Should they survive long enough. This episode, one the camp, knew once again so it’s back bigger and better than ever before. We hope everybody is ready for another ride on the emotional roller coaster well biggest, show in town just now, peter and everyone wants to be a part of it, a competition that seems to throw out the whole gamut of emotions and in keeping with that we’ve got An atmosphere with a real sense of enthusiasm here and i’m hoping we get lift off once this game kicks off so off we go then jim, who do you reckon he’s, pivotal yeah, mark andre to stegan he’s got everything you’d want from a top level, keeper great Shot stopping but also a very cool head and and a good organizer what’s more he’s, very happy to play sweeper keeper behind that defense mopping up loose balls before picking a pass and get his team on the front foot again. He wouldn’t be the obvious choice wouldn’t. He he certainly has all the right qualities, big chance. Well, if that was their intention three match. Let me tell you: it’s worked out very nicely. I think for the skipper to chip in with a goal, too, is a bonus, but this game has already taken on a real attacking agent and long may that continue Applause, oh what a cracking goal, but a cracking touch as well that’s.

What made it for me! That’S brilliant play all round Applause, so a breakthrough already burns and helps available out wide.

Oh, that is asking for trouble. It’S a loose ball. I think that’s a corner. Yes, it is massively shut off target that’s a little unfortunate. He had a lot worry Applause. Music, barcelona making the ideal start. It is something to build on always when you score early. It gives you such a lift, and it casts doubt in the minds of your opponents at the same time and that pretty much sums up the difference in what we’ve seen. One team assured the other a little unsure out to the left. It goes and here’s messi Applause very well to get to that. Well, you can’t ask for much more than that. A difficult moment he simply had to deal with suarez has a goal away from immediate danger: there’s a pop rocket Music, suarez spotters, there’s a lot to the possibilities, but in the end, it’s fruitless, he’s, certainly caught in there it’s a free kick. There has been just the early goal here and the score is one nil: get it back again: Applause zielinski zielinski drives it forward. There’S, a lot of movement up front yeah i’ve noticed that those uh front players are working very hard, dropping deeper yeah and i just think it keeps the opposition off guard with with so much switching of position. Keeping shape is is much harder, that’s. A foul decision for the referee Applause and yes it’s there napoli are back in business, perfect placement, the one place, the keeper couldn’t reach now that’s.

What i call finishing right in the corner. He knew instinctively who was where and didn’t need to waste any time weighing things up, that’s a cracking goal that has certainly made things interesting yeah. For me, both sides are strong and well matched, and i think you need to be a good player to be out there right now. That’S another to add to football’s endless list of could have some should haves look. The game is full of ifs and buts. If only the pass could have completed its journey – Music, fabian, ruiz and here’s suarez and he’s Music, us zielinski, that will be the final action of the first half. But it has been an even contest as the scoreline suggests, and it has been more than decent to watch Music, it’s, a really interesting game and they head in at halftime at 1 1 and the shots that has certainly tested the keeper. Well, as tesco, the keeper has just received an a plus grade. Mertens has created one goal: already: i’ll try as they might they just couldn’t get into an attacking area and it’s been taken straight back now. It’S griezmann he’s left his mouth right. Well, one or two others were maybe a tad slow at restarting this game, then upstairs a big character who was simply switched on and right and he sparked another advantage for his team at an important stage. It all does well looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter, quick and decisively ruthless.

With the finish, i thought it was a stunning stunning, breakaway Applause. Barcelona take the lead, well that’s, the currency. He deals in and he’s come good. Yet again, never the one to let you down in these situations. Where is suarez alan truly, it goes napoli disappointing in the end there and that urgency, good idea, just poorly executed, but no less small to read it and intercepts coulibaly philippe valley plays it forward. Oh it’s, merkens mertens is fouled. All right looks a foul referee’s. Giving Applause it played out to the right has a hit that’s a half decent, try, Applause, that’ll, be a throw. Tt tries to get it forward quickly. Alan drives it forward and it’s griezmann Applause. A great save real class. Well, what can i say? Truly wonderful, goalkeeping malqui tries to clear they’re, actually not getting too tight, which is yeah. That does look a foul if he’s, given a free, kick messi considers his options. Well, this certainly fits the bill when it comes to the man for the occasion that was travelling zielinski more than happy to take the muscular approach. Applause, oh that’s, a sparkling save absolutely sparkling. His reflexes were ultra sharp Applause lorenzo insignia. Oh now, some movement on the bench and we are going to see a change. Yeah he’s run himself into the ground hasn’t. He and it’s it’s good to see that the crowd appreciate his efforts because he has put in a reel on a shift, finds himself eased off the ball peter.

They have to fight the onset of desperation and keep enough cool heads to still deliver now. It’S griezmann fully bali does well there alert by hunt, lays it out to the flank zielinski good challenge. He just stood firm Applause, coulee valley, five minutes left on the clock.