon event and um, but we know that these ties are very difficult to negotiate. Well yeah. I mean it’s a long time ago now, when you think about what’s going on in between them. But you know, hopefully you know that that experience should give them a little bit of confidence going into tomorrow, but i mean we’re. You know well well down the track from that and it’d be great to replicate those candidates again and by doing that, we have, to you know overcome a very, very good mentioned european knights itself. Obviously i mean, i think you know we have a. You know. Amazing support at home and i think over the years, the last 20 odd years. You know, i think the key to our home forum has been the support that we get. Allied to you know, a very motivated team, so we’ll have a very motivated team tomorrow. Just without that, you know great support that we have and it is a loss, there’s no question up and um you know, we’re going to have to you know, adapt as best.

We can we did very well against reykjavik and and that’s a it’s, a real step up of celtic potential being a test event this weekend. Is there any update on that, and sometimes i haven’t heard any more progress on that at the minute spoke about new players. How close are you to david campbell, no idea, as far as i know, but uh? No idea how far how close anything’s you know going to be confirmed. Um i’ve been just totally concentrating on obviously done the unedited on saturday, and then you know this game that lies ahead for us tomorrow, night it’s, so important that you know i can’t have too many distractions elsewhere, it’s the same for ronaldo to see him for messi. You know i’ve asked his or you know before. Just you know, stop throwing names at me because you know i’m gon na you know just keep backing off the questions really because it’s, not our policy and it’s, not principled, to be talking about speculation. I do take the point, but it seems that things are moving quite well. You know, you know you know more about it than me and you’ll be remember playing against red rove. I think i played against him when he was in the premier league with tottenham um and definitely played against them at the national level as well. I need a real sort of good partnership, obviously with shivchenko probably didn’t have the impact that many would have felt.

You know a spurs, probably didn’t play as much as he would elect, but he was a quality player like you know, and you know, he’s doing a very good job with the team that he has at the minute and the style of play as well. Neil a play that you can talk about is tom, robin she’s there any update from last week on that no okay, um. I wanted to ask you as well about christy on the weekend played him out wide. Obviously, i’ve spoken to you, maybe even a year ago now – and you said you’d – prefer him through the middle, but sometimes you do like what does he add to the game when he starts out wide? You can bring charm in the middle as well. Well, he um. He gives you that balance where you know for the likes of fringpong. You can, you know, take the full back inside and leave the the channels open for praying for fringpung to go on and and get beyond them. Obviously, coming in on his stronger foot, you could see at the weekend he had three or four great efforts at goal and actually our goal. Candy came from one of those efforts as well, but um, you know, he’s a top quality player. So, no matter where we play him, whether it be 810 or in a way position, you know he delivers with you know a lot of energy, a lot of quality and you know ultimately we’re hoping as the season goes on mughals from celtic players and state parks.

Scotland squad here from that they’ve got four five yeah delighted. You know and um. You know hope that when the the fixtures come around that them, you know they make a telling contribution for the you know the country they’ve got um. Obviously, you know these nation league games in september and in the playoffs the following month, so it will obviously be very important for for stephen to build up to the playoffs as well. I feel i think uefa gave clubs the power to ban the players from going abroad. It’S something we’ll have to you know, look at over the next couple of days and um. You know we’ll, be you know, advised by our covert officer here and obviously the you know, relevant associations and obviously the the club as well. You know, obviously you don’t want to you know: tear players away from the current countries, but as a case where you know the club comes first in that sentence, you have to get all solely on the club in the future. Well, i’m. Sure we can. You know i’m sure there’s some sort of leeway either way. You know we can come to some sort of agreement, but, like i said you know, only became aware of this sort of um regulation from fifa today, our uf today so that’s, something that we’ll discuss between you know after tomorrow, night’s game and the game. At the weekend, he’s not now so he’s still under um investigation, but we’re hoping that will be resolved next.

Thirty is the idea, i think so yeah. I think this quarantine time’s up yeah. Have you apologized? No not yet no um, no, not the odds, but you know saw in the thigh, but he should be okay. Can you quantify just how big a step up this is from from last, because you’re also extremely comfortable. Last week, yeah i mean you know physically athletically. Technically, you know quality wise, you know, fern virus are a big step up and, like i said you know, they negotiated the tie against jury garden very comfortably and that wasn’t an easy thing to do, and you know, looking at the europa league results last season. They never lost the game away from home in the group to you, know: espanol ludogra, csk and moscow, so they know how to travel um so that’s.