Should they survive long enough. This episode, one everything, a brilliant shade of red here, so it’s back, bigger and better than ever before, who hope everybody is ready for another ride on the emotional roller coaster? Well, the biggest show and tell just now peter – and everyone wants to be a part of it – a competition that seems to throw out the whole gamut of emotions and in keeping with that we’ve got an atmosphere with a real sense of enthusiasm here and i’m hoping We get liftoff once this game kicks off. That’S got things underway, you’ve played in games of this nature. Who can make the difference? Yeah david alaba, one of the most versatile players out there he’s just got so much positional awareness and intelligence. He can basically do a job anywhere well, if that was their intention. Let me tell you: it’s worked out very nicely. I think, for the skipper to chip in with a goal, too, is a bonus, but this game has already taken on a real attacking agent. The understanding between those two plays a big part in that and releasing the run on side proved the key ingredient Applause. Well, that has certainly made things interesting, christensen, raspberry, georginio, he’s, going to be pulled back for that one Applause, good delivery, no choice! Well, being able to generate that amount of activity in the box means it’s hard not to pick someone up marcos alonso, just to point out peter that the fullbacks are quite high and what do they try to achieve? Well, it’s.

Obviously, a move to push the opposition white men back and give them more to think about it’s, a free, kick terrific reaction, that’s, a fine, save, absolutely terrific, terrific reflexes goalkeeping at its very best and it’s been taken short great lead. I just couldn’t turn it in. I have to commend the wing plate, but i have to condemn the defending they’ve got to stop the cross Applause. Music christensen, bayern munich, scored early, of course, and it’s. One nil brings it forward Applause. The keeper deserves some sympathy there. He may not have seen that until too late Applause so that’s two now without reply. Well, at one nil, this contest was still nicely poised, but now that it’s gone to two mindsets are affected, a lot more winning belief one way and that losing feeling the other question that’s a foul. Well, what goes through a player’s head at times like that, is a mystery to me: coma hit long and direct it’s been intercepted, and that will come to nothing. Georgina tries to get it forward quickly. Is there any support? He might not need it out to the right, a good block, but at the expense of a corner. A smart, save continue, brings the ball forward. That’S unlucky, just wouldn’t, come down. Philippe coutinho probably tried a bit too hard, then he should have relied on technique as opposed to power. Then pull a sich pulis itch shapes to shoot, it’s off target and by quite a way Music.

Now the counter has gone a long way up and away. He acknowledges that he should have come up with something better there now peter his body shape was a giveaway before he made the pass and its obviousness was was appreciated. Oh real danger here Applause – i think’s got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again. Well, you could see he was eager to get a shot away, but there was too much flesh and bone in his path. Applause, quebec – that is, terrific skill. Applause that’s been one straight back; Applause repeat their first half success with a another show of strength, bayern munich in control at half time: 2. 0. The action has already resumed here, so both teams emerge the same as they were before: Music kante, fuller, sinch and it’s. William played out to the right Applause, massive lead attempts, that’s the wrong outcome and more than decent attempt, peter Music Applause, great strength too strong for his opponent burton gets him back philippe coutinho forward. It goes laid back in 11 times, that’s a little unfortunate. He had a lot of people worried then coutinho drives it forward and here’s lewandowski canavery has been caught there it’s a foul by a munich with a chance here to increase their lead continued with a real chance here. He’S had a crack. Applause dispatched expertly nicely done. Munich, take a three goal lead and they are romping out of sight.

Music, it’s, always a good time to register and lay down an early marker in the second half. They clearly had exactly that in mind and have gone about their business with absolutely the right commitment. Hoist it forward some good play on the left hand side now, philip coutinho junior gets rid without sophistication checks on the touchline, a change about to occur, tiago taking his lead here. Having got himself on the scoresheet look, he can only give your all he’s delivered in that regard and i think the manager has probably just spotted now a little tiredness creeping in, and you know if that’s the case, then you know he’s doing the right thing. Keeper’S got good distance on that coleman with a delicate ball. It is a corner. No, he didn’t quite meet it right. Music, oh looks like he’s been taken out, there that’s a miss time tackle and it is a penalty, and that really is the last thing they wanted to do. Applause, a sensational, save Music Applause alabama with a long pass, looks to play him in that’s. A minor communications breakdown gets it out to the wing he’s in big chance, no he’s missed there’s. It be another change here. Well with the introduction of such a tall lab. Now we may well see uh a more predictable lofty route forward, but it’s still very hard to deal with that. You know if they, if they can affect it right, kante goal and with the goal of his mercy, a dreadful, miss, oh i’m, not sure what he had in mind and i don’t think he knew either Music.

This defense is, is weary about opposition pace, so they’re just not getting too tight yeah. They know that if they they step up, their keeper could get a whole lot. Busier. Oh well intercepted Applause, lovely bit of skill. There no messing about just bludgeoned away: muller Applause, yeah he’s run himself into the ground hasn’t. He and it’s it’s good to see that the crowd appreciate his efforts because he has put in a reel on a shift.