It is a home fixture, but of course there are no fans there. So it’s a little bit more disappointing. The celtic fans can’t get to this game, so we’ll start off with the hungarian champions. Who are they well? They are, as i said, hungarian champions. They beat your garden from sweden to get to this stage and they played in the europa league last year. They were in probably the most europa league group of all time. They had espanol, ludogoresque and csk moscow in their group. They only got seven points they drew for their games, one one and lost one as well, so they finished on seven points, didn’t get to the knockout stage, but according to the hungarian journalists, that is actually quite a good feat for them: it’s, not something that they Expected and their european form was slightly better than their whole league form as well, so they were surprising and they were surprising enough to be getting seven points on on the table, so that’s sort of the level they’re at they are third place. Europa league group stage in that ilk so they’re they’re, not world bidders, but they’re, not terrible as well, so they deserve to be in the second round qualifier anyway, and looking at their formation. They played 433 against your garden. Last week they played two inverted wingers, uh takmak gwen seems to be the danger man for them. He scored both their goals in the game. Against your garden, frank, bali is the name of their center forward.

He doesn’t seem to be that big of a danger man only score 10 goals in the hungarian league last year. So he’s, not someone that you’re really looking at as a real threat to the celtic defense. But the fact that they’re playing inverted wingers will probably play into nilanin’s starting lineup as well so going forward. Celtic played a different team against on dundee united than they did against or akr reykjavik. They changed from al ahmed at right back to jeremy fringpong james forrest, who is quite poor against chao recovery dropped out of the team. Ryan christie moved to the right hand, side and olivier and cham came into that number 10 position. I would say that nilan is probably going to switch back he’s going to go with barcas and goal again. He has been pretty pretty pretty solid as as good as you expect him to be um for a keeper that came in for that sort of money. So he’s going to be starting a goal. I think that al ahmed is going to come back into this team because of the way that takmak gwen, who seems to be their danger man, according to the local journalists in hungary, he likes to stay up as an almost a forward as opposed to a winger. So i think ni lenin will want that extra cover that al ahmed provides instead of jeremy fringpong going across the back again near beaton, started in centre back with chris julian.

I would say that’s going to be the same again today or same again tomorrow and at left back. You have greg taylor, pretty solid defensive performance against dundee dundee didn’t really provide any threats going forward. So there’s not much you can read into it. I suppose the fact that jeremy frimpong is coming in and out of the team might be frustrating for him, but if needlena needs that extra cover, then it’s probably best to start el ahmed, who has been defensively solid in midfield you’re, going with cal mcgregor and scott Brown again controlled possession controlled the passing controlled the pace of the game, quite well against dundee and then in the three forward, midfielders you’re looking at. I think james forrest will come back into this team and the reason being is that celtic looked a little bit out of shape against andy going forward when it got to that right hand flank they didn’t really have much killer instinct going into the box. Ryan christie likes to cut out onto that left. Foot of his and jeremy from pong was going forward, but they just couldn’t get that pass away. So i think james forrest will come back into this team and provide width for celtic going forward against uh fern varus. I think olivier and cham will drop out of this team again a little bit harsh on him. I thought he was excellent against dundee and he’s one of these players he’s almost sort of a luxury at this stage.

His feet work is amazing. His passing range is amazing, but he just lacks that little bit of discipline that ryan christie would have in that number 10 position getting back and helping the lexicon, mcgregor and scott brown when they’re not in possession and again again, i think it’s going to be l University, starting on the left hand flank he should have a little bit of fun against fairing virus. I think, because by the sounds of it, they play their inverted wingers quite high, and they don’t tend to track back as much as you would like them to do. In europe, so if that is the case, then the danger men should be james forrest and l unicy. They should be getting on the ball. We should be getting the ball out to them wide quickly and getting balls into the box. Odd scenario: edward who’s, going to start up front, i don’t think uh, a jetty is going to start in this game. He might come off the bench again good killer instinct when it came to getting that goal against dundee and i suppose that’s that’s, a good sign when your sub striker is coming off. The bench he’s not quite fit enough, but he just provides that little bit of killer instinct. That good finish that we needed going into that game because it didn’t look like uh celtic were going to score against dundee at all so good to see him getting off the mark, and i would say: he’ll probably come off the bench again.

This um this wednesday night, so in this game, one leg at a fair celtic need to start quick again as they did against karakovic. They don’t need to take anything for granted. They should boss the game like they did against on d. I think that was the key point there was. I know it was only a one nil win against dundee, but it was nice to see celtic going out and bossing it and showing that they are the champions controlling possession controlling the base of the game. I think celtic got 75 percent possession against und at one point in time, so that’s, probably what you wanted to see them to to do against fairing fires again, but obviously fairing virus are that are a much higher step up than dundee united are, but ultimately celtics Should have enough to get past this team who finished third in europa league group stage and are in a league that is a step below the scottish league, so i am predicting a solid celtic win. I would say it won’t be as high a scoreline as it was against cairo rekvik, as it is a better opponent, so i’m hoping celtic will come home with a two nil win. I don’t think they’re going to concede against this team. Their center forward, just doesn’t, seem to be the danger man and el ahmed and greg taylor should be able to handle their inverted forwards quite well. So i think celtic will come out of here with a clean sheet and get into the third round qualifier.

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