The champions league final i’m, derek ray. My co commentator is, as always, lee dixon and with the atmosphere building up very nicely. We’Re just minutes away from kickoff time, it’s, newcastle united taking on liverpool well i’m, so excited for everybody. The fans everybody connected to both clubs but it’s, the players i’m, so excited for i’ve, never actually played in a champions league final, but played in other finals. I know what they’re feeling we can see the nerves already starting to jungle. How did you cope with those nerves, derek? How did you settle yourself down before what’s going to become probably the biggest game of your career and now the champions league final commences, so they started 11 for newcastle united. It looks like a conventional 4. 4, 2: a preferred formation by arsene wenger when he arrived at arsenal two main strikers: four across the midfield, really important for the fullbacks to link up with the wide midfielders in this system. Applause. This might have potential, so the starting lineup for liverpool, a highly rated brazilian alison, begins between the posts. Virgil van dyke plays with joe gomez in the full back positions and leading the attack. Today is the ultimate pressing machine, roberto fiamino, you never quite know who’s going to emerge from the shadows and become a match winner, but this man might be a decent shout out lee.

What are you expecting from him? Well, the more you give this like the ball.

The better, but it was fired straight at the keeper, no real difficulties for him. No decent position from the goalkeeper poor shot to be honest with you and he’s broken free Applause. Surely a brisk start and a quick goal? Well, the manager would have said, keep it tight at the back and see if we can nick an early goal, and he certainly have done well i’m sure you want to see this again. Where is everybody the defenders nowhere to be seen, it’s an open goal? Well, let’s take another look at that goal. Shall we well? The coach has to be happy with that got their noses in front still work to be done, though, underway once more liverpool have the lead, tremendous intuition to win it back, rose individual quality coming to the four and the course was deep, a little too deep. He might be on to something well, just couldn’t keep himself on side: Applause, robertson, fabinho, oxlade, chamberlain, alexander arnold, an incisive pass; masala Applause, yeah concentration for goalkeepers. He was spot on there and firing it into the area, Applause and tipping it over the crossbar another corner. So the corner played into the box and the no nonsense clearance. They chamberlain, oh it’s, off the post, foiling them effectively. Applause, a very high degree of difficulty for any goalkeeper, sheer quality quality of the shot and certainly quality of the save wonderful block.

Can we make a count, what a vital intervention Applause yeah close, indeed technique, just leaning back a little bit that’s why it goes so high? Oh nice ball over the top to chase it’s with fabinho, well he’s, given us away Applause shelby spot on with that tackle! Well, liverpool have dominated possession over the last 15 minutes.

They’Ve created a lot from midfield. Their forwards are having a field day. Coach will be really happy with the creativity having to take on the shots aware of the threat. Solving the problem. Alexander arnold has it oxlade chamberlain, minamino it’s, with roberto firmino, giving the ball away it’s with isaac hayden using space on the opposite flank, now excellent refereeing advantage in operation and making sure nothing untoward happened following the cross alexander arnold. Has it here’s, oxlade chamberlain, it’s a highly promising liverpool attack Music? It was well stopped. Well, the positioning is everything for a goalkeeper and he was in a good position. Then Applause and there’s the whistle half time Applause 45 minutes separating these two sides from glory. The second half of the champions league final begins alexander arnold. Has it nice ball to switch the point of attack Applause, manet Applause action and overcomes the corner? It didn’t happen for them. They’Re sitting deep, like this might be a dangerous game. Shelby, sir maxima. Has it gomez fabinho, now here’s robertson, it’s, with roberto firmino, they might be able to get in now mohamed, salah, now give it away Applause, oxlade, chamberlain and he’s fired and against the post Applause? Well, derrick! You me, and everybody in this ground thought that one was in it’s, so close woodward saved him half an hour remaining then quick thinking to dispossess his opponents, good visualization and execution almost a second goal of this match, but the goalkeeper had his own views on that.

Subject: well, if you’re looking for a bracelet striker not to be on that occasion, Music and he takes it on fabinho. Well, the shot from that position left a bit to be desired. Just got to hit the target, let the power down a little bit and go for accuracy, fabinho now, liverpool, obsessed with finding a forward gear. What can they do from this position? Excellent, defending salah? Well, he went for placement, but it didn’t go to plan. Well, would you see his body position there he’s trying to open himself up bend it into that corner, but he got it all wrong. Let’S come down to the final 20 minutes here. Liverpool have given us away losing possession here some maximum gail thou shalt not pass was the message delivered. This is salah couldn’t keep it Applause, wonderful chance, well, first right, goalkeeping off, believe playing with purpose and control, and he was in the right place to intercept. Oh perfectly, timed pass dealing with the threat that was real by naldum. Well, with five minutes remaining and just one goal between them still, the prospect of late excitement in this match real danger. Almost what you might call it. Oh he’s got no right to make that save it’s, absolutely fantastic Applause almiron. He has time to play us over noah’s spillage from the goalkeeper routine Applause use case. Um Applause. Can you get your heads around this just well because it might be done and dusted it’s level again? Well, the fans were starting to think it was over.

Not now another twist, maybe derek well here we see a better angle on it. There’S nothing, the keeper can do a significant deflection and he’s beaten. Let’S go back to the goal that we’re scoring well. The happy times are back. The coach is more than delighted by his team’s response. Well, the earlier goal cancelled out one a piece: well, that’s it for the 90 minutes and the drama continues we’re now into the first period of extra time tonight, mate. Well, this 30 minutes now is going to separate the weak ones from the strong ones, let’s see who wins still passing it around with authority. Miguel almiron by naldum Applause it’s, with roberto firmino tremendous ball played through making excellent progress with the ball in his Applause feet. Applause, well, we can take another look at this there’s. Nothing much the keeper can do close range, finish really good play and he doesn’t miss from there. Let’S have another view of that goal: Applause underway once more liverpool have the lead Music Applause, andre yeah, my goodness, the importance of getting there was not lost on the keeper sadio manny, now roberto, firmino gator by naldrum excellent ball over the top reddit superbly. To take back possession Applause i’m breaking at pace with menace Applause without the official word, there will be a minimum of two added minutes not much time to make up as mine you’ve got to keep the ball a bit better, that’s it half time in extra time.

Can they overcome tired legs it’s, the second period of extra time underway now, and they will be awarded a free kick for that Applause now the goal kick will be next Applause gomez, milner van dijk, with it Applause, here’s, milner it’s, with roberto firmino milner. Oh, a perfectly tight pass: milner gator and that’s easy peasy for the keeper minutes ticking away, just five minutes remaining in extra time. Still they lead fire again towards goal well body in the way maximum richie here it’s with joe linton shelby can’t, miss surely well. That was a guilt edged opportunity for the equalizer. Well, you always hope for one more chance in the game, and that was it the chance for an equaliser, well that’s, one for them to pursue milner and the keeper have a role to play. They’Re still within touching distance. Well, he kept his team in the game, simple, as that chrono kick played in a very effective clearance and the final whistle the cut issue is settled, a story of one side celebrating and the other distraught, and the memories are being made. Yeah, absolutely it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got in the bank. Players will always look back at moments like these. These moments, where you pick trophies up win medals, absolutely brilliant! For this group of players. Yeah, you can see what it means to this tight: knit team, real solidarity Applause. Well now, as a player, and in this case as a liverpool player you’ve got to prepare yourself for the trophy lift, well yeah.

This is where you want to be the captain. Sometimes it’s a hindrance because everybody’s looking at you for a bit of inspiration, but you get to do this. You get to pick up this magnificent trophy and celebrate with your teammates liverpool.