Music Applause see here, Applause and in keeping with that we’ve got an atmosphere with a real sense of enthusiasm here and i’m hoping we get lift off once this game kicks off Applause, ruiz, matins, it’s, ruiz! Oh, what a wonderful stop! Well, you can’t ask for much more than that a difficult moment. He simply had to deal Applause with ruiz shapes the shoots. Oh great, save Applause, Applause, what a start and what a contribution from the main man i had a feeling he might do something given his reputation, but to do it like that, absolutely brilliant! I wasn’t expecting that it’s pretty damning on the part of that defense, peter that he was allowed so much time and space, but i think ford. It goes jordi alba battles to win it back. Messi going for goal really well taken goal, Applause with time and space of plenty. He was never going to miss or considering he has a bit of a sight policy. He was the one player that should have been picked up, though that was both careless and costly from city Applause. Nice touch napoli a push, both full ruins good. Stop that wasn’t, easy Applause, messi now it’s luis suarez, real chance goal barcelona and the game is well and truly turned on its head Applause. I thought it was a stunning stunning breakaway messi switches it towards the other side, jordi alba. This could spell it’s louis suarez.

Oh, the keeper’s done ever so well and it’s insignia mario rui set, and he comes up trumps again.

Applause and here’s mertens whistle’s gone that’s a foul yeah. Well, they were exposed and vulnerable and he knew he had to do something to prevent a goal. Then referee has resisted the temptation to go to his pocket it’s, just a stern lecture. Insignia, oh how’s, that for a girl he’s got himself a pitch of a goal. There seem no way back, but they are Music level barcelona, showing a good level of intensity at this stage, they’re calling on all their resources. Now now it’s, mertens, Music they’ve done it. It was coming. They have their reward. What a great well! The level of urgency is shot up and and that’s promising now to maintain it well, it remains to be seen whether they can come up with that little bit of class to rescue this situation, and it needs to be anytime now really, Applause napoli can afford to Settle on seeing this one, but no less tries to get it forward quickly.