I hope you are as excited as me to start the champions league always a special atmosphere. Both teams will be hoping for a long journey or it may be very, very short, we’re about to find out it’s the opening match day. Champions league group stage match day one underway. This is the lineup for the home team, the emphasis very much on the positively yeah very much so a narrow three in midfield, with a number 10 supporting the two main strikers, a back four spread across the pitch. The fullbacks need to supply the width, but they also need to worry about defensively as well, Applause, wonderful block, and this is how liverpool start the game. The highly rated brazilian alison begins between the posts. Virgil van dyke plays alongside joe gomez in central defence, mohamed, salah plays with sadio mane out wide and leading the attack. Today is the ultimate pressing machine, rebecca firmino, well, cristiano ronaldo lee doesn’t really need an introduction nowadays, but what in particular, are you looking forward to seeing from ronaldo here well i’m expecting everything from him he’s an all round player, look at his ability in the air He’S brave gets across defenders; he loves to score headers as well, which is a massive bonus, well ready to ease the pressure Applause, a chance, maybe from the wide position, still passing it around with authority as an attacking player, you rather hope you’ll get the decision in Your favor but offside here yeah the defense got that spot on and so did the linesman by naldum now it’s with fabinho, well real difficulty, keeping the ball not a good pass.

Well, back in season 1992 93, the old european cup as it was, became the uefa champions league back in your playing daisley yeah. Absolutely i can just about remember that far back derrick, to be honest with you, buddy players were a little bit cautious about the new champions league and how it was going to take shape and the format etc. But certainly the european cup is now a thing of the past. The champions league has really taken shape Applause, a lot of forward thrust here from ronaldo. Now. What can he do from this excellent position? Can he give them the lead he’s, still alive, Applause and he’s broken free? It has to be surely his side in front to bear delight. Applause. Well, here’s the replay. The keepers made a save but it’s not good enough it’s back into play. He was first to react and it’s in the back of the net. Well, the goal again, albeit from a different angle. Well he’s, got to be delighted with his players. A big smile on his face they’ve got the noses in front they’re in the lead well done underway again, liverpool hold the aces. Liverpool have hardly had the ball, but again we’ve seen it before we’ll see it again. Their counter attack play has been absolutely fantastic pace. Really hurts defenses and they’ve got that in abundance. It’S with dybala kazira, iguain Applause using all his defensive acumen to cut it out effective pressure to regain possession dybala iguain.

Well that wasn’t a million miles away. No, he was close. It was a decent effort. They’Ll keep plugging away i’m sure Applause, fabinho van dijk, with it manet fabinho, now here’s, oxlade, chamberlain, alexander arnold, making excellent progress with the ball, the displease and salah still alive possession changes hands the interception there Applause, so the whistle then Music and so the second half Of this champions league group stage match day one contest commences van dijk, with it andrew robertson, robertson and ike fabinho it’s, with roberto firmino Applause alex sandro, now dybala pianic. Well, he often grabs the headlines and masala has been a big part of the story. So far lee well derek. He certainly was a good 45 minutes from the lad, obviously got the goal to give him the lead, but he’s looked very, very lively as well promising looking ball, Applause, roberto firmino and a very good challenge and the danger cleared. Mrs salah it’s, with fabinho Applause well they’ve been getting the substitute ready and now they will make the personnel change and options in the center a tremendous vision well on the volley that’s not how he had planned it in his mind. No, he certainly saw the ball going in a different direction than it went in Applause, ramsey, iguain ramsay has it at times they make passing. Look easy and it’s gone out of play. Goal kick coming up. Applause! Oh nice ball over the top to chase Applause, matuidi ramsey, cristiano, ronaldo, alexandro, well, thumped, clear, matuidi Applause, excellent, defending salah.

He continues his run man. Will it be Applause enough ramsey it’s with dybala ramsey? Has it Applause, ramsey Applause it’s with dybala alexandro now dybala? He has tying to players over the defender doing his job. Well, he had a decent reading of that ball in Applause, robertson and that’s. An important intervention well just listen to the crowd. They want a bit more. They know there’s still time to grab an equalizer. Surely they’ll get another chance or two Applause making progress, Applause, good pressure? Can they make something of this that’s a splendid ball from ronaldo a case of foiling the opposition by whatever means straightforward piece of goalkeeping and it’s a case of just five minutes left delete? I think he knew he was guilty of fouling free kick conceded. There has been plenty of limbering up from substitutes, and now both sides will make personnel switches, Applause, roberto, firmino, dangerous, looking through ball without the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes. Pianick Applause, i must say no shortage of space. There goes the full time whistle and liverpool fans won’t mind this at all. Liverpool were three points from their first game of this champions league campaign.