I would ever have to make after last season, it’s a video that was so far away from being a reality that it would almost seem like a nightmare, and after last night you could say it’s a nightmare, a terrible result for celtic a terrible result from new Way and some calling for the head of the celtic match i’m going to give my opinion on this video to the the cries of you know, sac glen and get rid of them make a change. I’M glad i’m. Reacting to that, and also the news of the award and broke that some players don’t want to be at the club. Who are the players? Why do they want to leave don’t know, but we’ll talk about it all in this video horrible wake up this morning without toxic feeling uh last night, the defeat to ference faros was just you know. It was the last thing we needed after what has been an average start to the season. Uh i’d rather narrowly beaten done. The united then get knocked at champions league. It was just the last thing it had to be uh added in at least, and you know, neil warning completely and utterly responsible for the loss. Last night you can’t expect to go and beat the champions of another nation uh and a one tie affair when you’re playing an attacking midfielder up front you’re, not playing a striker when you’ve got eight million pounds worth of strikers on the bench uh.

There are questions to be asked of the manager, and i knew when shouldn’t be shying away from that we’ve seen him blaming some of the players. He has took some of the plane upon himself, but it’s, totally inexcusable um. Last night the tactics were over the place. We waited 77 minutes to make a change. I’Ve spoke about it all and the three things we learned video. So if you want to know my complete opinion on the match itself, then head over to last night’s video uh, you know the views have been rather good than that and i can understand why. But it was just a horrid game and it makes you think you know. Would the conversation right now be completely different if justin charms shot didn’t hit the bar? If we did put away one of our chances? Yes it would. We wouldn’t be sitting here talking about why you win and shouldn’t be celtic boss and all the rest of it, but we’ll get on to that anyway. Of course, new winning commander a lot of heat, and, let me just say right away my opinion isn’t – that neil waden should be sacked as celtic manager but there’s a question around how much patience we actually can have. If this has got to be the situation all season, the comment section on my video last night was absolutely mental. I swear there wasn’t one comment that didn’t say you know let his back wheel when everything was towards the side of gatlin and out the club.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing he’s, incompetent and it’s not fit to be manager. I swear it was only a few months ago that you know praising this man. He was the king of glasgow, who are posting the videos of other op, but it just goes to show you how things can change when you’re the manager of a cub the size of celtic and you’ve got fans that has passed, that uh of celtic it’s, crazy And you know there is logic behind what people are saying now. I personally don’t think it’s quite panic stations. Yet in terms of sack the manager uh, i think we’ve still got a bit to go till that comes. This is the biggest season in south accessory missing out in europe. Is horrendous uh, but to sight the magi at this point of the season i don’t know i feel like that would be. I think i feel like people have just took a little bit too far. Uh, i think we’re overreacting slightly to last night was shambolic and new winning is completely to blame, but he needs to learn from that. I believe if he learns from that we’ll come out stronger last season. We were knocked out of europe by cluj, then firmly nearly popped us out of the league cup. We didn’t start the league season all that well either, and there was questions around knew when and then and then we went on to finish top of a europa league group.

We went on to win the league cup. We went on to win the league as well and we still could win a treble for all that season and that was all under new winning. After the disastrous start. We had last year now i’m, not what they come across in this video with someone. Who’S got a back meal learning to the deaf and and saying that you’re all wrong or everybody’s interested in their opinions. Some people don’t like new learning. I certainly wasn’t a fan of the appointment of new learning when it was first announced over a year ago, um, but what last season was so similar and we shouldn’t be going out this early of the competition we shouldn’t as as inexcusable as i’ve already said, but Give it to you know i give a few more games. We’Ve got a massive one against motherwell this weekend, it’s patience, it’s going to be the deciding factor for me last night. I was extremely annoyed at learning i’m, not going to hide that as much as i’m. Coming out and saying i don’t want lenin to be sacked right now. I think i honestly think that it’s just this, this sort of reaction that celtic fans always get when something doesn’t go as expected, and i said in my video there was no way for celtic to go out of that game feeling entitled to win our team, as At best, without edward bank average, and we never had a dwarf last night and feren’s bro kaivan, you can say their name now, because i’m camden, fair and sparrows are a good site.

There was nothing there that suggested that we should be going and beating them free for now, but yet there’s still something fans who have that expectation. We should be. Of course, we should be winning at celtic park in that route of the competition right, but there’s no entitlement for it, it’s not guaranteed to happen. Things will go wrong, but when things don’t go away i feel like there is always this kind of mass outburst of a fans. You know getting right to the the panic stations and and and getting as negative as possible, but keep the positivity from now we’re. Only three games playing the league season we’ve got to play catch up, it’s massive. I don’t want to sit here and pretend everything’s. Okay, it’s, not it’s it’s, not simple, simple fact is the cob right now is in a very toxic place, we’ve seen what new winners said in his press conference last night, we’ve still assigned players, they both need to get up and spend money, and you know we’re. Looking at our star player, leaving to aston villa, perhaps or anywhere else in england, with no suitable replacement, because it seems new, linen doesn’t, trust, patrick kamala, first of all – and we still don’t, know quite what to expect from albany. I know he got a go at the weekend, but this could be massive. This is the biggest season, so that is not it’s, not me sitting here saying that everything’s okay, but i think that we’re a bit premature to jump to the girl and say new win is not demand for the job.

He’S delivered perhaps a treble last season and i don’t know it’s just i can completely understand where people are coming from, but i just think we’re rushing right into it. What if we did sight learning now? Who, realistically is going to come in because as people say, this will get rid of kennedy? I don’t understand that logic at all. Have you heard how highly john kennedy spoke of? I seen that tweet last night i could only just shake my head and face palm as hard as possible. When i said kennedy’s dead would been at a club too long done nothing. The guy has spoke so highly people love him. The players love him. He knows. Celtic inside out for me he’s the next manager of the club i’ve known where it goes it wouldn’t, be because i don’t think that’s how the system will walk so, who really comes in right now at this stage to replace neil and that’s a big process? We’Ve got to go through when the week season has just started. I don’t know. I feel that people are just taking a wee bit too far from it. I can already tell it’s gon na so many people disagree with me in the comments and then as everybody’s entitled to that opinion. I i once again can just make abundantly clear: i’m, not sitting here and saying everything’s, okay, underlining let’s, give them all the faith in the world. We’Ll be fine! No that’s, not the case.

Lenin needs to make changes in these next few games. There’S got to be a change in the system. There’S got to be a change of personnel on the field. You know he’s got to drop dead wood. We need to play players who are going to be playing the best, not players who are there, but for sentimental value lenin has to make those changes and when he doesn’t make those changes. Trust me. I will tell very soon too, because it’s stubbornness that’s keeping us back right now: there’s players in that start, another thing that should not be there and there’s a system being used that should not be used because we’ve seen it from the first few games of the Season so when it has got time to change this he’d done it last year he changed it. We had that terrible start to the season and it changed it and we went fine, fantastic season, one of the most memorable history and i loved last season until it was called to stop. He can do it again this year, but he needs to do it soon. Either there will be patients from other fans just going completely, and then the faith just goes drops like that. So john hartson came out on twitter last night and said the negativity on here is shocking. You would think celtic were chasing leagues and cops. Lenin was the best thing since sliced bread when he brought home the title after the training camp and dubai.

Tell me a manager. Don’T get selections wrong at times back our manager and yeah. I can understand where he’s coming from managers do get team selections wrong, but a game of that magnitude. Can it be excused a lot of people? You know critiquing jordan hartson because having the winner, of course, close friends, point together: uh big celtic heroes, the two of them, but you know a lot of people saying you’ve got to be realistic. This you’ve got to criticize him. You can’t just come out and back him because your pal but he’s got a point. The people you know giving them backlash have also got a point: it’s a really confusing time, it’s a very toxic feeling, right now in social media surrounding the club and celtic. To make changes, of course, david tumble saying this morning, using that to maybe try and put no it’s, no one there’s, just a very toxic atmosphere right now. So finally, the last part of the video, the players who want to leave the club knew when and said that for the last you know six seven months, there are players who have made it abundantly clear. They don’t want to be at celtic and it’s been bugging them, and this is the first we’re hearing all that. What i would like to know is: who are these players? I mean i could take a pretty good guess at some of the players. It could be um in my head.

I’Ve got your christopher isles. I’Ve got your ravioli in charms, perhaps even odds on edward, because i’ve seen no sign of a new contract um and there are probably other players surrounded by you know bet. Pop players would probably leave the club as well but it’s madness to me and you can’t blame some of them if we’re not making champions league football, if neil winning isn’t playing a system that he that is so clear to play, you know there’s players there that Should be on that part olivia and jam the prime example, he must be sitting there with his best and going. Why why you know like he must be so baffled and it’s understandable. I won’t leave and i guess that is another big factor as to people saying no one is not quite for the job, because things like this are happening. If he was cut out for the job players wouldn’t be, you know wanting to leave. But what can you do? Uh these players should be should be named. We should know what a situation we’re in, because ultimately we’ve got to the fifth of october, which is quite deep in the league season and not far from the first derby of the season where players could leave and join. And if players want to leave, get it done if they don’t want to be at the club, they should go, and i don’t mean that from the aspect of, if you do i play for celtic get out, i mean that for the best of their career and For the best of us moving on, if we want to feel these players and i’m not going to put 100 and because of reasons that may actually be understandable, then we’re wasting our time on them.

There’S no point in being in the park it’s just holding us back so it’s a very confusing time. I don’t know where this all came from. I it’s just this was the worst result. We could have got last night and that made it 10 times worse here than that an absolute stinker of a statement from the winner they come out with, and where do we go from here now until we know these players it’s, not as if i can sit Here and see how much trouble we’re in because it could be a dwarf, it might not be a dwell. There’S no point me saying that i think it is because that means nothing and but there’s you can take a pretty good guess at who these players can be. There is time for learning to turn this around there’s plenty of time, there’s plenty of time to get these players. Heads turned as well we’re on the brink of something huge and, of course, the foreign players might not care about that. As much as say, the boys like mcgregor and brown, and you know, players have grown up normally. Celtic is and celtic fans. Of course, the dwarf probably doesn’t give a toss about 10 their own. Why should they um but there’s time for learning to change these results? Give players a time to deserve in the park, change the system and play some entertaining football, get the positivity back up, and then these players make tumblr and say you know what i’m happy to stay here for one more year, i’m happy to be here for 10 Year old, but under the conditions of last night, that’s never going to happen so lena’s going to take a big look at himself, there’s, nothing! We can’t do much for the players in the park.

It’S not like the players in the park would let them down lenin’s letting us down at the minute. He’S got to take a look at himself and go right if i want to keep my job first of all. If i want to keep the fans happy – and i want to keep my players happy – i’ve got to make changes and being stubborn by playing one striker up top every week is not going to be the start of it. Motherwell is huge at the weekend. Let’S not forget that, but back at celtic park in the league we need to make a statement. If we don’t win by more than three goals, i don’t think people are free or more gold. Sorry, i don’t think people are going to be happy and that may sound ridiculous to say and i’m not saying i won’t be happy, but there’ll be a lot of fans. Who’Ll be on right back on the top of the winner and that’s just that’s, just the the trip overall so very weird times very toxic time, uh after last night’s result and i hope it all gets resolved. I hope the board continue to spend money. We get to undo today, let’s bring in more and you wake up, listen, there’s! Surely something in the back of your head that’s telling you to hurry up move because it cannot be as one dimensional as you’re making it out on the park right now, because it seems like we’ve got nothing else, but the same thing.

Every week and we’ve got players there. We paddy camala he’s, been here. What eight months eight months he’s been at the club and he’s played a handful of games. He’S done everything he can. It looks. It looks impressive in pre season. What else does he have to do? Surely you understand this there’s, no room for sentiment now, that’s all i’ve got to say it’s, weird it’s, a really weird time. I feel that’s a very controversial video anyway.