I do hope you are all doing well out there watching this mate. I really do hope that and welcome not to chelsea news to a match. Preview chelsea are playing their final game of the premier league season. Oh my word, this is terrifying. That’S right chelsea are coming up against the wolves in the premier league to try and ensure they qualify for the champions league next season. There’S one point between a chelsea football club, manchester united and the leicester city, who are all gunning for this qualification and all are in with basically, if it, okay, english. Basically, if you win you’re in, i should write slogans for like products anyway, it’s incredibly terrifying and, to be honest, they’re, both hard games, chelsea, wolves, leicester, united, no one’s – got an easy ride here. No one rides for free. If you look at this leicester side, they’re, like almost completely depleted and the loads of the first team, are out, but still leicester are no pushovers man it’s, just not going to be an easy game for anyone. The wolves, especially they’re, looking good again they’re such a good functioning team wolves. Do you know what i mean? Oh, oh yeah anyway, guys i upload daily on this channel. So if you want to jump aboard the football therapy hype train, please consider doing so by hitting the subscribe button followed by the bell notifications icon. So you get notified when i upload and if you do want to help me out.

Please do drop a like on this video, oh that’s, very kind of you thanks for that. Okay let’s get into it right. So the truth is boys and girls chelsea qualify by getting a draw or above or above a draw or a win. They need one point. Basically, but if you look at this chelsea team and how we ship goals for fun, i think we have the worst defensive record in the top 11 of the premier league. That is mental, so yeah. If you look at this chelsea team and how it defends you cannot play for a draw, you would have to be an absolute madman to play for a draw. I think frankie lampard recognizes that and said in this pre match press conference that no, we can’t play for a draw. We never play for a draw, but i think that’s the right thing to say in terms of how he wants to represent the club. But the truth is looking at the team. Looking at the defense, i think he literally means we can’t play for a draw. So chelsea got going for the big w against wolves. How did it go last time out? Well, it seemed so long ago doesn’t it but chelsea’s put five past him. How about that, for some good feels tammy abraham got a hat trick, although i imagine he won’t be starting this game. Let’S pull up the who scored match center graphic of that game.

Chelsea played a free for free. I think this might even have been the first time frank lampard, whipped it out out of nowhere when people thought, oh, my god, they’re matching, wolves, they’re going head to head to head is that the word anyway. We copied their formation to counter their formation. Remember when chelsea won the league with antonio conte, with his free for free formation. After a while, everyone started to duplicate it or replicate it to counter chelsea and certainly by the second season. Chelsea’S 343 system looks more vulnerable in the premier league because everyone knew how to play against it anyway. It worked incredibly well this time round the chelsea b. I think it was 5 2. We beat wolves, tammy abraham hat trick. I think that’s, when kyo tamori scored the absolute worldy goal and mason as well. I think scored a girl just lovely incredible scenes back when chelsea looked like they were going to win the champions league and we were all incredibly happy with life. Hey look man i’m kind of joking, even if chelsea don’t qualify for the champions league. If we say finish fifth and who knows maybe even win the fa cup, it will be a successful season by my books, but we all know the ambition of frank lampard. He wants to be in the champions league, so it’s a must not lose. If manchester united beat leicester, chelsea still qualify for the champions league, but you cannot hang your hat on that.

Lester could beat manchester united, and that would be funny because it means they get champions league football, but chelsea would also need to win. Yes, a little bit complicated yeah, i mean the ideal scenario. If you want to laugh at united, is both leicester and chelsea, winning the bookmakers make chelsea heavy favorites for this game, really heavy favorites like more than united. I mean fair enough. I understand mathematically why they would be, but still dude like uh. They could all go wrong for chelsea. We we, you know so anyway. Let’S talk about a potential line up in this game and then i’ll go on to do a school prediction and talk about how this game could potentially go okay, so the starting position is one of the most difficult between the sticks. Personally, i’ll pick willy caballero what’s gon na happen. Here, though, that’s right, even though kepper wasn’t, you know he didn’t do any howlers against liverpool, where we shipped five, he generally had a really poor goal, keeping a performance frustrating. I genuinely can’t call who was gon na who he’s gon na pick frank lampard, but i’m gon na say willy caballero, because i that’s who i want in goal now, even though, when frank lampard keeps the 343 for too long, it seems to lose its effectiveness. It’S. Only when he brings it out of nowhere like wolves tottenham, do you know what i mean these kind of performances when he just pulls out the bag, and we play really well when he keeps it.

We always do really badly like a valencia or um, not necessarily liverpool. We did play quite well. We shipped five, so that’s got ta, be bad. What i’m saying is there’s countless examples throughout the season of it. Overstaying is welcome and chelsea playing bad. Having said that, though, wolves do play a freeback system themselves, it did work so well against him. Originally, we beat manchester united with a free back system in the semi final. I think he’s gon na keep it so that being said after willie, caballero and goal, i believe the back three will actually remain the same. I think it will be zuma, rudiger and, of course, as per the quarter jesus christ. My brain and you know what that means. Rhys james will play right, wing back and marcos alonso will play left wing back and, although frank said, he might be fit for me. That’S a straight tail that angola kante will be played in this game and i think n’golo kante is going to partner mateo kovach in the two man pivot mid field, frank lampard will probably stay with zebra, because he’s just scoring goals. You start him. He scores a goal. He seems good for a goal, so you’d be insane to drop him. Giroud starts up front and, of course, if frank as much as the chelsea fans love frank lampard. If he does not start christian politics on the left wing, we all right. So politics starts, i think frank lamport’s almost implied that he will be starting and you think, probably final game of the season.

Frank lampard absolutely loves him willian, starting on the right wing, although kalamazoo did look very, very bright, coming off the bench in a game where willian didn’t do much at all against liverpool, i think millian might be cooked fatigued personally, i’d really like to see hudson adorn Him, but if you take a step back, look at the whole season. Look at what willian’s offered frank lampard this season. Look how willian’s better defensively than hudson adoring. I think he will start willian, even though i’d prefer the explicit frank lamport will see. Hudson adore as a greater risk, chelsea fans would be like oh he’s, exciting he’s looked good, but i think franklin, pod from the coach’s perspective will be like too much of a risk gon na play willian. I can always bring you off the bench uh joe. Do you know what i mean he’ll probably think the same about tammy abraham, which means frank, lampard’s bench options will be incredibly effective, tammy abraham, mason, mount uh, hudson and doy. Do you know what i mean ruben loftus cheek all these players to come off the bench to turn the screw, uh or chase a result? God forbid, they will all be options now. How is this game going to go? Things are never easy man. I love a five goal or seven goal thriller like before, maybe not thriller because of my heart and just general fears and anxieties regarding football and chelsea generally. Oh, you just can’t see a clean sheet.

Can you man it just doesn’t happen, it’s, just not written it. Just it’s, not it just it just isn’t, so i think chelsea will ship a goal or two, but they will really go all out and score goals. They’Re, so fired up. Wolves are very professional team and they’re, so mechanically well oiled. I think they play well and i think nuno spirito santo won’t, let them drop off. Having said that, frank lampard should get into the ears of the chelsea team and be like this is do or die boys you go out there and you do something in this game or i’ll break all your fingers and yeah. So with that, i think chelsea will go out and show passion, fearlessness and score goals, but with that they’ll just also expose their defensive frailties. So i’m gon na predict chelsea are going to win this game, which would absolutely ensure champions league football regardless uh. What a draw does regardless, so i don’t know what i’m saying there, but i think they’re gon na win three two ship two sweaty game at points, but i think chelsea will go over the line. Capping off our superb premier league campaign, first campaign for frank lampard: now i don’t really need to go into what this means for chelsea. If we win, of course, it’s great we’ll be in the champions league we’ll have a cup final to play and we’ll be. You know in high confidence, and hopefully we can bring additional players in next season with the allure of european football.

But what does it mean if we lose well? Obviously, we’ll be relying on other gunners social guards, p teachers driven men to get themselves over the line. Then chelsea will finish. Fourth and leicester will be pushed down into fifth. That would be lovely, but i don’t want to rely on them. They haven’t looked great recently, so let’s just theoretically for a second and say the worst happens and chelsea finish. Fifth, now i’m, not sure this is going to be the be all or end all in terms of his car. How that’s going to come on i’m, not sure but frank lampard, has spoken about the importance of this. I think journalists and people around the club have insinuated that it’s, not necessarily to do with the allure of players to bring into the franklin pod project but more of the financial options to do exactly what they want to do. Now that might sound weird to you guys, because chelsea have a lot of money. The ability to spend financial, fair play has been relaxed, etc, etc. But chelsea probably still have a ballpark figure that they’re happy to spend and the 50 million additional funds from champions league could be a massive difference maker like one and a half players worth of like a defender and half or like a left back and half a Cent back, do you know what i mean, something like that? Really it could be the be all or end all of say, the financials of acai herbert’s in terms of structural deal there, the ramifications of not qualifying for champions league could be huge financially, which is ironic, considering chelsea or not ironic, but everyone thinks chelsea are in Such a strong financial position, which they are i’m kind of going around in circles here, basically it’s, really important so i’m, not sure what’s, gon na happen, but i’m really interested in seeing what you guys have to say about this get down in the comment section below And express your thoughts, your thoughts, yeah your thoughts, you can express your thoughts.

Basically, i want you guys to tell me how you think the game is going to go and give me your school predictions all that kind of gear i’ll be down there. Reading your comments, if you enjoyed this content, please do drop a like on the video subscribe to football therapy. If you’re new to the channel enjoy the football man, because it’s going to be sweaty and i’ll, see you later with that bad boy, tuck i’ma, get it i’m living i’ma walk the walk outline my lines, i rap through thought body bag. The verse outline the chuck and my life scene trouble hustle on the double silence on the trigger.