Probably majority of people didn’t expect us to be in the top four from the end of the season. We always had great faith in ourselves. The start of the season. We were far too inconsistent. Um dropping silly points, performances, wasn’t, good enough in parts of the games and we get punished. Um we’ve been a lot better of late, like you’ve said, and to come from. A unpromising position shows a great character that we’ve got in this group, it’s hard to say really um. Obviously, bringing bruno in in january has made a made a big difference. Um it’s got the winning goal. It was one up, should i say uh today, um, but we’ve just worked tirelessly hard on the training pitch. We knew we had to get better um. It was far too we, our top performances, were good at the start of the season, but we just dipped so much in between games and dropped. So many silly points where we shouldn’t drop points i think defending set plays is huge as well um as basic. It is set plays, can win and lose games and at the start of the season we would concede in goal off the goal off the goal they set defending set plays, and we find ourselves going one note behind in games and finding it tough to break teams Down so that’s definitely improved a lot apart from the late goal, we’ve conceded against southampton um, but no it’s he’s shown great character from the lads to to come back and and get what we set out to do at the start of the season.

To finish. Third in the premier league should be a minimum requirement for this club um and next season. We’Ve just got to improve we’ve got to keep, keep building, keep bridging and keep improving. What was the exact game? What i thought it was going to be. We knew we had to be solid. We knew that they’d probably come and not give as much space sit back a tiny bit on first phase and um probably have a little bit of one eye on what was happening in the chelsea game. Um to see whether a draw would be good enough, but we knew half time that um, i think chelsea were leading. I don’t know what score, but they were leading. So it was down to our game and big players turn up at big moments and um. I think it would like you say it was a nervy edgy game, but i think we deserve the three points. Yeah, definitely it’s a magnificent club it’s great to be back. Um they’ve had a great season, so i know they’ve had a little bit of a blip and they’ve dropped out at the wrong time, but they’ve had a great season to finish. Fifth in the premier league for this club is a huge achievement, a great set of players, a great manager and um i’m sure they’ll have a bright future together, given how far back they were roy and given how many people have criticized and asked questions of united And sulshar this season, how much of an achievement is finishing? Third, i think it’s a great great end of the season for united.

We you look. We look back over the last few months. I think. Obviously, harry spoke well there about the mistakes they made at the start of the season. Did a couple new defenders come in. It takes time to settle a new club, particularly like united. The obvious change in this was the course of the season was fernandez coming in, and the fact that leicester supposed self destructed as well gave him a helping hand, but job well done today by united um. I think ali’s handled himself brilliant over the last few months. Obviously, this question marks over him. There was and if they’d lost today again but credit united today, the performance wasn’t that great, but it was a job well done and and all credit to the united players and all in the staff. You know it’s, we keep talking about it’s a rebuilding job at united, and this to me is another big step from not really going for you and then you know you’re getting judged by your off the field, antics and stuff like that, so i’m. Glad to see him get a goal today, it’s a good reflection on united state, the two goals: they’ve scored. We know the qualities they have, but the important part of football is when you haven’t got the ball. We saw the first goal somebody closing down. They obviously had to quality then and punish leicester and jesse lingard. Like you know, he’s had plenty of stick and i’ve been one of them, but credit to him.

These important lessons for people watching you’ve got to close people down 94 95th minute and he got his rewards and that’ll be a huge lift to him. I think the boys have done a great achievement. I think you know where we were earlier on in the season to uh to end up. Third is fantastic by them: they’ve taken on board, so many things had our ups and downs and it’s, of course, come down to the last last game and i’ve got to say it’s it’s a wonderful achievement by everyone. We want to learn to win games like this games that we need a result. In you know. It’S it’s been like a mini tournament, this uh restart and it looks it as well. We’Ve uh we’re a bit tired leggy. I think everyone can see that we don’t we’re not the same as we’ve been early on, but then again, we’ve had to go for it. We’Ve had to catch so many points and so many goals so uh and they’ve done it. I think these boys are looking more and more like a man. United team demand united way, you uh you play with no fear you go for it today. Of course, we could have sat back and just rested and tried tried to get a draw but that’s not in our genes, it’s, not in the dna of the club, so just gone for it now for this team it’s, of course it means better opposition next year And bigger games and we need to step it up.

Definitely because that means every mid week when we have champions league you’ve got to go with your best team it’s, not like this season. We’Ve had europa league, where we could have rested players and given amount of minutes for uh for young lads. Now we’ve got to go for every game, so that’s another stepping stone for these. You got ta, go and get fitter and stronger and more robust that’s that’s. Another part of champions league, of course financial again, but that’s that’s, not in my head, i the club. They know what i feel we need and we’re gon na try to pursue it and uh let’s see where we end up. It could be a fantastic end of the season for manchester united, but moving into the champions league. How much does this strengthen ollie’s hand now with potential transfer targets and also the negotiations he might have to have with his own bosses at united huge? No, you hope that, obviously, obviously man united will always have money available, but regarding the recruitment, you always think united, obviously are a big draw to a lot of players. But if united hadn’t gotten the champions league, it would have been very difficult. All the top players out in europe half want it and need to play in the champions league, so that gives ollie certainly better options when he goes to speak to these players but it’s. Obviously he he needs to. He needs to get back in and i’m i’m pretty sure having qualified now he’ll get that back in is that right, michael? Is it a big draw? Yes, it’s credit to ollie all this social? I mean when he first come in it’s such a massive job and to to turn it round like it has done.

He was getting a lot of abuse at the start. You know when it didn’t sort of um work, but he’s turned it round and credit to him. You know we talk about the players but credit to the manager for turning it around he’s maintained at this very level headed approach hasn’t. He i think he’s come across brilliant, dolly and i know he’s there at the business side, but he’s got to get results and in he’s he said in his interview. They’Ve had their ups and downs this year, but i think the way he’s handling himself volley. I think there’s, no there’s, no bull about him. What you see is what you get with them and i think the players that comes across must come across well with the players because they seem to enjoy working with them before.