Hoping we get lift off once this game kicks off Music, so it’s down to business here? What do you think this turns on chip yeah casimiro? He gives them some real defensive steel in the middle of the park. This is gone. That’S, a foul asshole out to the right bale is on twitter and can take it up, bail, chance to shoot andy heaves it forward and it’s modric Applause. Real madrid have created a real intensity from the start and there’s no sign of any let up out to the left. It goes that’s our hitch, one same again same outcome, real madrid, really putting a few chances together here, taking one can only after such good momentum. Now paris, saint germain, have pushed both full backs into quite advanced positions here: yeah that’s that’s interesting. So what are they attempting to do? Well, it’s it’s, a bold attempt, in my opinion, to occupy the opposition in a way they’re not expecting Applause, Music theresa day drives it forward: Applause, Music, raphael and here’s bale cruz, oh good.

In a good area, marco verratti, theresa, kay cruz battles to win it back. Applause gross, oh that’s, a fine, save well that was high class goalkeeping there to back up his high class wage yet able to force a breakthrough here. Applause, surely di maria chooses to go back plenty of appeals, but the referee is not interested now it’s azar! Now the counter locks it in gently intervention was very necessary.

Bale has a shot goal: real madrid, the breakthrough strike from right in front of goal. There was no way he was better that’s, just a great finish, but it’s down to very clever movie. You can see this has been obviously worked on on the training ground. He knew exactly where he wanted the ball and it all came good. Real madrid break the deadlock, yeah and they know there’s plenty of work left in this one peter before they can actually say that the job is over di maria and it’s morning. That is terrific skill, some good stuff in defending there. He is not one readily to admit defeat. Don’T be surprised if he tries that again, benzema he’s got it and he’s got Applause. Simply didn’t do anything wrong. He was thwarted by brilliance. Well, as tesco peter, the keeper has just received an a plus grade. That’S been one straight back: decent looking, ball gets away from his unbapped Applause that’s, our scorer already in the game, Applause, thiago, silva marquinhos and the halftime whistle goes there.

We are off, they go for halftime eventually come in. The first half has only been that one goal: what have we learned from the first 45 minutes? Real madrid deserve to be ahead and probably should be in front by more considering the amount of chances they’ve managed everything points to more of the same second half and a good, solid win. Real madrid have to lead in a title game off time.

One nil up to meet it, and then he goes again that’s. Surely a foul freaky, Music Applause marcelo well red. He sorted that out. So now we’re going to get those changes. We have been expecting Applause, Music with the crossfield ball good challenge. He just stood firm Music that’s, a good, throw at all really he’s, giving away possession cheaply. Applause was far better than the control on dispatch Applause. Applause, real madrid can make their change now with a breaking play. Applause, thiago silva idrisa, gay he’s got away foul and a free kick in a very dangerous area. Well, it was deliberate. It was cynical and you have to understand the frustration of being denied a clear opportunity, but it had to be done. Real madrid looking to widen the gap, even further Applause and it’s bale, benzema, it’s, Music, your so far jim. I think the manager is pondering his options as to whether to stick or twisty that’s a foul three kicks been given and he’ll, be encouraged to step up again sit forward, that’s.

Our is now the subject of some adhesive marking yeah and getting on the scoresheet has clearly made him a mark. Man, real madrid are looking to make this one safe. They want to reduce the risk now it’s cavani, just that was extremely good focus from the people, and it could turn out to be quite a significant moment. Applause all the way back and they start again. Kayla navas sends that a long way now a chance to break and he’s going long bale there’s a real appetite from them to finally put this game to bed, but will they time for a change in personnel? Well, he’s worked so hard for his side.

Uh. As you would expect, but couldn’t help notice that he was starting to to labor a bit so it’s, no surprise Music and back to base Music marcel plays it forward. He’S found his man no messing about just bludgeoned away. Real madrid certainly don’t need to over commit now. Their priority lies further back there’s. Only one word for this it’s baffling that team needs to figure out where the ball needs to be and it’s not there and it’s azam it’s got through to him. He came in hard, very hard, that’s official, showing that there will be three minutes of added time, just off he’s one on one Applause really well and surely now the results beyond. Oh that doubt looked the likely outcome.