Oh girl, i thought we sold him. Barcelona let’s just get this second leg versus napoli. Out of the way, shall we i wouldn’t want to over promise or anything? Would i napoli? First is barcelona in a second leg, so that’s effectively a buy to the next round, then it could be a bayerner man city than the psg it’s, going to be a tough, so uh i’ve signed a no nonsense. Midfielder on a free is won me champions league twice, he takes noah prisoners and he will snap some legs. I give you me the trophy is ours chelsea anyone got any prior ideas. Anyone you could play me at center back, i may have retired. I may be ‘ and i may not have sprinted for three whole years, but i’ll still be a better defender than rudiger you’re in buy in munich. The champions league is ours. Oh so i’ve invested in some new supplies from the joke: shop, stink, bombs versus chelsea, fake blood capsules versus bossa. Oh my eye. Wait a minute. You have hurt my eye. I didn’t touch him. I can see jesus. I can see jesus what joke newspapers versus man? City, breaking news: manchester city have been banned from this season’s champions league after a new leak about their spending surfaced in the press this week and then it’s psg it’s the final and what practical joke have you got to beat them? Nothing it’s psg bobby leipzig: how to win the champions league guys, even if we somehow got through to the final we’ll, probably be playing by munich.

So i figure what’s the point who’s for pulling out of the champions league and having four extra weeks on holiday deal. Atletico, madrid, okay: this is how we’re going to win the champions league we’re, going to play high octane free flowing attacking football whoa. Really, of course, not you fucking morons we’re, going to play no octane defend at all cost negative football like we always do idiots atalanta.