You are the one footballers and this is the daily news. So before we start yes, i did have a lovely holiday. Thank you. So much to all of you who are stan. Thank you so much to all the support that you showed angelina last week as well, she’ll be around those more on the channel and all the q and a’s. All the other videos that we’re up to so yeah. Thanks so much for your support, but let’s get straight into the daily news. So first off from the premier league is finished, 38 games have gone by and almost 11 months after we started last season, we’ve managed to come to a close in this campaign, and liverpool won the title. Who would have thought? No that’s, not the shocking story over the weekend, not really shocking, but rather upsetting for a few teams and a glorious weekend for a few others. Manchester, united and chelsea made it into the champions league with a third and fourth spot finish after two nil victories on the final weekend, and this meant that leicester, after doing so well, all season dropped into fifth position like at the beginning of the season. If you said to brendan rodgers and his leicester side, hey you’re, gon na finish, fifth, europa league have a pretty good season. They probably would have taken it and with jamie vardy, finishing top goal scorer taking on the golden boot.

But after doing so well before the restart, you really really would have thought that they’d finish in the championship spot, but they didn’t as the wolves.

Things got even worse to them as they dropped out of the top six into the seventh position and will now rely on chelsea to be arsenal in the fa cup final to ensure they’ve got a europa league place. Tottenham were the beneficiaries of that finishing in sixth. After a one will draw at crystal palace, but the other end of the table, that’s where things gon na go so well for watford and for bournemouth, but don’t forget that, even though you could look at the last weekend of the season and say, oh, they should Have done this, they should have done that they should have done a lot of things in the 37 games before it. What they’ve lost six out of the last nine it’s, not good enough foreman bournemouth? Well, after a good start to the season, they then lost 19 of 25 matches and yeah that’s really really relegation form. What it did mean, though, is that aston villa were the beneficiaries and the ones that managed to stay up a one all draw on the last game of the season away at west ham meant that dean smith’s side will be in the premier league next season, and Maybe they have just a small hope of holding on to jack grealish now he’s a rather interesting topic, because for me, i’ve always said he’s a great player and all of these teams that are looking to swipe him up top six mainly are the ones that are Interested, probably everton will spend a lot of money on him as well.

I really think they deserve to have a good player and jack greenish definitely deserves the move. All you’re saying is overrated. He’S, literally putting the performances all season on the final day scored the goal that has dragged his team to safety there’s, no way he could ever doubt the man anyway. On top of this, talking of individual, brilliant performances, kevin de bruyne was fantastic against norwich and if you watched any football this season, you know he’s been brilliant all season. So how on earth did he not win player of the season like yeah it’s, an individual award? It doesn’t really matter that much it’s all about the team awards. Jordan henderson did well don’t, get me wrong. He had a brilliant season for his standards. Premier league that was liverpool’s. He was the captain of a premier league winning side. Yes, you put two or two together and he’s the best player, but honestly that’s, just not how it worked. 13 goals and 20 assists a record. Equaling 20 assists for kevin de pointer. For me, he had to be player of the season anyway. On top of this, and as i mentioned, vardy won the golden boot for the most goals for 23 and edison. The manchester city goalkeeper won the golden glove for the most clean sheets. Moving away from the premium, though, and to syria juventus won the title again, not really shocking news, but the form of cristiano ronaldo. My word, that is something else: 31 goals for the season now, as uva made it nine in a row and it’s another title for them: another title for ronaldo and he’s chasing down chiro and mobile to try and be top goal scorer, although on the weekends evidence That’S, probably not going to happen, there’s two games left in the mobile aid with a hat trick against verona is now three goals.

Clear of cristiano. Ronaldo what’s been an astonishing season for him, even though he scores loads of goals. 34, with two games to go is pretty darn ridiculous. Gonzalo higuain’s record of 36 goals in a single syria campaign is well within his sights and for those of you who say your mobile is brilliant, and all that cristiano ronaldo does is score. Penalties well have a look at the fact that mobley has 15 penalties this season, and i love it. I think it’s great if your team gets 15 penalties a season, and you know that you’ve got a striker who’s good enough and confident enough to put 15 of them away sure why not, honestly people getting abused to scoring penalties? What has the world come to anyway? It’S, a victory for juventus and a victory in the league for them and yeah. You kind of expected it to happen. The season could get even better, though, despite the fact they lost the cop italia final, as they still have a second leg against leon. To turn around and could go further in the champions league moving on, though, and too well, the arch nemesis, as you will of cristiano ronaldo, leona messi, and it looks like he’ll, be staying at barcelona for one more season. At least president jose bartomeu said he believes messi will sign a new contract with it expiring next summer and that he said many times he wants to retire at the club and that’s.

What i can kind of see happening. Yes, everyone’s been disagreeing with baltimore recently and messi does only have 12 months to run this contract, but this is messy at barcelona, it’s, like bacon and eggs. You know waking up and having a coffee and all sorts of other pairings that i can’t be bothered to. Think of this is leonardo bessie it’d, be so weird to see him anywhere else. Obviously, this is in complete contrast to other reports that have said he’s kind of fed up at barcelona. I just can’t see it happening, i mean i know. Baltimore said there may not be many transfers this summer unless they can do swap deals like the one involving arthur and pianic from juventus, but even then, even if they do have a depleted squad, the argentine will probably hang on for one more season. At least personally, i can only see him going back to argentina after he leaves the new camera next up, though, i want a quick run up for the rest of the day’s transfer news, so roy hodgson has said that wilfred zaha has his heart set on leaving Crystal palace southampton have extended the contract of captain james warbrause until 2025.. Edison govani looks to be moving in on a deal which will see him join benfica in portugal and last but not least, liverpool have spoken to schalke about their turkish centre back ozan cabaret. So last but not least, we come to this week’s emoji mondays, where one football we throw a couple of emojis down on some of the weekends action now for the best player.

I spoke about earlier he’s, the best player this weekend and for the whole season. Kevin de bruyne watch the goals, the first one against norwich, some incredible footwork and he puts it in the top corner like it’s nothing and he pretty much did the same for the second goal, but first time and that’s all without forgetting the incredible pass for the Raheem sterling goal two goals – one assist de bruyne – is definitely the player of the weekend. Moving into the craziest moment, though, this is something you may have seen floating about. The internet, jesse lingard scored a goal. He scored a goal, meaning that he didn’t go a whole season without a goal or an assist and it’s utterly broken. The hearts of two football fans who apparently put a bet on that said, lingard wouldn’t score or assist for this whole season, and he does so in the 98th minute on the final day of the season, honestly that’s kind of where his career is at right. Now the him scoring has become absolutely mental so with the best player and the crazy moment out of the way we get to the best result, and that, as i mentioned before, goes to aston villa jack, greenish scoring the goal after really getting the point they needed To stave off relegation it’s a fantastic result for the club as a whole, so there you have it. That is all from me for today and it feels good to be back you guys.

Let me know your thoughts in the conversation down below on the weekends football and the rest of today’s daily news, whilst you’re at it.