He takes aim, but it was fired straight after the keeper. No real difficulties for him, no decent position from the goalkeeper poor shot to be honest with you, well he’s, always at the top of the tree when it comes to football players around the world, cristiano ronaldo. What do you especially like about his game lee? Well, i like it all, he literally is unplayable. As a defender, i’ve watched him, a lot tried to work out what i do against him and i think i just asked for substitution to be honest with you Applause and he takes it on and somehow he prevents a goal. Well, it looks a certain goal. Derrick the agility, the reflex is unbelievable and delivered by pianics, not fantastic, defending let’s, see if it helps the opposition, dybala well, first rate goalkeeping: oh, we can’t believe the goalkeepers save that that’s brilliant and the goalkeeper up to the task. Well, yeah it’s a decent save, but if he lets that in you’ll be asking questions firing it over.

Sadly, from his point of view, wayward to say the least: well it’s a shocker, i wasn’t very good at heading derrick, but i could have done better than that. Applause well, that’s, very smart, defending and now they have the ball again: Applause, janice, dybala Applause, it’s with tusa Applause still on level terms. Moving the ball nicely. Oh, you don’t want to lose the ball in that position. Possession changes hands the interception there.

Oh, it was a terrible looking challenge and a big decision for the official here. The germans came in excessive for us red card. The verdict well he’s dropped all his teammates in it they’re very, very unprofessional, dybala thumps, clear. Well, they were clearly on the receiving end. So a free kick is next, oh goodness, he was right on top of the situation, to get the ball back for his team janice now iguain magnificently and intercepted Applause. Well back in season 1992 93, the old european cup as it was, became the intelligent threaded parts. Here ronaldo will it be the first goal of the match and the lead certainly doesn’t, flatter them it’s taking a while the pressure’s taking its soul? Well, here’s the replay comes off the keeper and he’s every right to ask where his defenders are. They were second to react and he’s in the back of the net. Well, the girl again, albeit from a different angle, so the match has restarted one nil here and it’s iguain moving through the gears, not quite what iguain had in mind that pass making sure nothing.

Untoward happened: Applause ramsey. The attack continues, they’re, making considerable progress; Applause, no accuracy at all in terms of the shot unleashed well it’s the care and attention all that work to get in the position and then way way wide it’s with gonzalo iguain Applause, ramsey alexandra. I think everyone knew that was foul play and the referee left with little choice but to award the free kick good.

Heavens the dicing, with a bit of danger here only a caution could have been another red card. Well, it could have been. This is where your senior players are really important: control. The game control. Your own team, keep your composure. Applause you’ve got to keep the ball a bit better than that Applause and three minutes will be added on for stoppages. Matuidi pianic patients enough build up. Can they carve out a chance might still be able to do a bit of damage now the managers will now deliver their half time. Team talks we’re at the end of 45 minutes Applause, and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day. One contest commences on the ball marcel: this might have potential space and time for the cross and he takes on the shots blocked by bonochi we’ve, seen it before iguain effect of pressure to regain possession dembele four attempts at a pass really well. This man will get most of the plaudits for his contribution. Up to this point, lee well derek you’re right.

He has played well and goals win games, he’s been a joy to watch in this form, sit back and enjoy him in the second half others in the vicinity. Thiago mendes, not the easiest of situations for the keeper Music and firing it into the crystal ball. Mendes Applause action, perfect, perfect goalkeeper. He waited. He waited then look at him spring played into the center of the box.

Well cleared away. Well, couldn’t! Keep it top notch tackle half an hour remaining. Then Applause well they’re on the scent of something positive crossing possibilities. Ronaldo ronaldo wasteful in possession not really like him. Applause, ramsey well let’s see what they have in store for them on the break. The taco completely missed time and you would expect a booking under the circumstances, and that will mean a caution: well, definitely: a yellow card. Derrick Applause, here’s, bonucci, matuidi, ramsey, cristiano ronaldo, shot attempts him and he’s kept her down fully stretched somehow reaching it, but the goalkeeper always seemed to have it covered it’s a matter of what occurs in the final 15 minutes. Definitely look as though they want to make this move count. The pressure was on the keeper following the threaded pass ramsey and he was in the right place to Applause, intercept, matuidi Applause, alexandra ramsey it’s, with dybala janet’s. Now they do pass the ball with authority. Good vision. Can he get onto this simple, save, really, Applause, great vision to switch the play? Well, just couldn’t keep the ball matuidi pressure to deal with ramsey it’s with dybala and the ball’s gone.

The electronic board has been held aloft, two additional minutes here: dubois getting forward targets to a mat and he’s fired and against the post and that’s it for tonight’s full time and an encouraging start for them. Three points from the initial fixture lee yeah really really strong start that’s what you need, but with five games to go very important.