In europe’s premier club competition, the uefa champions league the group stage match day. One action it’s sevilla taking on liverpool well, the first group stage of the champions league is always exciting. Three points is vital for both teams to get off to a good start or a draw may be a good result as well we’re about to find out what happens. Applause, the sevilla starting eleven, getting the nord and goal is thomas vazlick, diego carlos plays, might be a chance here money and it goes an early goal. No wonder they’re celebrating well look at this derrick. Sometimes the opposition are all set up perfectly for you to dribble through them it’s almost like he’s playing fifa. He goes through and puts the ball in the back of the day: it’s brilliant Applause underway once more liverpool have the lead Music Applause. Now back in season 1992 93, the old european cup, as it was, became the uefa champions league back in you’re playing daisley yeah. Absolutely i can just about remember that far back derrick, to be honest with you, buddy players were a little bit cautious about the new champions league and how it was going to take shape and the format etc. But certainly the european cup is now a thing of the past.

The champions league has really taken shape. Free kick awarded to liverpool here’s oxlade, chamberlain, fabinho, firmino, milner, well great. Read there to intercept well, the counter chance looks you need your defender to take charge fernando johan, jordan and i just couldn’t keep the ball here’s fernando torres, johan plenty of players waiting in the middle it’s torres now, just knocking it around looking to carve out a Chance this attack looks highly promising.

Read it superbly to take back possession? Well, they get themselves level here. Brexit following the close range effects. Look how close he gets to the goalkeeper it’s, a really really good, save in the end over it comes punch, happy the keeper Applause, fernando reguilon here’s, fernando Applause. Looking for that final pass, and for that chance to level the game torres wasn’t far away from the target league, no, it was decent, really really decent chance for the lad. They’Ll keep pushing away to try and get that equaliser liverpool have hardly had the ball, but again we’ve seen it before we’ll see it again. Their counter attack player, player’s, been absolutely fantastic. Pace really hurts defenses and they’ve got that in abundance. Applause it’s with roberto firmino and the emphasis is on creativity, Applause, fabinho Applause, fernando Applause, just what the liverpool fans wanted to see as they extend the lead to two goals. Let’S have a look at that again. The keeper thinks he’s done enough, but he hasn’t he’s. Just gone past him, he does get a touch on it, though slightly different vantage point in terms of the goal that was scored well, enjoy the good days as a coach.

It could be a roller coaster ride. I can tell you that Applause, so two nil now. Well, the past, not finding its targets: Applause, roberto, firmino Applause, we’ve had the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes: Applause, my goodness.

He was right on top of the that is that for the first half here and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day one contest commences: robertson, here’s, milner and dyke, joe gomez, alexander arnold, has it virgil van dyke, here’s robertson gomez, now Oxlade chamberlain really showing off his wide range of passing skills, roberto firmino, moving the ball effectively firmino fernando lost it Applause and they’ll, get ready for the throw in. They will now make use of substitutes bench Applause. Nice switch of play, fabinho gomez now, they’re, certainly allowing their opponents to come on to them Applause. He has plenty of support the shot wasn’t really far enough away from the goalkeeper was it. Nobody picked up the flight, nice and early vasquez jesus navas in full control of the ball here and the cross goes in and they deal with the threat this time now mo salah given away Applause. This is vasquez vasquez it’s all about translating threats into goals. Well far from the cross, he had in mind goal kick. It is Applause gomez fabinho. Now this is salah. This attack looks highly promising liverpool throw in here it needs an accurate cross, fabinho alexander arnold and back with fabinho.

Will he finish and putting his body on the line it’s torres now they don’t normally need a second invitation to give it a go on the counter Applause. Well, it fizzled out and no problems whatsoever for the goalkeeper fabinho and on the second half here and it’s.

Almost a case of whatever they’ve touched has turned to goals creatively. Liverpool have been great tonight. They really have imagination, delivery, execution, top draw performance chance after chance, a lovely game to watch Applause and the substitution in the offic, milner and it’s a case of just five minutes left wine album and he’s taking us away Applause. The electronic board has been held aloft. Two additional minutes here, liverpool have given it away. There goes the full time whistle and liverpool fans won’t mind this at all liverpool, with three points from their first game of this champions, league campaign, yeah really really strong, start that’s what you need, but with five games to go very important.