The camp nou once again decorated in the colours of barcelona. This is what greets the players every time. So in effect, we start the second half here and neither side yet has a telling advantage. I think you have to say peter on the evidence of leg, wood there’s still another tough 90 minutes in store here. Concentration and discipline levels have to be top drawer again because the slightest laps could could scuff her a semi final verb, and nobody will wish to be responsible for that, so they can’t allow any tension to creep up on them. That has to be put to one side and they have to get on with this strongly there’s. The whistle barcelona are back home now, after what could be a really important draw in the away leg, and so this becomes the conclusive occasion. However long it takes Applause, griezmann, luis suarez, shoots, Applause, us, oh terrible, pass, he’s had a goal; it’s hardly a surprise. Is it that’s what we’re here for a player with this wonderful knack of being able to show up and deliver at important times yet yet another example, an act of charity gratefully received barcelona. Take the lead landing the first significant blow in what is certainly a significant contest: manolas crusade, Applause, mario rui just wants to read it and intercepts millick insignia is on twitter and can take it up big chance.

Applause, good delivery. Almost the perfect outcome. I have to commend the wing play, but i have to condemn the defending they’ve got to stop the cross Applause and that’s the end of that.

It all started well enough. Zielinski hits that long, that’s, a brilliant interception forward. It goes Applause. Oh good interception there’s a lot of movement up front yeah. I have noticed that those front players are working very hard, dropping deeper yeah and i just think it keeps the opposition off guard with with so much switching to position. Keeping shape is is much harder. Messi that’s, surely a foul free kick that’s been lenient here i can’t he’ll get too many more chances. Well, i think the alternative was to stand there and do nothing while he tried to score. Obviously he’s not going to allow that pizza. Is he barcelona seeking to maximize the moment that’s a half decent? Try Applause keeps everyone guessing he wasn’t very far from making something happen by himself lovely to see and it’s. Insignia mario rude he’s made sure that that won’t get through Applause. Griezmann usaid drives it forward. Messi messi, oh that’s, a fine challenge. He is not one readily to admit defeat. Don’T, be surprised if he’s, luis, suarez, it’s a two goal: lead and they’re firmly in control. Terrible error duly punished there. So that’s two now without reply. That second goal has such a polarizing effect. On prospective moods, i mean one team are under more pressure now to get the next goal and the other will fancy their chances of turning two into three kia horn played in by cuyahog and he’s there to cut it out out to the left.

It goes now. The counter luis suarez great strength too strong for his opponent, he’s through oh good, ball, it’s kia horn. Well, he should have done better and he knows it. Player did give it a fair old crack and he’ll be encouraged to step up again. Applause he’s left his man he’s pulled off a fine safe well as tesco peter. The keeper has just received an a plus grade Applause. Now the whistler’s going for a reckless challenge. There, Applause but here’s messi and it’s paid forward zielinski very firm in standing his ground. There it is a tough full contact contest, but no less goes looking fabian ruiz, millick zielinski each one and again the keeper stands strong, can only think of disappointment right now, but he’ll get to appreciate just how good that save was and here’s suarez. Now, it’s messy he’s got the ball glued to his feet. Oh great ball and well it’s. Looking pretty straightforward, peter they’ve got themselves into a very big position, so why didn’t from here when they can repeat their first half success with a another show of strength? Barcelona ahead, two nil, and they are looking good, so we’re just settling back into this second half zielinski well that’s. The first attempt peter we’ve, seen at one of those raking passes just to spread the play, gets away from his opponents messi and he heaves it forward. Applause, a real zielinski to break it out to the flank going through incoming cross yeah.

It looks like a change of approach and it may just freshen things: up, gets the better messy it’s broken loose. Fabian ruiz gets rid without sophistication Applause, us Applause, crusader, he’s, got options out wide keeper has beaten it away. Oh it’s opened up nicely for him, so who’s he picking out i’m gon na throw in it’s being picked on here. Well, his stealth has been compromised because of his goal, and his treatment from here looks as if it could get a little tighter and he’s cut it out. Hussain mario rui plays it forward, looked promising, but uh eventually forted without doing any harm needed a better pass. There and it’s Applause messy he’s good for it, a wonderful effort all by himself, let’s really show some outlandish skills, which is always welcome and obviously refreshing Applause, absolutely thundering keeper, no chance yeah. I just thought he made great use of his upper body, though he would have taken something really special to keep that up time for a change in personnel. So we have a double substitution going on here. Barcelona take a three goal lead and they are romping out of sight. Fabian ruiz gets it back Applause. The petal 75 minutes played whose sight got out for a throw. Ah now some movement on the bench, and we are going to see a change yeah. Their position is a dominant one, now peter so introducing one of the youngsters for some added experiences. Bang on Applause players, ecstatic fans delirious – this is utopian.

Applause did well the first time nothing he could do about the follow up. But for me that’s, just pure predatory brilliance, it’s not so much to finish, but the way you read the situation when nobody else was even alert to it, it’s fantastic and when the manager called on him. He was only too happy to repay that faith. That’S, how you make an impact as a sub, you know when most are tiring, you can impose a freshness and energy. The best effect. What an introduction things looking so easy. Almost too easy here, well they’re very much the better team at the moment, peter and and no doubt we’ll, be looking to to cause even more damage here, rapidly approaching the end now just moments away from a semi final place: millick Applause and it’s messy Applause, tt Battles to win it back, barcelona have a free, kick the full media to be better.