Applause. So it’s back bigger and better than ever before, through hope, everybody is ready for another wider. The emotion well, the biggest show in town just now, pizza and everyone wants to be a part of it, a competition that seems to throw out the whole gamut of emotions and in keeping with that we’ve got an atmosphere with a real sense of enthusiasm here and I’M, hoping we get liftoff once this game kicked off Applause and that gets things running Jim you’ve played in games of this nature. Who could make the difference one of the game’s best ever yeah? That does look a foul and he’s, given a free, kick dibala he’s gone away, cristiano ronaldo, wasn’t very far from making something happened by himself lovely to see well, positioned to make that interception grabby, oh right through the middle de Bruyne, the growing switches it towards the Other side, Applause, well, even for him that may have been a touch ambitious. We sit forward to could run down the right. Look at this lead for Toronto crosses it’s Bernardo Silva and his Marez peonage rabiot hits that long and that’ll go straight through to the keeper. When other Silva Applause Mar s Walker, mah res Chiellini gets it back, Chiellini demonstrating fabulous determination.

He just will not be beaten. Applause Fernan t note that he’s away he’s water coach for goal just lacked a decent finish. There they’ve got away with it, but that was a defensive letdown for seeing marks.

True, like that Applause been tanker, looks to thread it through it’s, a brilliant interception and he heaves it forward. So throw him he’s got options out wide. You can see sit all the way, broy no change to the score nil, nil. It remains our s, sit into the middle cuts out in the nick of time, Applause whose fool who’s gon na get that Rory but nod, but no sober and it’s sterling. The Charter sticks in a foot to win it back and now they can launch a counter. He’S found his man dibala, going through Picciotto strong punch. Mexico could be a penalty Aventis presented with a golden opportunity here, so the would be breakthrough moments one day. Never any doubt he was just never going to miss. You could feel the tension as he stepped up to take that, but it didn’t bother him and he tucked it away perfectly. You ventas break the deadlock and that ought to be the trigger for a really exciting and entertaining game from here on trust, the field. It goes Kyle, Walker Marez, regardless of the outcome. It is good to see someone running at the defense like that. Bernandino gets into the right position to intercept out to the left.

It goes. He’S left his ban sterling, while the crowd clearly liked what they just saw. Some real, no nonsense, defending rabiot Bernardo Silva Rory Applause and they’ve got it back as soon as they gave it away and half time whistle goes so there you have it a closed for half of football, but still had its moments and ultimately produce just one goal.

In decent game, up to now, that’s just been an exhilarating feature and leaving everyone wishing for a little bit war, but you’ll have one manager now trying to exercise more control, so we can only hope they go out and again in similar fashion. You had just if you’re, just back from your break, you’ve miss very little off the resumption of the second half a solitary goal that has been the crucial difference out to the rights and the counter is on all the way back and they start again. Stokes bernardo silver and it’s played forward and it’s morris. He goes along. Applause been tanker and here’s, Douglas Costa focus, caustic person looks and the possibilities, but in the end, it’s fruitless, dibala and helps available out wide or well defended that had to be done. This defense, just doesn’t trust itself to to play a higher line, frightened of people getting in behind yeah. Absolutely it just opens up the opportunity of not only strikers getting behind, but the chance great build up and all deserve a better ending. It didn’t quite come up on this occasion, but it only needs a gentle tweak, Kieffer’s pool Douglas Costa Applause, but this is exactly the approach to have to take no people.

This is the time to talk about risks. Now Jim is it they just have to hurl everything at it and hope for a break spot on Peter big chance, that was nice, but not quite Ian’s product required.

Well, there are a few pockets of space that are being exploited and they need filling and fast. No that’s, not the ball, he wanted and here’s Douglas Costa Douglas Costa really got caught in a trap there and he just couldn’t get out I’d skip all that. He acknowledges that he should have come up with something better. There are Peter his body. Shape was a giveaway before he made the pass and it’s obvious. This was was appreciated: it’s Cristiano, Ronaldo Applause, Kyle Walker. What goes looking planet battles to win? It back, panitch, that’s, really nice. Now what next approach he’s go down, but the referee just tells him to get back up again: Applause it’s, the throat Applause, the polls come loose and the chase is on. This is good ball retention and it should be enough from here, but they want to double their advantage. Silly school Aventis are clearly looking to kill this game off it’s keeping the ball away from the other end. Now, it’s Mar s Ford, it goes Peter. They have to fight the onset of desperation and keep enough cool heads to still deliver. Rs gets away from his opponents, just brushed off the ball. There keep calm and carry on that’s the job.

In a nutshell, now Applause and it’s Bernardo Silva Bernardo Silva moving impossible to wrestle off football. Well, it remains to be seen whether they can come up with that little bit of class to rescue this situation, and it needs to be anytime now really loses his balance and loses the ball it’s safe.

To say that they just need to manage this, to secure the win now, but here’s the Paula he’s there to cut it out nice to get it away.