This is true that, despite the winning the in the cafe, as you said, he left a very sour taste in in the provision’s mouth because of that injury to killing mbappe, who had to come off after half an hour with tears in his eyes, limping and grimacing. Going straight back to the to the dressing room after that horrendous tackle by luigi perham, who i don’t think meant badly really, but he just missed time there and was too quick push. The ball perhaps misses the ball and just gets the ankle between his two legs. His two tackling legs, if you want on mbappe who had to come off, we saw him reappearing in the second half, with crutches and with some sort of boot on his right ankle. Maybe that tells you that the ligament i’m injured, i’ve i’ve been touched. I’Ve just heard today tonight not just just before now that he was going to go to do some scans at the hospital tonight and not wait for tomorrow and he seems in a better mood after the game, less preoccupied, less rory than it was maybe straight after The injury which maybe could let you to think that it’s not as serious as we thought originally, but regardless of how serious it is it’s bad news for twohole who was really worried in his press conference after the game tonight saying i don’t know yet what’s happening.

How serious it is but i’m worried when i see him going off like this don, we saw from the amount of fouls there no secret to what santa tien’s tactics were going to be in this match.

I know you’ve just seen the challenge. Do you think it was dirty? I mean? Obviously it was um. I agree with julian. I don’t think it was intentional, i think, was mistimed, but certainly it’s it’s a bad tackle and when you see it in slow motion and when you see the freeze frame i’ve been there myself when you take that sort of scissor tackle that scissor action with a Two foot and it catches you and you knock you off balance it. It leans me to think that his injury will be lateral. Ligaments will be the outside of his foot, that’ll be causing the problem um and the psg fans now will be panicking, because the scans will be the the most important thing and thomas tuple want to get news on that straight to waste. They can start doing the the rehab on killian ambappe, because you’ve got atalanta in a couple of weeks times in the champions league, so that’s a obviously a massive game. I’M, not sure. If he’s going to be ready for the first leg, that’s going to be touch and go, but when you see the still pitches and when you see it in slow motion, it does look a really bad tackle.

Jules it’s been uh neymar in the past now it’s zimbape at some point, and you have your psg ways – are psg fans starting to feel snake bit. I think so. There must be a degree of that.

I certainly feel like this uh. I don’t see how it could be back in two weeks if the game was in a month, maybe, but if the ligaments are really damaged, even if it’s just a little bit, i just don’t think he can be back in two weeks time for that game. Against atalanta – or at least he would not be ready enough not to take too many risks to start him in that game, for example, and then risking losing him for longer than that. So i don’t know it’d, be tricky, we’ll, wait and see tonight what the first scans and exams say uh. You know, and we will know – maybe a bit more after that, but it’s it’s, just the worst case scenario. As you said, there was no game for four months. They played three friendly matches where he was flying. He looked in great shape. He he was involved in the goal that psg scored tonight. He was involved before we had a big chance early on as well. In the game, and then after that, there’s that title and and yeah you do think like after two seasons of neymar being injured in january or february, and nice and bappy in a crucial time of this year in a year as well, where you feel that, maybe You have a chance to finally get there, go, find the champions league and maybe even winning it because you’re on the right side of the draw, because all the games are over one legs and yet you’ve got your best player, arguably potentially being out for the rest Of that champions league campaign, which is obviously, as we said, the worst news that psg could have had tonight don if mbappe can’t go, what does it do for psg’s chances against atalanta? So far, most people have them pegged as a favorite.

Would they remain the favorite without him um? Well yeah? I mean, i think so because of the the artillery that they’ve got they’ve still got serrabia who’s a fantastic player, they’ve still got neymar they’ve still got icardi, and you never know me and julian were chatting before what it might do to psg instead of psg’s fantastic. Four playing up front and then going you know health a little the way they normally do. Sometimes they get picked apart against the best sides in the champions league and it might just stiffen them up a little bit. It might make thomas tucker a little bit more cautious and where psg have always been good, is in the middle of the park when they dictate the tempo and they slow the game down, and they get the ball into the front. Men, quick and play slick football from there um it might just make them better. I mean i know that sounds mad, because keenan bappe is the best young player in world football and he’s going to dominate the ballon d’or in years to come. So obviously, better with him, but tactically wise going into the next into the atlanta game, it might just make them a little bit stiffer and a little bit harder to beat jewels. Funny enough. We talked about it on yesterday’s, show edison cavani not going to be sticking around for champions league. You think there’s any regret to that decision now around psg, maybe although they tried their best and they tried everything they could to to to extend his contract.

He is the one who didn’t want to let’s, not forget as well. That held would be suspended for that game against alanta, so no di maria already, potentially no mbappe, so you would be left with neymar really and icardi.