If you don’t speculate, you won’t, accumulate and we’ve just witnessed a player who was rewarded for his willingness to take a risk as cunning as it comes it’s anyone’s ball in for the follow up, it’s a goal. Real madrid are level uh. Given such an open invitation. He was always going to shoot yeah. I really can’t say enough as to how good the final ball was. It took the defense out of the equation for that split moment and the damage was all done: casimiro and it’s benzema mortrage now it’s modric big chance. Oh, that is rather wayward it’s made sure that that won’t get through he’s pulled off a fine, save and here’s aguero to bruyne, rodrigue Applause, mondee, great lead and here’s morris and his boris Music. Oh, the keeper’s done ever so well and it’s marcelo, lofted him and the shots Applause. No, not this one! The bruin takes the long option tried to play it through. Uh was too timid to make it through the defense. It’Ll, be noted and and improved upon i’m. Sure, benzema and out to safety benzema with a beautifully timed run monday it’s aguero, and that has only enhanced his already huge reputation, they’re, obviously hoping for an early second half boost. This is a very welcome tonic, oh beautifully dispatched. There was no reaching that now that’s. What i call finishing right in the corner, he knew instinctively who was where and didn’t need to waste any time weighing things up, that’s a cracking goal.

Applause, oh denied, brilliantly, played into the middle Applause. Oh fine! Stop from the keeper! Well, you can’t ask for much more than that a difficult moment. He simply had to deal with look with time running out. They have to get the ball in the penalty box and if it means a long, punt then still be it. They’Ve got to give themselves a chance now it’s, benzema and it’s modric. It is just the question of running down the clock. Now: Applause and he’s there to clear it. It’S mortgage real madrid have a simple task to find something sustained now and keep the pressure on de bruyne manchester city can afford to settle on seeing this one out by running down the clock. I think pitch one Applause, oh good effort. He got plenty on that confirmation that there will be two minute stoppage time. Silver david silva with a long pass. Applause gets good added.