Business naples, my name is derek ray with me in the commentary position is the arsenal. Legend, lee dixon and we’ve got so much to look forward to this is where it all begins. In europe’s premier club competition, the uefa champions league, the group stage match day one action, it’s napoli, taking on liverpool. Well derek. I hope you are as excited as me to start the champions league always a special atmosphere. Both teams will be hoping for a long journey or it may be very, very short, we’re about to find out Applause. It’S the opening match day champions league group stage match day one underway monopoly starts at 11., david ospina. The colombian is the goalkeeper kali do curry. Valley plays alongside costas manolas in central defence. Fabian plays alongside piotr zielinski in central midfield and up front it’s a man with a genuine nose for goal. Arcadius, milik Applause let’s take a look at the liverpool starting eleven. The highly rated brazilian alison begins between the posts. Virgil van dyke plays alongside joe gomez in central defense, sadio mane starts with mohamed salah and that a piece of goalkeeping you’re going to see again and again and again and firing it into the area Applause. Well, it was never going to worry the keeper. Well, no wonder: he’s looking a little bit sheepishly at his teammates head in a hand, sort of moment, that’s, fair to say lorenzo insignia can be the centerpiece of any match.

What sort of performance are you anticipating seeing from him today? Well, when i look at a player i’m playing against the first thing i look at is: how quick is he and if he is quick, if he’s got pace, i have to play him a certain way that’s. My first objective: stop him getting the ball, so he can use that pace might be a chance here. Applause and up for grabs off the keeper Applause. Another sitting ever deeper Applause, it’s very passive to be sitting off like this and you do wonderly. Will they be punished next time exactly? You need to start pressurizing the player on the ball and start marking players at the moment, they’re sitting too deep and now zielinski and the cross is very much on mario rui going well insignia. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to blocking foiling them effectively. Now this might pay dividends salah, and it is the opening goal of the contest. Well, it was always going to be a tight game, but now, all of a sudden one team ahead, things have got to change on both sides. Well, you could be critical of the defending, but let’s focus on the great play capped off with a superb calm. Calculated Applause, Music, finish underway again: liverpool hold the aces Applause, regain possession Applause, that’s, fine, goalkeeping, real concentration corner kick awarded and let’s see. If this will help them add to the lead Applause, oxlade chamber, then here’s fabinho Applause, but he knew he had to get to the ball and he did intense pressure showing teamwork and commitment.

Well, that is how to run at defenders can’t, miss, surely and it’s in for liverpool. Is there a way back for the opposition now well, he’s gone for pure power, and why not? When you’ve got a rocket in your boot, what a strike let’s go back to the goal, that was scoring Applause well, a second goal for them here: Applause, quick thinking to dispossess his opponents Applause, any sort of lead is important. They have the lead. What have you made of it so far? Well, it’s, all going well for liverpool, just it’s, tight control of the ball is key when a game is like this, they have the players to do it, though, but they’ll be happy with the two teams at half time. Giovanni di lorenzo milik insignia opportunity for them to get back into the game Applause now mo salah. Can they do something positive on the counter attack? They need to get bodies back rebecca firmino. It really is such a free scoring performance, just nothing. The defenders can do about it. Seemingly Applause well here’s, the replay, sometimes keepers use those posts as a part of their defense, but not on that occasion. Well, let’s take another look at that girl. Shall we Applause just look at that score. Applause, tony valley, a chance. Then for the respective manager – and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day one contest commences: gomez: Applause, robertson, takumi, here’s, oxlade, chamberlain, happy to pass the ball but remaining patient while the fans are not happy and who would blame them shocking performance.

So far, let their standards slip i’m, afraid happy to take on the shot and manny has beaten the goalkeeper. Well, as we can see liverpool enjoying the bulk of possession here, it’s important to have strong, dominant players in your midfield and they’ve got that just look at what that control gives. You well let’s, see that one again it’s all about the contact there’s everything right, there’s! No bother where the goal is, he knows where it is. He gets a beautiful strike on it, a chance to revisit the Applause, Music Applause and, sadly, we goal to conclude that this hasn’t really been a contest, but all credit to any side committed to scoring goals. Like this fabian lobotka, well, that’s one for them to pursue, might be a chance here. Well, they can say a big thank you to the goalkeeper that was inspirational well that’s as good as a goal. At the other end, brilliant save from the keeper. Well, they weren’t able to capitalize bodies forward and the break looks on damn it. Here’S in senior has teammates waiting inside the area and after the cross, defensive action called for no luck for sadio mane, an utterly disappointing cross goal kick so two substitutes to come on. In one go Applause, roberto firmino, and that was a very fine read promising sequence that is goalkeeper the referee spotted the infringement and it will be a free kick in a position of genuine menace Applause. Well, he had to pick the fly to the ball up.

That was all got behind it. Good save! Well as the attacking side you might dispute it, but offside by a hair yeah spot on from the linesman spot on, but he’s close Applause. Now they have elected to go to the bench at this stage of the game. Fabinho so 20 minutes to go. Oh lovely weighted ball. They might be in well. That is how to nullify the opposition. Well, that’s the kind of player you want from your defender, not really close to worrying the scoreboard operator, no it’s worth a try, though, but when he looks to the position he is in he’ll be disappointed. He didn’t hit the target gomez alexander arnold. Has it andrew robertson, it’s with fabinho Applause, a foul but advantage played just been a thoroughly cogent and convincing performance in this match? Lee creatively, liverpool have been great tonight. They really have imagination delivery. You never really know lee if it’s gon na come off when you hit it on the volley in that fashion, yeah hero to zero. When he struck that you think wow and then all of a sudden, you realize where it’s gone navi, kaiser sandy o’malley now run it magnificently and intercepted. Oh nice ball over the top to chase, but he has just veered into an offside position. This time, here’s milner inside the final five minutes now it’s with roberto firmino, milner, here’s, robertson, Applause, here’s, casa, pure ball, control, Applause, just nothing. The defenders can do about it.

Seemingly Applause. Well, it seemed like just a matter of time before they scored, delicate, incisive play. Has done the damage let’s go back to the goal, then restore well there’s, nothing better for a manager when a plan comes together, total satisfaction. Well, if there were any lingering doubts about the outcome, surely they now have been removed. Applause, whistle and liverpool fans won’t mind this at all. Number four were three points from their first game of this champions. League campaign, yeah really really strong, start that’s what you need, but with five games to go very important. You stay in the now one game at a time derek bit of a cliche firmino. He seemed to be everywhere lee. What in particular did you enjoy about his display? Well, he never gave that back line a chance to get a breath.