The team well played well played congratulations to each and every one of you. Congratulations to every chelsea fan. We have qualified for the european champions league next season. We have finished. Fourth in the league. We have surpassed all expectations, we have done great. We have done great that’s. This is my match: review for chelsea against wolves. The last match of the 2019 2020 premier league season, before we jump into the video lads, make sure you hit that like button comment and share my video and subscribe to my channel and turn that bell notification. Button on and appreciate that now let’s jump in wow. What a result, what a result i mean seriously, that the game was bad. The game was bad. The result was fantastic, the result was fantastic. I mean it was hard game to watch for a lot of it. Apart from the last couple of minutes, the first half there wasn’t really much going on in that game. That being said, that being said, it was a tactically sound game, technically sound game, there’s a lot of things that we need to look at in this game. Lads in my preview for the match, i did say we should play a 3 4, 3 formation and apparently lampard thought the same thing, and the reason for that was to give us that extra flexibility in attack, if needed, be if we needed to attack on the Counter if we needed to break out and move forward against a team that has a lot of strength and pace, we needed to play this formation and we did it and we did it well.

That being said, it wasn’t exactly a 3 4 3 formation. It was more like a 3 4 1 2 formation, because for a lot of that game it seemed like there was a two man striker system going on with jewel and polishing cleared off each other, a misamount just behind the attack. We didn’t see any width in that game unless it came through the wing backs in miss james and marcus alonso, who had a decent game who had a decent game last. I did not feel for one second, one wobble in goal. This match. Caballero filled me with confidence in this match. She only had a couple of things to do and he did those things well. Capolevo did the simple things. Well, he kept his concentration. He kept his focus for 9 minutes, even though there wasn’t really much for him to do for most of those 90 minutes, but when he did have to react, he reacted and he did what was required of him. There was a shot, slash course, slash deflection that almost went into the back of the net, but the man was on point. The man was awake and he deflected that there was one long range effort which he just handled safely and comfortably and that’s what you want to have in goal. I mean i could be wrong on this. I could be wrong in this, but woody girl, zuma and hazard equator played quite well in defense.

Today they were covering each other, they were, they were marking ones, they were anticipating movement, and you know what could this be because they felt more comfortable that they had caballero and goal, and they thought you know what we can focus a little bit more on defending Because there’s somebody who is behind us, oh, i know what they thought. You know we can relax a little bit and we can try to do our job worst case scenario. We’Ve got a goalkeeper between the sticks, someone who can do something, so it gave him that little bit more confidence than playing i don’t know i don’t know. I just felt like the defense was doing good. The defense was doing their job properly, covetage. What a man? What a man, what a blind that he had today, what a blind day he had today for me, covertich was the man of the match. I know they gave it to mason mount, but for me, covertice was man of the match. He cancelled out a dharma trial when he came on. I thought much ryori came on huffing and puffing, and you know thinking that he was gon na smash it down that wing. All it took for cover was to gain his grill a couple of times and tell him listen mate, i’m on the pitch chill out, and i thought my trial was cancelled out. He didn’t do nothing and i’ll be honest with you when he came on.

I was worried i’m thinking, you know this is gon na kick off nah, nothing. Covetage georginio had a decent game as well. He was passing that ball around. He was, you know, making some some good plays. There polishing had a decent game but that’s what he expects from pulsing these days he had a couple of chances. They’D expect him to convert based on his form he didn’t, but he did all right. Did it all right and you know what lads that mason, my free kick wow, what a free kick? What a free kick! You know um. I was hoping that mr man takes that, because you know um because alonso it’s a bit of a hit and mess with him, but we miss matt. You feel that it’s going to get on target, whether it’s saved or not. But you know you felt that i was going to hit the target and it was a great great shot. Great free kick, and you know what guys you know what guys jimmy we almost sold him in january. He almost left the club in january what a disappointment that would have been what a disappointment that would have been, because jeru has shown his value, what a bunch of goals, what a great set of goals he has scored since the lockdown, crucial vital amazing timing. For him to be getting his form, amazing timing for him to peak the season and to smash them goals in what a goal today, what a goal today to be honest, i thought he messed it up.

I thought he messed it up. I don’t know if he did that move deliberately where he just go around the goalkeeper. I really thought that was it that was messed up, but then he just you know he was quicker than the defender. He had. You know a better vision, a bit of a better focus and a great great hook, shot on him, brilliant second goal, and all of that happened in a couple of minutes. The first goal went in for me said man and i thought to myself. Great and people were texting me. I was texting them back and then i look up and it’s another goal wow. You know those those couple of minutes – amazing, amazing, so brilliant is all for us lads really happy about this and uh. And now we have the fa cup to look forward to with cabela’s goal caballero and go. We have the fa cup to look forward to and last what a season, what a season we have finished in the champions league qualification sport. We have finished. Fourth in the league lampard’s first season, we are in a final next week, lampard’s first season, a trophy could be earned next weekend in lampard’s first season last, thank you for watching. My video appreciate you for making it to the end of this video you’re.