Applause manchester, united Music. Well, this is going to be an unfamiliar feeling for you at old, trafford, manchester united defeat. But what did you make of it – and i know we shouldn’t – be excited challenging for the top four at man, united, because it’s about winning and it’s about trophies but that’s? Where we’re at we need the points to move up the table, we want to be on the top. Four you’ve got someone who comes into your football club with that attitude. With that arrogance, if you like in a good way to say yeah i’ve got the belief that i can turn this football club around. But what he’s? Given everyone else? Everyone else is reacting off him because the way when he gets that ball they’re all moving – and i didn’t see that in a lot of the united games before he arrived yeah. But mountains are there to be climbed aren’t. They because you can’t uh, lay down and say this is over Music, another Applause, Music, again there’s, three colleagues in the box. Fernandez is one and that was absolutely lethal. Music, it’s, rashford manchester united score. They always score rooney and ronaldo. Wait in the center ready. Does his best but it’s not enough manchester united, take the lead. Music gives him a gift with virtually the last kick of manchester united’s campaign.

Music manchester united, have reached the promised land, ollie, sorcerer united from way back closed the gap and on wednesday they overtook the foxes and a 14 game unbeaten run to round off their premier league campaign.