It back. That intervention was very necessary, looks like a good ball through aguero, going through sergio ramos plays it forward as our over to the left. Benzema aguero spreads it towards the left, looks to slip it through and the shots and he’s done it to your thoughts. There’S. The obvious danger man here and yet he was afforded way too much freedom. I think he was gifted that goal. His reputation should have been warning enough for them. Mr well, that has certainly made things interesting, modric and it’s principal bent. Him up tries a through ball. It’S gone a long way up and away referee’s, given a throw rodriguez, tries to get it forward quickly, rodriguez to get on the end of this modric real madrid going about it patiently, perhaps too patiently. If we sit high, then some are looking to get on the end of this he’s left his man, benzema it’s benzema, a wonderful effort all by himself. He was set on rounding it off in fitting style, but he couldn’t make it fit. Bruyne aguero kyle walker tries to stroke it through shakes the shoots yeah that’s, a good spot and a good call silva black talks. De bruyne silva nacho gets into the right position to intercept Music, get that clear, ain’t, low and direct. Now the pass bale sinchenko plays it forward quickly. There’S, not the back foot bernardo silva spreads it wide now. It’S sterling sterling sterling has a go same again same outcome.

Manchester city really are in the ascendancy here and they know they have to register while that’s the case. The keeper really dug out his defense, then a magnificent effort play for a goal: kick directed kick from the keeper he’s, given it away. Music nacho clips one through he’s gone for it, david silva goes looking sterling manchester city are ahead. Here has been a good half for them stoked now it’s aguero before it goes, bundy it’s, james rodriguez, another silver silva bernardo silva it’s, a great gap down the right hand, side walker played into the middle timely intervention. That is going to be the final action of the first half there. We are off, they go for half time. The breakthrough did indeed come in the first half, but there has only been that one goal. It is very, very tight, but i think the midfield can really pat themselves on the back too. They work tirelessly for me and we’re off again manchester city. Ariel one goal lead into the second half that’s our place. A clever pass paul needed to be better there’s. A wasted chance, roger ain’t, long and direct aguero, tries lifting it over he’s in space and looking for options as our to get on the end of this he’s got options in the box. If he gets his head up, can he deliver? Can he fit? Can he finish james rodriguez that’s, a half decent, try so has gone out sterling rotary silver azar, sergio ramos and it’s benzema nacho with the ball through looking to shoot? Oh and they really should have been made to pay that’s.

What all good teams do these days? Pressing from the front is highly effective. There’S a poor kick by the keeper being intercepted, looks to slip it through looking to get on the end of this great lead, a great save real class. Well, you can’t ask for much more than that a difficult moment. He simply had to deal with he’s having a look around good challenge. He just stood firm wandy. What are you thinking? Well it’s a natural instinct to defend when ahead, but it’s too early for them to settle into that practice. Just now, oh good interception! Another silver! Now it’s aguero bernardo silva, is it out wide in its face bernardo silva plenty waiting in the middle it’s de bruyne tries a through ball, knocks it away a real chance to break sergio ramos manchester city hasn’t made a substitution yet tries to dink it in benzema. Activate it real madrid are definitely going about this. The right way, there’s, not too much subtlety or sophistication about this. It really is a question of needs – must spot on peter the results beyond doubt. That is a fine goal really efficiently done. Oh look: it’s it’s, often the timing of the jump that dictates what you can do with any header and if you get it slightly wrong and you’ll struggle, but that will beautifully make you lost a couple of goals. Without reply well red he sorted that out. Aguero passes it through sterling he’s got away sterling and he nearly went all the way.

I just hope he won’t let the failure to score affect him with the ability he has. He can reproduce so that’s hard tries to get it forward quickly. David silva gets it back bernardo silva i’ll, get the better of his opposite number. It’S nacho nacho, cut out in the knickerbocker hernandez, did so well peter to ensure he got himself in the way it’s. The kind of commitment we want to keeper has just received an a plus grade.