Do it um let’s, just talk about a build first to me, a game that is already kind of done and dusted by munich versus chelsea. Now the first leg was a bit of a massacre by munich. Came to london slapped up chelsea three nil could have been a lot more. The second leg is coming up jack. Do you really see chelsea having a chance here? Is this really gon na be the contest uh? No, i i don’t uh it’s it’s it’s game for me um. I will make the point uh just to protect box to box football and our reputation a little bit here. We’Ve seen some mad happen in the champions league um, so i’m, not going to rule out some mad happening again because we’ve seen it in the past. But i think safe to say on this one, especially the fact that it’s in munich, maybe a score draw or just like a one goal: win for bayern munich by munich playing crazy good football um recently. Arguably the best team in the world in terms of current form, pretty straightforward, i think um just jack, just just like you to me, is just a complete thought by me and they just won the double. They got. 11 who’s got 50 goals. This season, a team who’s scoring out of their mind the only hope chelsea really has that bomb munich haven’t really played.

I have like i’m gon na play for the next uh what month yeah, but they finished their league two weeks ago, that’s the only real chance.

I i give them, but even even if the game starts, i don’t need to chelsea win in the game. I can see a three one to buy munich. You know i don’t, i i think franklin park’s gon na go there and go there with no real hope. I don’t think he’s going to put out the strongest strongest team possible, depending on what happens again to me: it’s, just a void game yeah. I agree guys if you believe charlie’s going to win if they do win i’m going to eat. My words play this as many times as you want, but i don’t think chelsea have a chance, but jack let’s move on and let’s talk about the other game. This one’s quite interesting, um messi came out the other day and wasn’t really happy with barcelona. But let’s talk about um this game, barcelona versus napoli. The first leg finish one one pass on with the away goal, but since the restart fast owner haven’t really been on their purge, if this game happened before uh lockdown, you would have said, batson uh napoli coming to newcamp would have been a bit of a um. Tough game for them, we’re, looking at barcelona right now, really struggling lost the last game at the new camp against austin soon at 2, 1 jack.

Tell me what you think about this well, it’s, really interesting. I’D argue this is going to be the most interesting game. Um as a neutral viewer, um natalie are playing well at the moment.

Uh they really are, since the restart they’ve really picked things up. Napoli have been garbage this year in syria, really really poor lang. You know lingering around kind of mid table um, sometimes bottom half like really really poor, really stepped things up since the restart. They do look like a much better team and we start to recognize the napoli team. Now barcelona is the opposite doing very, very poorly and kind of were doing. Okay, but now going down so really differing, differing forms going into this game. I think and i’m sure you’ll get into this as well. Lack of arturo vidal for this game right, lack of um sergio basquettes for this game means barcelona’s. Midfield is going to look a little different in terms of its structure and the way that it plays. However, however, barcelona just had the embarrassment um of not winning the league um to bitter rivals, real madrid. I think that all that team and that management are going to be thinking about until this napoli game is trying to prove some people wrong and do as well as they can in the champions league it’s at the new camp. Oh, no sorry i was going to say it’s at the new camp. We can’t really talk about home advantage anymore, and i think i did that in bayern munich.

So sorry about that um. But i think barcelona are going to be the more fired up. They have the away goal.

Wait. Are the games not going to be um played in the home stadiums now? Are they not all? In portugal? I thought they were all in portugal, i’m. Pretty sure that they’re all going to be played at the new um um at the home teams – okay, okay, so in in that case, that just adds to my point: um nou camp barcelona with the away goal. I think they’re going to be very, very motivated um by the fact that they really really want to make sure that they have something to be proud of at the end of this year and napoli are fighting quite hard to make sure that they kind of maintain That europa league spot that they’re in in serie a so for me, i’m, going to say it’s going to be close, but i would say, probably a 2 1 uh barcelona win um. I won’t second, that jack uh i feel like this could have been this to me is one of the worst machos barcelona could possibly get now. I look at the way this basta team is set up out of possession and it plays right into napoli’s hands. Did you watch the game in the italian super cup against um yeah on the attack missed a big opportunity? The ball came to um, the ball came to the goalkeeper and he just lost.

He just launched a big 80 yard switch into insignia. Yeah squares, the ball for um threes, freeze, martins barcelona on the counter attack right now are as vulnerable as they’ve ever been it’s, literally one ball and they’re in this napoli team, with the amount of runners that they have they’re going to trouble them.

I can see nothing coming to the new camp and beating barcelona. 3. 1 um. This barcelona team lack a lot of imagination. I’M, not gon na lie. Barcelona were the best team um. When teams would come to the new camp and sit pull um i’ll put their two banks before and say break this down. They were the best team um at doing that. Now they really struggle out wide. I don’t know where the creativity’s coming from at widen. In the middle, if messi’s, not crazy, who is who, who is creating suarez, lacks a lot of movement under mobility. I see nothing taking jesse this. The messi says that too, that he’s not even sure if they can beat napoli. What does that tell you yeah? I you know what i think i i do agree with you from a standpoint that i think the better team going in is going to be napoli. I think that at this point, probably just about the more talented team playing a lot better. Obviously i just look at the motivation that i think that the barcelona players will get from losing the league to real madrid and i just think that’s really going to force them through, but i hey, i respect your call uh putting your neck out there.

I like it, but that can also be uh. That could also turn i turn away from them because, as consciousness, what happens if they do go down? Where does um like tell me? Where do they go because watching barcelona lately, they they put so many players forward and they lack so much of um imagination and also they give away a lot of chances, give away two chances again previously.

Now they give away four or five gold opportunities. So yeah guys tell me what you think with that, but we’re gon na move on now we’re gon na talk about the other game and we’re gon na talk about the nine time italian champions or eight time that i don’t know in a row. They don’t dominate. Syria, but when it comes to the champions league, haven’t really been up to it. Let’S talk about juventus and their second leg against leon now uh the first like finished, one nailed to leon, which was a bit of a shock, and this second leg is really in the balance. The reason why i say this is because i don’t believe this juventus team is actually good enough to win this champions league and anymore at the start of the season. I tipped them to win it because they had x factor of cristiano ronaldo, but me watching the way that they’ve settled in the past few weeks, and especially through that they’re throwing away games, they had a game against what’s, the ac milan.

You know if they were tuning up in a space of 18 minutes. They can see the four goals, the last yeah, the game against sasuelo. Three, three tuna. Look: the game finishes: three three yeah i’ll tell you from 18, who was synonymous with their defensive play. Not only are they sometimes struggling to score goals, they’re leaking that many, and especially with the leon team with players like dembele in there who does if he does get an opportunity, he will take it.

It does look like a serious problem, but jack. Do you want to take this away, yeah sure um uh? I think you may win uh. I don’t think it’s gon na be pretty uh, but i think you may progress here. Uh, like you’ve, said you they aren’t playing so well uh, it’s, it’s, all but guaranteed. Now that they’re gon na win serie a because the uh, the challenges around them lost games, which they should have won they’ve been awful since there’s they’re, awful yeah and it’s a real it’s, a real shame. To be honest with you, because i was hoping for a really kind of tightly contested, serie a title uh, but unfortunately you they are going to win it again. Uh it’s not going to be pretty um, and you know their final stretch of games is not going to have looked particularly good. However, that x factor is still there and by hook or by crook whether it goes in off his shoulder or off his head or off the back of his head or off his knee cristiano ronaldo.

You would imagine penalties. Just remember all penalties, cristiano ronaldo will no doubt enter him, drag this team against a leon team who are fine. If this was against one of the big boys you they are in serious trouble against a team like leon. I just think that there’s going to be only one winner, i just don’t – think it’s going to be pretty my prediction: uh would probably be i’d say, probably maybe 3 1 extra time i’d say we want extra time, that’s that’s rubbish it can’t, be that oh yeah Can it be that i don’t think it can be no wait, one nil to eva yeah yeah, so so, maybe two one after extra time there you go um, wait after two world i’m, pretty sure leon go through because of the away goal.

Oh did. I hang on a minute: wait if you wan na on aggregate because leonard taking an advantage to so one nil extra time, so maybe two, maybe two nil after extra time. I’Ll stick with that that’s. Why i’m gon na okay i’ll lock that in two now, when you’re after extra time yeah so one nil at 90 minutes two now after extra time? So so, three now, okay, um again the reason why i was talking boldly about you guys, because i was disappointed with them, a team so talented with so many fantastic football players there. They are really really really struggling. Now. If this was before lockdown, i would have said – oh, maybe but leon haven’t played the game in any six months.

You know if, if they do come and go through, i think it’s going to be very embarrassing this this. This could be the lowest moment in you. Raise in for you right, maybe in the in in the last 10 years, if they don’t go on to win this game, i still see them going on the winner. I see ronaldo stepping up. I see the ball. Stepping up, i don’t see them winning the champions league anymore. For this game. I’Ve seen him going through let’s, say three nil, you’ve ain’t normal time, yeah yeah, i i and like say i i i don’t, think it’s gon na be pretty, but i can just see juventus dragging themselves through to the next round yeah a team that don’t play Football in six months – and you expect to come in and a team who who maybe had like maybe three weeks off yeah in six months, three weeks watching it for leon but guys let’s, move on to the last game and to me this is one that’s.

Quite interesting, very, very interesting because i have my uh, my friend, jed who’s, a real madrid fan. We’Ve been talking about this game, a lot the game that i’m speaking about right now is man, city versus real madrid. The first leg finished two one: two man city monty were able to get two away goals at the bernabeu, but in the second leg, now i’m. Looking this one from the point of view, yes, my city do have the advantage, but real madrid i’ve just came up winning the la liga for the first time in three years.

They are playing some of the best football that they have played a long time defensively. They look like an anchor ramos might be missing, but middle towers came in and need to be fair, he’s decent. You got hazard also coming coming back, but before i talk about it, jack tell me what you think about this game um. I think city you’re gon na go through um. I think the four way goals are huge um. I think you know i look at ramos not being a part, and i do just think that makes a huge, huge difference. Um. You also never know what the reaction is going to be after you do win something, and i think winning la liga for real madrid is going to be. Quite you know, is really quite big. You know quite a big deal um, so i don’t know it’s just it feels to me like too much of an advantage in man city.

Sorry in manchester, i should say to them be able to give away without the leadership of somebody like sergio ramos. I think pep will out think this one, maybe it’ll be close. Maybe city will go through on away goals or or maybe just by a one goal deficit to win, but i don’t know: i’ve got city just just holding on and going through here. Um i’m, a bit torn with this one. I think you mentioned the ramos factor – plays a massive part in this.

I think ramos being in there not only defensively again, people might question him defensively, but he’s one of the best defenders in the world, but going forward he’s a massive massive, massive factor. He scored the most goals in his career this year. I think he has like what 12 13 goals this year for defenders crazy in the box for corners he’s, going to play a big free, kick he’s going to play big penalties, he’s um! He is going to play a big part that is going to be a big miss, but they are champions. But then i look at the point of view, man, city and how a man city played since you restart since theresa. They have been outstanding in pep guardiola. I feel like his mindset, is already thinking towards that champions d: game that’s. Why he’s not letting anyone whose players have a drop off every game instead of him wrestling and rotating, he will play into him the strong, the strongest team possible and sometimes meaning this game.

The game against liverpool was meaningless, but they went out there with a strong side and went to outplay um and what i went to i’ll play: um liverpool uh in the fa cup, every game he’s playing his strongest team. His mindset is to get his team as focused and uh as prepared as possible order um all the champions running that’s. The only reason why i’m gon na give them the heads up there because i feel like they might just be in shape and around madrid coming into the game, grandma smith – is going to be huge.

I see the game finishing 2 2 in man city going through. I can agree with you, i think, that’s, the kind of the score line that i’d probably be on board with you know: yeah it’s, a that is a tough one. If real madrid do go through. I will not be so surprised because i thought this is the best time for real madrid to play man city if this would happen, uh straight after um, uh uh straight after the first leg, man city go in there and they roll uh, uh real madrid over. But now with the hazard factor, then just win the league and have so many players going forward. Benzema who’s been criticized. A lot is playing some of the maybe the best football of his career right now, there’s, so many factors for real madrid, but i just feel that it’s just going to be a step too far for them, and i see man, city, council, yeah, shout out to Benzema i’ve i’ve always been particularly critical of him myself, but i think he’s really blossomed, uh ever since ronaldo’s left, and you know what shock horror you play, one of the key attacking positions and a ball hog leaves so you get more of the ball to show Your skills like shock that benzema is now doing much better than we thought you know, but yeah shout out to benzema doing very, very well um, so guys we’ve just talked about the four remaining last 16 pictures, but wait.

This is part. One part two is about to come up right now, so just wait, part two: this is gon na drop first and part.