Now we have the ultimate spectacle to conclude the season. The earliest phase in qualifying started way back at the beginning of last summer, and now there are just two teams standing a show not just for the capacity crowd here, but one for the whole world, the global audience. They say some 300 million the emirates. On this occasion, so vibrant, so atmospheric Applause, so we’re almost there, all one can see a look of utter focus and the faces are all involved. You’Ve been there jim berlin, you may be thinking as they wait well, you’re right peter. I have been in this position. Um, the message is usually something like remember all the work, the hard work you put in to get this far so don’t leave anything out there now do what you’re good at it’s better than what they can offer. Stick to that and you hope it’ll be enough. Applause, the final gets on the way. Look. We can only hope for a final that will be free flowing and end to end and highly entertaining, but fear of defeat can often dominate emotions, so don’t be surprised if it gets nervy, intense andresa, maria. Oh, that was no routine save oh that’s, a sparkling save absolutely sparkling. His reflexes were ultra sharp and he heaves it forward alex sandro, cristiano ronaldo ronaldo, unable to make it happen for all his good intentions and it’s played forward cairo down that Applause.

Music. Just to point out peter that the fullbacks are quite high and what do they try to achieve? Well, it’s, obviously, a move to push the opposition wide men back and give them more to think about and the shots juventus could that be the start of something big juventus are looking strong on the break.

Winning the ball in mcfield is wrinkly, but it’s. The clever use of counter attack that’s the real highlight big occasion, big goal crucial, lead, well certainly the big occasion and a very big opening goal to boost everyone’s confidence here, tries to dink it in the maria crosses it in low Applause, douglas costa, matuidi Applause cleared Without complication well played, he saw that coming goes looking forward. It goes. Applause tries to get it forward quickly, alex sandro bentancur, hardly anything between the sides and the score is one nil. Bentancur could be a chunk. It’S cristiano ronaldo by that part, cristiano ronaldo, usually is so good from that range. He didn’t quite connect, as he can, though, Applause kayla navas sends that a long way questions were asked and he’s. Given the answers, Applause and it’s di maria um, oh that’s, a terrific save from the keeper well as tesco peter, the keeper has just received an a plus grade. Great lead. Oh just needed a better contact well being able to generate that amount of activity in the box means it’s hard, not to pick someone out Applause that 3d nicely measured, pass, that’s, cristiano, ronaldo and the shots.

Oh, he did the hard part right but fluffed the finish. It’S easy to say it but difficult to stop it when runs in behind her are being made like that keolini battles to win it back. Oh good interception, Applause Applause; here it comes dybala, Applause, Applause level terms.

Ah, the invitation was received with such a clever run and he had that defense in utter Applause, confusion that has certainly made things interesting, yeah it’s, a very good contest with two very good sides and with such great individual talent on show it could go either way In towards the middle too long and over the line, Applause Applause and it’s cristiano ronaldo, oh no that’s, not the ball. He wanted Applause needed a better pass. There. Applause, whistle’s, gone and we’ve reached the halfway point of the final, so a very watchable game. So far, action at both ends and the team’s level time in the final dream. How do you read it look? This is highly entertaining and exactly what we were hoping for goes at both ends and what looks like two very evenly matched sides bring on the second half juventus head into the dressing room after a half in winter, we’ve seen two goals, one each again right on Edge, probably into the second 45 minutes, cristiano ronaldo, marquinhos Applause douglas costa he’s picked him out now it’s crystal he’s through it’s one on one Applause. Oh, the skipper has made such an important difference to put them in the lead again, but they can’t afford to retreat and defend for the rest of this second half to do that would invite trouble that really is quite fabulous.

All his own doing, cristiano ronaldo showed real composure. Then i mean how often do you see a player? Do everything right until he gets into the box only to completely kind of pull off the finish.

Not him. Juventus take the lead, well, that’s, the currency. He deals in and he’s come good, yet again, never the one to let you down in these situations across the field. It goes increase again. Everything they would have spoken about in that pressing room during the break has a greater chance of happening. Thanks to the early goal, it’s the perfect platform now to go on and try to win, it gets the better of his man real chance. No mistake: a two goal: lead and they’re firmly in control. Juventus are really pouncing on any straight passes at midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s council attacking heaven, Applause for a change in personnel juventus two up and into a position of real strength. Well, unsurprisingly, peter the opposition looked completely stunned. I’M, not sure they can gather themselves marquinhos di maria Applause it’s on a plate. Applause, pablo Applause – did give it a fair old crack and he’ll be encouraged to step up again paris saint germain keeping their men at arms length here yeah. I just think it’s a conservative move to deny runners the opportunity of of going beyond that rear guard, no messing about just bludgeoned away: dybala cristiano, ronaldo corner then cristiano ronaldo is an obvious threat from set pieces.

He needs special attention to stop making a run, but he drives it forward. Applause, neymar Applause, bernat, marco verratti draxler was very necessary it’s, pretty clear that he’s being singled and it’s been given away draxler you need to come up with a better ball.

The movement was good, but the past lacked authority uh a cause of mild frustration. First, they are roughly and they are pulling clear here, yeah looking back at that that’s how you play on the count, quick and decisive and ruthless. With the finish, i thought it was a stunning story: Applause breakaway it’s, starting to look like a done deal now. Almost nothing left on the clock here, just a few moments from glory and it’s bernat Applause, let down by a lack of accuracy, marco verratti and here’s neymar neymar there’s a lot to the possibilities, but in the end it’s fruitless, looks to thread it through well. I’M. Not quite sure he needed to hold up play quite as much as he did. Then. A couple of his teammates were very annoyed. That’S sprayed out wide draxler Applause, marquinhos Applause, human after all, and here’s di maria he’s got away di maria. In with the challenge hoist it forward cristiano ronaldo douglas costa to get on the end of this cristiano ronaldo goes for it great strike. Juventus have done it. It is party time as they gather to get their hands on the trophy.