Rework wait what it’s a new champ hello, summoners and welcome to another pro guys. Video i’m dan and today we’ll be discussing the recent champion reveal of yone. The unforgotten yonei is the long lost brother of yasuo and he’s, quite literally, back from the dead and ready to bring his blades to the rift what’s more exciting than having two samurais with a 10 death power spike on one team, but before we get into it, Here’S today’s question of the day what other character in the lore would you like to see put into the game so far, we’ve had kaiser senna and now yeone since i started playing i’ve always wondered who kog’maw is talking about when he says terror coming daddy coming? If little coggers is just a baby, i’d love to see his dad in the game too, let us know your answers in the comments below or join our discord where you can discuss this and many other topics with the whole pro guides community. The link for that is in the description below one more quick thing: i’d, like to give a shout out to one of our users mm island, climbed to platinum from silver. Thanks to his work with one of our fantastic coaches and seeing that success in our students is always our goal, so pay us a visit at and see what we can do for you. Our challenger level. Coaches, live classes from top tier instructors, and courses tailored by your favorite pros, can put you on the path to a success story too.

Now, with all that, out of the way let’s talk about yone, so who is yone, he has kind of a long backstory since it goes hand in hand with yasuo, while his younger brother was reckless and quick to fight. Yone was the bound by honor and duty. One largely motivated by the loss of their father to become the protector of his family when yone began, training at the sword school near their home yasuo, followed in his brother’s footsteps, but their ideals still clashed. Yonei was constantly preaching discipline to curb the brash actions of his younger brother, while yone became unparalleled in his ability to wield his dual blades yasuo was selected to inherit the wind technique of their master elder soma, while yone’s sword skills were unmatched. Yasuo’S use of the wind made them close competitors for a while everything went well until war came to ionia noxus invasion found yone at war and yasuo left behind to protect soma. It just so happened that at this time, riven visited asking soma to break her sword when he did the magic enchanting the sword caused it to strike the elder as it shattered killing him. When soma’s body was found, the evidence of him being killed by a wind technique led everyone to blame yasuo and he was forced to fight his way out and escaped becoming a fugitive at large. His former allies hunted him down forcing him to cut them down each time he was found all this time.

Yonei was filled with negative emotions, but not just simple anger or sadness. He was blaming himself for it all. He figured if yasvo murdered their master it’s. His fault for not showing his younger brother, the righteous path. If he hadn’t, murdered him but simply abandoned his post as his guard, then he had failed to teach him discipline either way. It led to yasuo killing several of their allies, and the guilt was hanging heavily on yone. This drew the attention of an azakana, a demon that feeds on these negative emotions, which then stalked him from the other side of the veil, to the spirit realm on his quest to find his brother after they met their duel was decided quickly with yasuo striking yone Down with the younger brother begging for forgiveness as the older died yone’s arrival in the spirit realm wasn’t, the normal peace, finding experience that most spirits go through. Instead, the azakhana that had been stalking him attacked and in a fit of fury, yonei defeated it and awoke back into the mortal realm with the azakana now in mask form permanently affixed to his face. Why wasn’t he allowed to die normally? Why is the mask attached to his face in his search for the truth? He discovered that he can seal asakana into masks by learning their nature and true name now he hunts them in a journey to find the name of his own asakana wow. That is a lot of baggage riots stated that initially they wanted yoni to be so similar to yasuo that some yasuo mains would shift to playing him.

Instead, the goal was just to give more champion diversity, since yasuo has been one of the highest played champs in the game for a long long time. The thing is, making a champion do the unique things yasuo does without just making a modern clone is pretty hard. Instead, they opted to make yone his own character. Aside from gameplay riot, also put a lot of effort into finding a visual design that worked initially. All attempts at pre death yoni resulted in someone who just looked like a new skin for yasuo, not a new champ. This led them to exploring him at different times in his life and eventually after his death. Eventually they landed on yone. As we see him now, the bandages show he was mortally wounded. He carries around the mask and sword of his asakana, but he isn’t possessed. There is no connection between yone and his demon, contrasting against something like kane and rast. Now that we all know about yoni’s background let’s get into the juicy part. What exactly does he do? Yoni’S passive is way of the hunter he alternates auto attacks between his two blades, with every second attack being a heavier blow from the azakana’s blade dealing bonus magic damage. Additionally, like yasuo, he has doubled crit chance with his crits dealing reduced damage. His q is mortal steel, much like yasuo yoni thrusts forward, with his steel blade gaining a stack of gathering storm upon striking an enemy like yasuo’s q.

This ability is also a three combo attack. What differentiates them is that, once ione has hit two stacks, he doesn’t shoot out a tornado. Instead, casting q at two stacks causes yone himself to dash forward and knock enemies up with a wave of wind. To contrast, the quick jabs of his steel blade, his w’s spirit cleave, is a sweeping strike that cleaves forward in a huge arc dealing a chunk of damage based on the target’s max hp. Yone also gains a shield for successfully hitting an enemy with that shield growing. In strength per champion, he landed it on. In my opinion, one of the most interesting basic abilities, i’ve ever seen, is his third ability, soul, unbound, using his e causes yoni to enter his spirit, form causing his soul to dash out and gain movement speed, as it leaves his body behind after his spirit form Expires, his soul, snaps back to his body and a percentage of the damage he dealt is repeated to his opponents. I think this ability is absolutely crazy and gives jones some huge potential in team fights, but i’ll touch more on that later to round things out. His alt is fate, sealed and it lives up to its name. He strikes all enemies in a straight line: blinking behind the last enemy hit, knocking all enemies hit airborne and towards him. This ability just has absolutely insane wombo combo potential as it cc’s and pulls all enemies to one centralized location setting them up for follow up cc and damage.

So what does this all mean riot stated in the champion road map a while back that there would be a masked assassin, but yoni doesn’t seem to follow the traditional style of simply bursting down a target while providing little to no utility that most assassins do. He’S. Almost like a bruiser assassin hybrid with both diving and engaged potentials, i think the best yoni combo will be to prep his third q shield, with w and start fights by using e to dash in on the back line using his third q and alt to engage Before snapping back to his original location before he can be bursted down, i think it’ll be interesting how he gets played in both solo queue and competitive setting anytime a champ has both high carry potential and utility. They usually see tons of play at all levels of skill, think orianna and ash. Only time will tell, but i think a champion with everything in his kit is going to be absolutely busted unless his numbers are just terrible, in which case after a few buffs he’ll end up at the top anyways. Another thing i’m personally, looking forward to is seeing yone, both against and on the same team as yasuo. Seeing him fight it out would be cool, but seeing them fight together would be legendary. Yonei seems like he was designed to compliment yasuo his ult’s knock up and pulling can set up even the newbies of yasuo players for the perfect alt, as stated in his reveal yonei shouldn’t feel like yasuo’s opposite.

Instead, they should feel like missing halves and, since yasuo is popping off as a bot laner lately the reality of yone, mid and yasuo bot on the same team is very doable, and that is it for our recap of the yone reveal thanks so much for watching Everyone remember to let us know which character from the lore you want to see in league in the comments or join our discord and talk about it there.