The uefa champions league final. Welcome to the commentary box, derek gray here, joined by lee dixon. It is a dortmund taking on liverpool good evening what a pleasure it is to be here with you derek sitting over this magnificent stadium with arguably the best two teams. Well, obviously, the best two teams in this competition this year, because they’re in the final and what a final we’ve got, the pitch looks fantastic. The crowd are expecting there’s, the trophy just sitting there and the players in the tunnel just about to do what they do best go out and play and entertain us tackling and winning the ball to boot. Applause here’s, the starting eleven for borussia dortmund, roman berkey, gets the nord and go axel. Bitzel starts with emre chan in central midfield and asks for the attack. Well, it has a bold look about it with three forwards listed from the beginning, he’s just veered into an offside position this time, so the starting lineup for liverpool, the highly rated brazilian alison begins between the posts, mohamed salah, plays with sadio mane out wide, and on This tactical set up may have just the one player in attack going well sancho. Marco Applause can be difficult to stop lee. In what way might he contribute here? Well, he’s, strong he’s, a good runner but above all, is intelligent. Just watch the positions he takes up on the pitch slip; short passing Applause, here’s, oxlade chamberlain, just as well from the defensive point of view that he was able to make that interception rice, wasteful in possession rice a chance to whip it in your vehicle Applause.

Not all that convincing defensively it’s with roberto firmino, here’s, oxlade, chamberlain, well, visionary Applause, well, we’ve got the biggest club competition in the world and now we’ve got our first goal. Well, i just love to look at perfect technique and you won’t get any better than this. It’S, just the dream strike brilliant, brilliant effort, slightly different advantage point in terms of the goal that was scored. Well, all the hard work has paid off what the manager knows. A lot more has to be done to secure this game Applause, so the game has restarted. Liverpool in front number 11 mohamed, salah Applause promising attack best from borussia dortmund. What can they do from here? Options are plenty: a deft clearance, fabinho takumi, minamino it’s with fabinho, just not looking confident in possession Applause, space and time for the cross and he cuts inside Applause, emily emily makini, akimi Applause, far from a good pass, liverpool really struggling in terms of possession, but to Their credit they’ve been absolutely blistering on the counter attack. They just sit back hit you on the break and it’s really working for this team Applause that was read so beautifully by hummels Applause. The referee has decided that two additional to take back possession and there’s the whistle half diamond 45 minutes separating these two sides from glory. The second half of the champions league final begins van dyke, alexander arnold gomez, robertson, manet, takumi, minamino, roberto Applause attack. Can they take advantage of the situation? Can’T miss, surely good heavens? Well, what a chance for an equaliser derrick at this level you don’t get many chances, and that was one of them to the pitch number 19.

Julian brown Applause, sancho Applause, nazar Applause, it’s, been reopened. Well, they’re back in it, and you can hear the relief with their fans game on well. When you come to a game, you want to see skill like this it’s, absolutely brilliant dribbling. The defender is all over the place. What a goal a chance to revisit the goal? Applause! Well, the earlier goal cancelled out one a piece half an hour remaining then number 19 and ike robertson, san diego money. Now, Applause, roberto, firmino, using all his defensive acumen, to cut it out, that’s a fine. Looking document attack, but the quick it’s there for him and they nudge him well fabulous celebrations. They’Ve got their noses in front derek. Can they stay there? Well, jerry gives a good delivery into the box, but you have to question the defending there. They simply don’t react quickly enough well, let’s. Take another look at that girl. Shall we Applause? Well, he can’t. Let the frustrations get the better room derrick. His players need help here. Well, they’ve been getting the substitute ready and now they will make the personnel change well, as we can see liverpool enjoying the bulk of possession here after that, it’s been a little bit disappointing. Creativity in midfield is a little bit off. Certainly too slow in front of goal need to get wide need to get crosses in the box. Lacrosse is on well, they get themselves level here and touched on to the frame of the goal and a throw in forthcoming chamberlain and here’s by nalden, not too fussy in clearing his lines.

Substitution time, as is rynaldo alexander arnold. Has it moving the ball nicely trying to carve out the equalizer? That is a very fine challenge in difficult circumstances. Applause. What can they do from here? Options are plenty roberto, firmino attempting to play catch up in this second half lee what the priorities to be well. Liverpool haven’t been at their best a little off color for me in all departments, but they’re still in this game, we always used to say on the pitch when we were losing we’re bound to get one more chance, let’s see if they do wonderful Applause and quite Rightly so, what a finish that is well, the keeper will be frustrated. He thought he’d saved it he’s, so unlucky, there’s, a good angle from him as well, but it’s in the back of the net Applause. Let’S have another view of that goal. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room if it stays like this derek he’s, not happy just look at him and the substitution in the office well, it’s a tale of four goals in this match. Now three one, it is number 28 one minute remaining. The referee’s verdict is three additional minutes: poor attempted the story of one side celebrating and the other distraught and the memories are being made yeah. Absolutely it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got in the bank players? Will always look back at moments like these these moments, where you pick trophies or win medals? Absolutely brilliant for this group of players? Yeah! You can see what it means to this tight: knit team Applause, real solidarity and now, from the official part of the presentation, as a player, lee doesn’t get much better than this for dortmund.

No, he doesn’t gain your hands on the trophy when you think about it. Gary in each league, there’s only the league trophy and maybe a couple of cups, and then this european trophy to go for not that many winners in a season, but fortunately dortmund are one of them. This season and borussia dortmund half the trophy in their possession a team with a rich european tradition and it’s official dortmund are number one in europe.