That’S right boys, two games left, yet one win would do it we’ll do it. Usually I fail in English at the end of the video but we’ve gone for the beginning today, in three points and Chelsea can do it. They’Ve beaten Liverpool in the FA Cup rather convincingly and before all you Stella say, was a weakened team Chelsea in a weakened team too, and basically was Liverpool’s first team. Before the end, although Chelsea have significant injuries in midfield, they will fancy themselves to do the business here. They recently beaten Liverpool, Manchester City and, of course, eliminated Manchester United in the FA Cup in the FA Cup yeah in the FA Cup. Jesus what’s wrong with me. So Chelsea will fancy their chances and we’re going to be talking about the game today. Potential lineups player performances all that log and yeah. When you watch this game, you can keep up with match alerts and everything you need to know from one football. Oh yes, boys and girls. This video is brought to you by the one football app. The one stop place for all consolidated football infamous yawn everything you’ll ever need stats, fixtures results, news, transfer, news, match alerts for football generally or more specifically Chelsea Football Club.

If you are a Chelsea fan, like me, I’ve left a link in the top of the description that you should check out and do yourself a favor. If you have not yet done so, alright let’s get into it, so Chelsea will be giving a Liverpool eight guard of honour and I’m, not too bothered about that.

Neither it’s Frank Lampard. He was asked about it in his pre match press conference and he says absolutely happy to do that. They’Ve been excellent, the season rivalries aside and all that kind of stuff he don’t care they deserve it. Frank Lampard is a Fed just and honorable man. So let him have it their guard of honor Josie. There was a little spat on social media Chelsea. You know posted the Denver bar girl. Stephen Warnock got really sad about it. I think Josie might actually deleted the tweet, which I think’s a bit wet from Joseph feed, the Chelsea admin, but then apparently outside Stamford Bridge as Liverpool parked. This truck Premier League champions weather actually was Liverpool themselves. Awesome third party – I do not know, but is there a little bit of needle there? Oh, I just don’t, know believe in poor man. This is a relatively dead rubber, they’ve won the Premier League, of course, and also the points record is out of reach. There are no other competitions and on the Champions League, so really they are on the beach saves from the lift, the trophy and have a party but Chelsea have it all to play for, like I said at the top of this video, if Chelsea win this game, They are in the Champions League and they can just focus on the FA Cup final.

Yes, that still feels incredibly good to say, especially after watching Arsenal lose that Aston Villa last night.

I know this is a slight tangent, but I went to the loss FA Cup final at Wembley against Arsenal three years ago, and I was equally as confident as I am now. We just won. The league after were poor. I was so stir and we’re going to beat them yet I left Wembley very disappointed. Seemingly obviously, we haven’t won the league on this season but I’m. Similarly, as confident because I smell bad and Chelsea looking pretty good – and we performed quite well against in this season, but it’s an FA Cup final and Chelsea could absolutely lose, especially how us don’t bring out these performances every now and again anyway, tangent over back to The Liverpool game so how’s this game of going it to go. I believe yoga Club will play his first team plays he’ll go all out, he’ll want to come in a performance before they lift the trophy release, some dopamine in and or the players and the fans at home say they. You know beat Chelsea handily, lift the trophy everybody’s happy everybody go home. Big smile, make love to your wife. You know that kind of vibe Josie I’ve actually got loads to play ball though it’s not just you know, feel good factor, it’s absolutely do or die. Will this mean Chelsea’s or Frank Lampard’s jokesters will do so I’m, not so sure when you rely on loads of different kind of players, but one thing is for sure: like I said, Liverpool will take you seriously don’t play them.

You know first team. I imagine Alison and go van Dyke Gomez and fit you know the two young fullbacks that goes basically full strength. The front three of male Femina and Salah Salah seems to score goals against Chelsea. Apparently so you’ve got to be very, very careful. Really. The bigger question is, how is Frank, Lampard going to deal with this game? Chelsea looks very good with the free for free, more defensively, resolute. Then we have been. Obviously it was a very professional performance against Manchester. United, you know should have been free, nil and you know girls could seen it apart from that City penalty conceded from Hudson and a toy fresh off the bench. So a very professional defensively, resolute performance from Chelsea, so one might speculate at Frank Lampard keeps of this tries to be really tight and safe and plays it against Liverpool and he might well do, and if this was any other team, I’d say yes, he probably will Do that, but the issue is the problem, is that Chelsea have played very well against Liverpool three times granted they lost twice, but you know you could argue in one of those games. Chelsea played better than Liverpool and obviously we beat them really concisely. In the FA Cup to nil, all of these games were, with a 4 3 3 formation, obviously been a young man of the match as a fast passing pivot, bit like Giorgio in the FA Cup game and since Frank Lampard, you think girl, I can’t say there’s A more defensive CDM rather than quick, passing one both of sadly unfit so with this.

Perhaps Franklin ball will keep the free for free because of the selection issues, because he can’t have that fast, passing midfielder like Giorgio. Well, you could play Georgina there, of course, but like Billy Gilmore who are used – or even you know, the can’t age just have that solidity in a lone pivot. I think he will go for a free fall, free and play Georgie neo next to Matteo Kaaba Church who, by the way Matteo become a church, was excellent last time out so I’m gon na say free for free, even though Chelsea have proven they can play incredibly Well, against Liverpool, this season in the for free, free, so it’s a very difficult one, to call to be fair man, because the for free free were like yeah we’d, be in Liverpool, without playing them that’s the formation to play Liverpool, but at the same time, you’re Coming off the back of a free for free master, car and you’re like that, would probably feel safer. Do you know what I mean so it’s, a free for free you’ll, no reach James, Marcus Alonso at wing backs the free centre, half some Kristensen HP, loquitur and probably Zuma or look Kristensen rdiger you could bring in you could bring in Kristensen King. You may feel to would, of course, be the double pivot, Georgie, neo and Matteo cover Church and the front three of pull the sick, Willie Anne and giru that’s right, maybe Mason mount dropped to the bench, even though he was excellent last time out.

Surely you have to start Christine pelisek in this game, so suddenly I’m thinking, hmm for free free. For me, the front three has to be politically rude and William, William with the industry, zero of the good form and politics with the good performances against Liverpool. If he does go for a for free free, then you can offer an extra midfielder and mate and mount can join the midfield with Matteo, Kovacic and Giorgio, so it’s a difficult one. I want you guys to get down in the comment section below and let me know what you’d do. Would you do a free fall free and have no Mason mount, or would you do a for free free, lose a defender gain a midfielder, get mates and mountain there to press the opposition? I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this it’s. Certainly, a very difficult one: I’m gon na predict Chelsea go with a free for free, just cuz, Frank Lampard’s done this before it’s a difficult and frustrating situation, because he’s had positive luck with the free fall free of the season and kept it longer than its welcome. When he should have reverted back to a fallback system, the freefall freeze always worked incredibly well when we bring out of nowhere and slap an opponent with it when he maintains it. In the opposition prepare for this formation, we often don’t do as well so it’s a very difficult one to call. I feel, like I’d, feel equally confident.

In fact, I don’t know now I’m saying this now live to you filming and I feel like. Naturally, I would feel more confident in the free fall free, because I feel that would keep them out better. So free fall, free let’s go with that and I’m gon na do a school prediction. She’Ll see you guys I’m on it more. I think there could be goals I’m, gon na, say free too, because Chelsea an absolutely ding dong, it’s, a terrifying game that ensures Chelsea are in the Champions League next season and yeah it’s, not the end of the world. If we don’t beat Liverpool, if we get a draw even there’s, some other results that can go our way and help us do the business, but if managers do not fail to beat West Ham all that kind of stuff so going into it there’s a lot of Variables that could make the situation change, but Chelsea, of course, have to go for the win against Liverpool and wolves and potentially secure third place, which is an absolute madness considering where Chelsea were and what people expected of Chelsea pre seasons so free to Chelsea’s. My prediction, with a 3 for free formation I’m, incredibly excited terrified, although we are in a relatively comfortable situation out of Chelsea Manchester United and Leicester, the bookmakers make Chelsea the heaviest favourites to qualify for Champions League next season. Leicester, of course, are the outsiders at the moment so I’m feeling pretty good but actually it’s a Chelsea fan.

I can never feel completely safe. Stuff can be flipped on its head within moments. Things can happen, it’s so bloody quickly, so we never safe but that’s. Why Chelsea is an incredibly exciting team to watch, follow and support if you’ve enjoyed this video? I brought to you today guys please do like the video. That means a lot subscribe to the channel if you’re new show me your support and love brothers and sisters and if you wan na help me out as well, do go subscribe to my other channel Yan’s yard, where upload daily content non football content, but daily content Of all sorts of stuff you might like it, I talked about films. Video games funny YouTube videos, all that kind of stuff do check it out, I’ll pin from the second channel in the top of the description, so you can click on it and go and subscribe. Do this do me the favor? Please, what else that’s it guys Oh check out one football link in the top of the description we move. Hopefully we beat Liverpool, one love peace. I’M. A gettin are moving I’m a walk, the walk outline, my lines, I rap through door, buddy bag. The first outlined in chalk in my life seen trouble hustle on the double stylus on the trigger, like my pic got, a muzzle yo check like to guzzle bad boy saying in trouble.