Everyone welcome to buyer. Now the ultimate bar barming fan channel, so there’s, more updates on the tiago going away from bayern transfer. Storyline we have the transferometer right now: the temperature it’s heating up man it’s, currently very hot right now that thiago leaves bayern each and every single day we get cold hot cold, hot cold, hot freaking, a bipolar woman, fc that’s. What tiago’s storyline is right now seriously, though apparently according to kicker thiago would like to leave bayern after the champions league campaign and he’s already said goodbye to all the officials in the bundesliga. Imagine you’re a bundesega official you’re. Finally, getting some from your wife after an entire season you’re getting some tiago’s calling you hello, who’s this tiago, oh yeah, i get you ow yeah yeah. I remember hinter rigger pushed you into a wall and i didn’t see it wow what’s going on man. I want to leave what you called me to tell me that, while i’m getting some, you crap small, spend yeah seriously, though i don’t know i don’t know, i don’t want to see tiago for bayern in the champions league, if he’s actually sabotaging the club because see What happens is what has actually genuinely taken place right now with this thiago thing. Is that thiago and bayern had an agreement? Thiago agreed to the contract terms to everything he agreed to how much money, how much of the club he’s going to be making whatever they said.

He agreed to it and then last minute what was basically said by calallen’s ruminage is that thiago said i don’t want to sign it and gave the board no reason, and then the players in the dressing room started making rumors. That thiago would go to liverpool and that’s, where we have this that’s, where this is coming from, whether or not phil coutinho was the one who he tapped up, thiago, no seriously so he’s going to sign a new contract that’s sabotaging the club, because, especially in a Pandemic, where everyone’s financial condition is different from before the pandemic. Now the club is hit at now, the club have to figure out. First of all, how do we get a good price for you in the middle of a pandemic, where everyone should be cheaper, at least by 25 and now we’re, all pissed, because now we got ta sell you for like 30 million, instead of maybe 50 million in A normal window: this is annoying that’s, where we’re at right now that’s. Why i’d rather not see tiago in a buying shirt, if he’s actually doing the things i’m hearing he’s doing to the club? If everything is true that build them in reporting and kicker, then i’m actually pissed, i want to hear his side of the story, of course, but i’m actually annoyed i’m genuinely annoyed. I love thiago he’s, my favorite player in the world. I love the way he plays and interprets the game.

I actually immolate my playstyle around around him, but i don’t like tiago more than i love my club and if he’s actually sabotaging bayern, then i don’t want to see him in a buying shirt. I don’t want to see a player that doesn’t want to be here actually be here just because he thinks we have a chance of something that he’s never won. Here. Look at all the years they were criticizing him going at him hard that he didn’t perform in champions league quarter, finals and semi finals, all the years bayern stuck with him, and then this is what he’s doing to the club i’m, actually going to question his character. If all of this is true, how are you going to do this to the club that, through injury through thick and thin, has gone and helped you out constantly consistently and now you’re doing this to that club? Buying’S, not the right club to be doing this type of thing too. You can do it to a manchester united, ah funny, but it’s, not bayern we’re, the best family club in the world. We take care of our own and, if you’re not going to identify with that, i don’t want to see you in that shirt. I don’t want to see you win the champions league with buying. I won’t be happy seeing you lift it because you didn’t earn it don’t piss me off seriously. I mean to be fair thiago for me, isn’t, going to start over gretzky anyway, so it’s, not a situation where i’m, like oh yeah, well, you’re trash anyways like a guy who asked that a girl and then she says no and he’s like oh well, you’re ugly, Anyways this isn’t.

That type of thing i don’t want to see thiago play for bayern does not mean i don’t like him as a player, or i don’t think he can help us. I just don’t want to see a player with that type of mentality. I don’t want to make it okay for other players to treat the club in this way when the club has been treating you so fairly. It’S not like thiago and the club broke up. Tiago is just an entanglement with liverpool, god, don’t flick come on don’t flicker you’re, not handsy, flick. Get it seriously, though, in this entanglement we are in a relationship with bayern and liverpool. Just come out of nowhere and like come to us, and i guess he said: okay. Yes, all the seven years i’ve spent here mean absolutely nothing to me and therefore i’ll come to liverpool and it just doesn’t make any sense. Look, i get it if he wants to try something different in his career. I get it, but did he not think he could want to try something different before he signed his contract? Usually before you leave your marriage of seven years and get a divorce from your partner from your wife or husband, you have to have been thinking about it for at least seven years. You have to have been thinking about it, but thiago was always coming always came out in press conferences was like. I want to explain the rest of my life in munich.

I can see myself retiring here as we can see, and i love this city. I love this club so much. This is my family that’s, what he says and it’s very deceptive if it’s true people think i’m going at thiago already? No, i don’t care if thiago is in the correct if he actually genuinely left without doing all the things i’m hearing to the club, then yeah he’s in the correct yep cool, then i’m wrong, then yeah i’m, not deleting the videos but i’m wrong. Okay, i i’d say i’m wrong. Would you seriously, i don’t know i’m gon na relax, though i’m gon na calm down and see what happens in the next couple of weeks, whatever the transfer fee is hopefully it’s above 30 million that’s that’s the benchmark? For that, god look how cheap that is seriously and if we sell thiago, who are we gon na get for that position? That’S also another reason why i’m so annoyed it’s such an unnecessary time if he said it, oh, i want to leave or if he you know, did this whole contract thing in january and then it’s the summer. Now, at least you know, okay, he wanted to leave timo vernon wanted to leave leipzig for, like two years it didn’t take leipzig, all this convincing to try and keep him werner twerk for bayern. It didn’t work he tore for liverpool. They were too broke. He tore for man united, they didn’t have any money either and then chelsea were just in the crossfire amidst his twerking.

So what happened? Is he actually moved to chelsea, madrid and barcelona didn’t give a crap about him. Real madrid don’t want a player like him that twerks around for other clubs and barcelona don’t want a player like him, because they’re just broke too seriously, though i don’t know so. It’S, not werner, right it’s, not a vernon situation where a player actually wants to move, and the club knows that it’s, not in a herbert situation. Kaivert isn’t going to live who’s in with a new idea in his head like oh, i don’t want to sign a contract. I want to move now. No levi cousin already knew they always knew he would. He was going to move somewhere it’s just a manner of how he does it in the timing, whereas thiago we didn’t know he was gon na move. There was no indication from his camp that he wanted to move. In fact, the details and the facts of the situation are as it stands. He wanted to sign a new contract, didn’t sign a new contract and now, all of a sudden, he wants to move and that’s the situation. So you didn’t think about moving literally days before you were getting into contract negotiations with bayern. You did not consider moving. You didn’t think about moving. It was just at the last minute that you were like okay. I want to move just the last minute. That was the moment you didn’t think about it any of the seven years.

You were here, of course, players as well. We think always think about it in different circumstances, but you didn’t think about it. Then only only this year only now in the pandemic – it’s, not because it’s just his dream to move, he can move next year. He can sign a new contract, get sold next year. That’S. What could happen? Players could genuinely go except we know this next year. There will be a lot more money on his head: he’ll leave for a lot more money and that’s that’s, where we’re at he doesn’t want to leave next year. He wants to leave now, but only last minute, that’s when he decided to move and that’s where i’m confused. I just want a clear, clear message from the player. I want clarity right. I want my clarity. Okay, if i’m in a relationship and i break up, i want the last words whatev. What do you call that when you basically want okay, why did you break up with me that’s what i want from thiago? I want to hear his point of the story. I want to hear exactly what he meant. I don’t want him to go to liverpool and be like oh it’s, always my dream, it’s, not being your damn dream, because you’re only leaving and you’re pretty much at the end of your career. So it’s, not your! You know extravagant dream. I just want to know exactly why at that moment i want to know maybe four years from now that’s when we get my closure that’s the word for it closure i want closure.

I want to know how you’re leaving not exactly if you’re leaving i i pretty much, can confirm that you may or may not be leaving, i think, he’ll leave. I don’t have any hope right now. I think he’ll leave it’s not like i even wanted to stay at this point. I’D sell them too seriously. You can’t do that to the club it’s. Just very disrespectful – and i know some fans of other clubs are gon na – be like well, you can have a player move players can leave. I understand that players can leave but just leave in the correct way, don’t sabotage the club in the middle of a pandemic, because the club you’re going to can afford you at a cheaper price and, if you think about it, if you ever seen a guy go, Ask out a girl take her to dinner or something or lunch or something, and then when it comes time to pay he’s like uh i’ve got my wallet or he’s just too broke, see that’s it that’s exactly what this is. Thiago is the girl going out with liverpool who don’t have any money to afford him and somehow i’m supposed to just accept that and think it’s? Okay, no it’s, not okay. The fact of the matter is this is sabotaging the club, because you’re leaving at a time where you know the club you’re going to your new girlfriend you’re cheating on us, with an entanglement on us with, is going to afford you for a lower price that’s.

Why he’s leaving now that’s why he said last minute? I don’t want to sign because he knew liverpool would afford him because liverpool quite ultimately are very broke, all right, cool monoito. Who would you get to replace thiago we’ve already talked about kamavinga house in iowa? We’Ve talked about tanguay and donbelle there’s been a few options in there, but i don’t think buying are going to go for any of them. The reason why is because they’re going to be valued at ludicrous prices? I know a lot of them. Haven’T been playing. Maybe you can go to league one and take advantage of their situation because there’s a lot of clubs that need fans in their stadiums. Legon doesn’t really fill their stadiums. I don’t know why they don’t fill their stadiums. A lot of games i’m watching psg play there’s like half the stadium empty, so this is really crazy. So if we could go there and take advantage, knowing that they’re hit financially way more than some other clubs in europe are we can go there and get us some kamavingas. We can go there and get us some great players. I mean look. Napoli spent like 80 million on osenheim from lille, is he is it lil right? He spent a lot of money so for me, that’s just showing you that of course, there’s still money in there and uh yeah. But thank you everyone so much for watching there’s. Also nicolas zagnolo, but we’re hearing a lot of that is happening i don’t know, but seriously.

Thank you all so much for watching.