In Europe’s premier club competition, the UEFA Champions League, the group stage match day one action: it is Lucia, Dortmund checking on Liverpool. Well Derek. I hope you are as excited as made to start the Champions League, always a special atmosphere. Both teams are we hoping for a long journey, or it may be very, very short, we’re about to find out now with aki nee price chuckling and winning the ball to vote and introducing the borussia dortmund side. Roman Buki gets the northern go, axel Witsel starts with M region in central midfield and asks for the attack from it has a bold look about it. With three forwards listed from the beginning, Applause it’s very difficult to take your eyes off Marco Dixon. What sort of performance do you anticipate seeing from the German? Well, when he’s on the game? He gives you everything to get you energy. It gives you midfield runs, and he gives you goals is a really really good player Applause, straighter, Makeba, no, real difficulties for him. No decent position from the goalkeeper poor shocked to be honest for you back in season 1992 93, the old European compass it was became. They away. Four champions be back in your playing days. Li yeah absolutely just about remember that far back there it to be honest with you, buddy waves were a little bit take shape and the format etc, but certainly the European Cup is now a thing of the past in the Champions League is really taking shape.

It’S worth Roberto, Firmino, Mourinho Applause and very deft way cut out Mohammed SAP wonderfully weighted pass, my goodness the importance of getting there was not lost on the keeper Joe Gomez, mojo Van Dyke, Andrew Roberson, with Roberto Firmino fool obsessed with finding a forward gear. What can they do from this position? It’S excellent, defending following the cross, Chhagan, Sacher Applause, Gogi, bake off. We can’t believe the goalkeepers saved us, brilliant Applause, here’s, Robertson, missus, ciller, oxlade, chamberlain and the danger clear, Roberto, Firmino crossing possibilities, Pina Applause, the context. Well, it was always going to be a tight game, but now all of a sudden don’t seem ahead. Things have got to change on both sides. Applause well here is replay and to be fair to keep it from that distance. Hasn’T got much chance of keeping it out lovely goal, that’s um, another view of that goal: Music Applause. So the game is restarted. Liverpool in France, Applause we’ve, given it away Liverpool, continue to advance what they be able to convert and he did what he had to do defensively, complicated cats for the keeper he’s, given the ball away, Applause degree of difficulty for any girl, diba, sheer quality quality, the Shot and certainly quality of the save and deliver by Felger could began to teammates was pushed well away from danger, my name now they aren’t on the wrong end of the store line, but Lee your overall thoughts on their current situation inside plug have had to go Up and it did yeah look along the line.

Look along the line, Mitsu we’ve had the official word. There will be a minimum of two added MINIX Applause, oxlade chamberlain, sandhya money; now, Applause, it’s, miss Roberto Firmino, a matter of a first half Applause and so the second half of this Champions League group stage match day. One contest commences: gomez, Robertson, Satya Manny. Now, professor Femina gray tree bear intercepts Joplin’s unable to keep it. I think most bands would be pretty happy with this man’s display so far. Well, Derek. He certainly was a good four to five minutes from the line wasn’t really far enough away from the goalkeeper. Was it nobody picked up the flight, nice and early, giving them the gift of possession sama Applause, Melda it’s? What robust, you’re filming now now that Applause that was read so beautifully by Hummels oxlade chamberlain Applause monkey laid into the center of the box no end products. After another and overcomes the corner, really disappointing effort, you’ve got to say ways way way off target a real poor effort with his head Applause, couldn’t hang on to it well Liverpool of dominated possession over the last 15 minutes. They really have played well. They could extend their lead with this creativity of their producing chances. Can they put them away of all current key bits and across the Dutch line, so our throw in here and Joplin will go to the bench. Applause, Emily, John. Now, Applause give us ball. Every day of the week, clattered away Robertson, Milner, it’s, Roberto Firmino, a promise on the flank scope for the cross; Applause, simple for the keeper male, not Applause, Satya, Manny, now here’s Milner about to fit me now.

They’Ve lost possession of the ball. Listen to that crowd. They feel an equaliser can’t Dorman. Only ten minutes remaining here, sunup, say: Chamberlain, Nilda cleared away Applause, oxlade chamberlain summer it’s with Roberto Firmino Liverpool, continue to advance what they be able to convert options around him. Robinho Applause but then came to dispossesses opponents. Well, the counter just looks very real. Take advantage in the end substitution. It is for Dortmund one minute remaining Applause. There goes the full time whistle and Liverpool fans won’t mind this at all. Liverpool were three points from their first game of this Champions League campaign. Well, it’s everything you want from the star of match want good, strong start.