Jim, who do you reckon, is pivotal. I would say: ezekiel garage, keep an eye on the centre, back’s composure on the ball and his confidence in distributing it from the back and if, given enough time, he’ll step forward and drive their momentum, okay, interesting so it’s away, we go then gomez. Tarat let’s wrestle off the ball. He’S got options out wide gomez, a buccaneering run from the defender and that’s been leave it clear Applause, luis suarez, ruben diaz, tries to clear more than happy to take the muscular approach hoist it forward now. It’S sephiroth had a felt. Yes, the referee’s, given it Applause, he’s called him up for that challenge. He’S had a crack. Oh smart, save. He had plenty to do absolutely terrific terrific reflexes goalkeeping at its very best, played it short what’s. He giving here. No, the referee’s judged that the offense took place outside the area. Applause suarez messi. Well, they would seem to be trying to expose the center of that defense to to runners. It makes for some terrific movement it does and they may be hit on the brake, because, obviously it requires numbers forward to stretch them out. No messing about just bludgeoned away. Timely intervention managed to get it away. De bruyne, messi Applause, barcelona. There is the breakthrough. Well, you’ve got to say the odds on him missing from there were very slim well considering he has a bit of a shoot on site policy.

He was the one player that should have been picked up.

Then it was both careless and costly from where i’m city a one nil, lead established, surprise, surprise he just keeps on delivering and listen. We all expect that great strength too strong for his opponent, he’s done very well to get to that. The drawing sparked a tremendous stop there and, i think, it’s fair to add he just wasn’t. Expecting it and that’s been leave it clear. Tt does well there alert Applause it’s, a decent ball striding forward facing goal. Applause messi gets the pillar of his man, so bruin has to go. Music tries to get it clear, that’s a good ball to find him that’s offside. Yes, it is keeper sends it forward. Looks like he’s been given offside again here. Yes, he has Applause, yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities. Applause, the right, ruben, diaz and it’s paid forward he’s made sure that that won’t get through and it’s half time here. So there you have it a close. Fourth. Half of football still had its moments but ultimately produced just one goal. Well that certainly pleased the fans and the players are definitely happy with that scoreline. The question is now: can they protect it? Barcelona goes for goal. Oh fine! Stop from the keeper. Oh that’s, a sparkling save absolutely sparkling. His reflexes were ultra sharp and it’s turret help’s available out wide foot in it’s a loose ball.

Pixie terrace goes for. Oh that was close alexander arnold tries to get it forward quickly.

Music gomez, out to the left. It goes vinicius junior provides, an outlet could determine running there, but one back by the defense it’s admirable, but ultimately he didn’t know when to look for support. De broglie did see just about up to the hour now. Music well, i’m, inclined to feel that if i was in that dog out i’d want the players to to get on the front foot and grab another just try to to make this one safe de bruyne, that’s, really nice! Now, what next played out to the right gets away from his opponents? Well red he sorted that out and it’s gomez just brushed off the ball. There, no that’s, not the ball. He wanted Music, oh it’s, luis suarez, suarez, showed plenty of zest and getting to the ball, but couldn’t quite sort. It out. Applause gets it back, luis suarez into opposition territory, shoots and Applause for a change in personnel. Towering header really well taken goal, and this is getting better and better. A wonderful delivery and all it needed was a touch yeah. I just thought he wanted that more than anyone else on the pitch and it was fully deserved. He gave it everything he had things starting to look very comfortable we’re, looking at a very different game. Now the command has been established, pk goes back to base and tt he’s got through and he’s there to cut it out.

There really wasn’t very much in that.

Not far away from being a telling final ball uh, that was just poor decision making and a weak execution there’s gon na be another change here. Yeah he’s run himself into the ground hasn’t. He and it’s it’s good to see that the crowd appreciate his efforts because he has put in a real honest shift dashing forward at pace to wrap jordy albert battles to win it back. Plays it long, Music he’s got options out wide good challenge. He just stood firm regardless of the outcome. It is good to see someone running at the defense like that it’s louis suarez, dembele clips one through Applause and that will be the final act.