The club says no ligament damage a serious ankle sprain the latest reports. He could miss 10 to 15 days, atlanta psg scheduled for august 12th for more reaction. We welcome in gab marcotti shaka hislop gab. I mean stop me if you’ve heard this before psg loses a superstar before the meet of the champions league. It truly feels like deja vu, yeah, obviously a different uh superstar this time in the past it was neymar this time, it’s, obviously killing mbappe sebby will know more. The club’s come out and said that that he’s going to undergo a whole battery of tests, uh to better pinpoint exactly uh what his condition is uh and we expect it to know by by sunday evening, possibly monday, uh and then at that. At that point, they’ll have a much better idea, whether it’s going to be viable uh to to go and have them out there and what condition he’s gon na be in. I can’t expect. I mean if it is two weeks as as we’ve been told. You know you are right up against it um, but you know it’s going to be a question of of of him uh of how much fitness and how much time he is laid out. I think more than anything else, shaka 15 days from today august 9th august 10th, depending on how you cut it. As you said, the match scheduled for august 12th, look as the former player in this panel.

Is it realistic to expect them to be back and to be functional in that short of time? Well, if it’s, if it’s, just a sprain, and obviously we still waiting to hear as guy points out how severe that screen is? Yes, you could have him back and in all honesty, all other things being even you do expect killing and bappy to be that affected by two weeks old, but that’s, all other things being equal. We are and sydney french football are in this rather unique situation. Given the pandemic and the shutdown and and league stopping play all together, but for for this french cup final and psg resorting to uh having to play only friendlies it, it throws up a whole different set of challenges for killing and bappy and psg that nobody anticipated Before no before this shutdown, i thought psg had as good a chance this time around, of winning the champions league um as difficult the proposition as that is for for anyone. But then no league football and now another superstar injury to contend with um and add to that atalanta continuing to play well, i just feel those odds are shortening by the day. Gab. The plan for psg was always probably to try and outscore atalanta. Are they still favorites to do so if they don’t have mbappe in the lineup? Well, big question i mean i, i i think they would still be slight favorites because um you know ultimately uh they are.

They have a lot more experience at this level um and they are a more talented team and, as we said before, at least, as i said before, uh sebby they match up very well against atalanta. Talanta are a great side, but some of the things that that paris, saint germain uh does very well in terms of the individuals in terms of winning their one on one battles, um that’s kind of how atalanta stops opponents and morata have struggled uh, certainly in the Champions league has been against very talented individual sides who can beat you through individuals. Atlanta’S game plan is very good at wreaking havoc against teams who rely on the collective against teams that can rely on individuals that’s when they run into they sometimes run into problems. So, like obviously mbappe’s going to be a massive loss, if indeed he isn’t there, but i would still lean psg looking at the overall picture. Shaka is there any chance that psg can win the entire champions league if they don’t get him back to full strength? All right, listen within the champions league is a difficult proposition under the most normal circumstances, as i mentioned before, without killing mbappe, i i just i i don’t see it. I just feel there. There are far too many other talented teams left in the competition um. Okay, defending champions and liverpool are out, but you’ve got real madrid who’ve seen who’ve been there, seen it and done it on countless occasions and then all of a sudden they come out uh of lockdown playing the best football of their season.

Um it’s it’s it’s possible. Given who they have, i i, if i’m a betting man i just i i just don’t as and, as i say, probably pre pre the shut down.