Preview has a lot more significance than i ever would imagine a home game against mother whale, which means so much more than what initially you would have fought back at the start of the season. But after a nightmare result against ference pharos on wednesday night there you know we’ve got a lot to pick up on uh. I want to improve on. If leonard wants fans back in his sight, then we’re going to need a big result, but we’ll talk about everything in this video we’ll talk about my preview, my predictions motherboard, the opposition right after the intro, please of course it’s the first game back at celtic park And the league, since we beat hamilton 5 1 on the opening game of the season, it’s been quite a while. You know we’ve had to wait due to certain circumstances, and you know we’ve come off the back of a horrid result. You know a nightmare on wednesday night there against fairness, i’ll, do it one day i’ll. Do it one day, that’s, how you say it: veron’s pharaohs, a nightmare. A nightmare result against feren’s. Of course. This is the first game back at celtic park in the league. Since the opening game of the season against hamilton, due to circumstances that we all know about, we’ve had to wait a while for this and we’re coming off the back of what is a a nightmare. A result that we didn’t expect knocked out. The champions league by the hungarian champions, which has left the celtic uh social world anyway, and a bit of a toxic state people, are on the back of new wearing people, demanding that we make change at the club and get one and now there’s really a big.

You know just this big cloud of uncertainty over celtic fans at the minute and they’re really it’s, just it’s a really hard thing to think about. You know when we won the league last year. This is the last thing i would have been expecting to see. Four games into the domestic season, but here we are, we find ourselves in this situation and we just need to pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and move on. But there is no denying as much as i’ll sit here and say: i’m, not quite on that sack running bandwagon yeah. I think people are over over reacting. I think there’s an exaggeration of the biggest proportions on that side of things, but when it does have to make changes – and it has to stop now and against motherwell, we need to make a statement of the weekend uh. We need to go out there and we need to score goals. We need to show that there is no doubt we’re still the best team in the country, because the way that the celtic fans are going on twitter and facebook and all the other media outlets, you know you’d – think it’s ended what you’d think we’re getting relegated for God’S sake, the way it’s going so it’s a massive game of the weekend from the winning. Of course, a lot of questions surrounding players who want to be at the club but don’t want to beat the club it’s just been a mental week.

And if you ask me this exact day last week, you know after we beat uh reykjavik six now and we’re, going in a game against under united. Now you would never have seen this coming. You know it was. It was not a possibility in the mind of me uh. I thought that would have got on just fine uh against fedorin snap ross, but here we are. We find ourselves in a situation which is unfortunate and we just need to try and fool john from it. Lenin has got the fans, you know on a really split position right now. You know: you’ve got half saying that the you know one rotten, but there’s no need for change. You’Ve got the other half same on rotten and there is need for change. There’S there’s a really big divide right now, especially in my comment: section it’s, absolutely crazy: i’m. Looking in there to see some of the opinions from celtic fans and i think it’s ridiculous – that people weren’t letting go on uh. As i said in the video yesterday, i think everybody is entitled to their opinion, but i think we’re just being a bit hasty. I think we’ve got to let the season go about. We had a nightmare start last season. We have a chance to pick it up. Now this is where we need to look at ourselves, uh on the pitch of the pitch and fix everything, that’s gone wrong and he’s opening a few weeks.

Of course, people are complaining about the fact we drew with come on. Look, we not only be done. The united will now out the champions league. It has been a disastrous month. Uh in terms of you, know, football on the park, but that all comes from a lot of the stuff happening off the park as well. So, on both sides of things we need to back ourselves up and and fix. Whatever’S went wrong and lenin’s. The biggest part of that i would say now. Lenin, has to single handedly, take the responsibility for that loss on on wednesday night uh. There is no way you can go out in a champions league game with without a striker playing and expect to just win the game easily, though they took together a spare plate of them. You know they beat us fairly squarely. You know we weren’t effective enough in the final fight we weren’t clinical, we won’t take our chances, our team selection was rotten and we didn’t make a sub till the 77th minute. This is where elena needs to change it. That has to be the wake up call. I can understand people wearing fun and patience with lenin because of stuff like that, but it’s only a matter of time before everybody loses our patience, myself included. If it keeps going the way it does this weekend, learning has to make the systematic change on the park. There has to be a difference. There has to be two men up front.

There’S got to be something the three five two we’ve been saying weekend week out every preview i’ve done for the games, let’s get back into using that we’ve seen the check when we came back from dubai in january we switched to that system. It was absolutely we were scoring goals for fun, so why suddenly we dropped it if we dropped it because griffis isn’t in the team anymore, we dropped it, but why now i i tried to give my my excuses to why we might not play the last few Weeks because we’ve lost it from the team we’ve not seen the likes of jose simon of it’s been replaced. We haven’t quite seen a match for a yeti, but by the way we are playing in the open into this season and after wednesday, especially there is no more excuses. We need to go back to our system that’s going to work and the system that lenin is playing right now is not working. So we need to make that big change and he needs the fans back in his side. I think fans will be unhappy with anything less than a two goal. Three goal win this weekend: mother we’ll have a nightmare start to the season. We’Ll come on to the opposition in a moment, but we need to go out and score. I, if we win one now, if we drop points first of all, it’ll be an absolute disaster. At that point, i can see everybody just you know, jumping off the high flats or something, but the fact is if we don’t win by two or three goals.

I just think there’s gon na be a meltdown once again, so we need to go out with a bit of authority a bit of a. We just need to be vindictive. We’D go out there with a kind of vengeance to prove people wrong. Well, we get it i’m, not too sure, because with the performances we’ve had so far this season, i thought bart, hamilton and reykjavik. We haven’t looked as though we want to go to score goals, we’re, taking chances, we’re missing chances should i say, and, and then we’re just sitting kind of wait as it’s annoying and learning needs to get fans back in the side. We need goals. One of the main talking points going into this game was actually new awareness press conference this morning, and that is about the players who apparently want to leave the club. Now, neil winning came out after the game on wednesday night and said: look there’s players that have wanted to leave the club for the last six months. It’S been bugging me. I want to get off my chest and we don’t know what’s going to happen. Then news broke yesterday that apparently christopher ayah and olivier and charms agents had went to peter wall to get a valuation of the players to perhaps find them a move elsewhere. Then the small and new, when it comes out a complete, different change of tone and says that the players will still be included in the teams he still intends on using them and as as weird it’s just uh.

You know the press conference, the smaller was all over the place, it’s a shambles. You know i’ve seen that tweet, something out perfectly. Somebody tried to ride a bike. It’S gon na be like that it was. It was just a mess uh and i feel like that is quite worrying – that there is a sense of confusion at the club to do with players futures if players don’t want to be here, let it be known who they are, and i just don’t understand where The awareness plans for them is intended and just forcefully keep them here against them. Well, is it looking for them to get a move there’s just so much confusion ahead of all that i don’t really know where the players and where the management stand on the situation. I wish there was a much clearer image of what we should be expecting in terms of perhaps players leaving the club and who we could be able to potentially replace them with, and if we are looking at replacements, if wheel is iron and charm right, okay, we’ve Brought in turnbull, we perhaps might bring in duffy, but we’re back to square one. We’Ve just replaced two players leaving with two players coming in. We still need debt from the squad, so i would like a much clearer image of what’s going to happen over the next few weeks. Learning coming out and saying he’s intending use them doesn’t tell us anything about the future that just comes out to me as neil and saying master.

What our best players look if those players ever as higher than charm and whoever else apparently eddie is still on the fence of enjoying celtic so but it’s let’s leave it at the equation from now. But if iron charm are still willing to play their best for celtic, i’ve got no problem with that, keep them in the team, but what’s happening. I want to know moving forward. I think the fans deserve to know what situation the club lies in when it comes to the most important season in our club’s history, there’s still over a month in this transfer window, which means that these players may stay, they may go with there’s too long. To tell there’s been no really any leaks or are rumors thought about that suggests heavily. They could be off i’m happy to see them stay in the teams are two of the best players, not stopping 11, especially, are they our enchantment we’ve gotten to lose them? So hopefully we can influence them to stay, but we need to play good football and there has to be a change on the pitch for that to happen. Lenin’S got to start and charm. We’Ve got to start with a system that’s going to win games and win games with ease. That’S got to start this weekend onto the opposition and i’m motherboard record against them last season. Absolutely superb! I have my stat sheet in front of me now. Look at this three games: two away from home, one at celtic park, a 5 2 win in the second game of the season at third park, a two nil one at celtic park and a four mil win away from home again at third park.

We absolutely battled them when we played them last season, which is which is great and also coming out and asking mother what was like form. Oh, my goodness, god i mean they’ve had a nightmare. Stephen robinson what’s happened: the collapse of the team who finished fight last season. No wins. Two draws three losses: the most recent domestic game being a one nil loss to hamilton at fort park as well, an absolute disaster of a start for stephen robinson coming into a season where they had so much promise and so much to play for considering he didn’t Get that northern island job he did, they chose to state mother whale uh. They were coming off the back of finishing fodder back in europe and then it just goes like that. But how? How has it happened? Suggesting those results to you sounds like we should be battered another well the weekend. You know we should we should. I i saved in my my video for the champions league game that we shouldn’t be going on any game just expecting to win. You know, that’s. The mindset that gets us so disappointed that we go into these games with expectations that we automatically should be winning them, but the way mother will play. They have no right to come to celtic park and get a result of the weekend, and if that happens then then perhaps i’ll get my panics. My panic jacob be bombshell at the back.

I don’t know we cannot drop points to motherwell this weekend. After the start of the season, i’ve had, of course, last night a fantastic result from my 5 1 win against clinton at third park and the europa league qualifiers. But this is completely different. Stephen robinson will, of course be hungry to get something here, to show that it’s not as bad as it looks on the lollywell side of things. But there is no way there could be any justification for motherwell company celtic park and getting us out the weekend. And if our players have any idea of what is going through, the fans just now, i’m sure they will. They will be out there to to make a statement at the weekend and they have to not just because they want to. They have to. And neil wedding has to understand that the players have to understand that there is just so much doubt there is so much it’s. Just negativity within the celtic support this week that this is the chance to go out and just get it all out. The park let’s go 10 goals. Please just do it. Of course. Another major talking point about the opposition is the loss of david tumble who’s. He went to i kind of think. Oh, i asked david tundew signing for celtic earlier in the week motherboard wasn’t. By far their best player and that’s another thing i was lucky enough to watch motherwell play hamilton last week, as two weeks now, i’ve been able to do that which done the united week before we played them and much mother well the week before we played them Here so you know, i have an idea: what to talk about everything went through tumble motherwell were absolutely hopeless against against hamilton.

They were, they were terrible shocking. The only player who turned up for mother whale was david turnbull. He is now gone. Will he make his debut for celtic against him? I feel like he could come on coming into the game. I think he should. I don’t think he’ll start the game, but i think he could come on um, but he was brilliant for motherboard the weekend. The only player who looked lively, the only player willing to make opportunities, and he looked really creative and that’s. Why i like that asset for celtic, what he was doing moving forward going up the park from other was fantastic. It was the complete attack dynamic for them. It was just everything it all went through him. It was taking chances when the team looked dead and that’s. What celtic need to need a player like that, because when the game goes dead, we don’t know what to do tomville’s the kind of player to pick us up get chances made. Take it upon himself to go and do something, and but mother will have lost that now, so they found herself in a position where divorce their best player, their domestic start to the season, has been terrible. The confidence after last night he’s probably brought up a little bit, but then again, what can they do at celtic park? We should be dismantling them. This has been a lot longer than i thought so i’m going to quickly get into my starting living and my school predictions it’s got to be the five two.

This has got to be the weekend and, if leonard doesn’t name the three five two from the start of the game, i don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what i’ll think if we go out put a four two, three one and yes, we do win. Three: four: no or something then great, okay, i’ll i’ll, give it a bite for now, but we need to change that system. We’Ve got to play the three five two we’ve got to see strikers getting a chance that we’ve paid money for that comes to camaraderie, and we can’t leave them in the bench much longer. Yet he must be near my shop now to start a game. He’S got to be even if he just starts and plays 45 60 minutes it’s better than nothing berlin’s sitting the bench, so i think we’re gon na have, of course, the big man with sarah sparks and goes we’ve got to go for it. I think we’re gon na have julian beeto and and el ahmed as the back three that’s. What i think we might get there um, i don’t think i will start after all the talk midweek um, although he did have a he’s, not done anything that much wrong in the game midweek, but i think a little bit of free starting in the middle uh From pong has to come and forest has to be dropped again. Forest was absolutely rotten, um midweek, so i bring a frimpong into the right hand, side or, on the left hand, side.

Of course, the middle three of and charm. I know i said i will be dropped for reasons because of what’s up midweek, but jam can’t be dropped. It can’t. I said that the three things we learned if we drop in jam as a crime, he was the best player in the park. Maybe perhaps muhammad you say, perhaps what a player and charm has to start the game as simple as that and charm, brown and mcgregor. I think we’ll start alongside them and i think mcgregor will probably sit the deeper out of the two hammond and charm uh and then up front. I think as much as i said, get a striker on get a yeti or i don’t think we’ll pattern. I think he’ll, you know saying advantage will probably start up top together should hopefully be back. If not, then perhaps we will see a yeah, you know you know start up top, but hopefully eduardo will be match fit and hopefully he’ll come in because we need him. We missed him uh on wednesday night. We need to back in that squad and for the score production. Look if the celtic team and the new winner himself know what this this week’s been like for. The fans we’ll go out and score i’m going to freel. Celtic uh might sound ambitious, considering how badly we’re playing but i’ve got faith. That’Ll pick this up. I do i want to remain loyal, i mean um and if i get let down i get like down, but we’ll go for it anyway.

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