For that massive massive game against napoli and hopefully more games to come as well in the champions league, but today there wasn’t all that much news going around the players now are getting ready to have some time away from training and hopefully to get some important rest. So what i thought we would do right here today on more talk, fcb is give you a very quick update on oozman dembele, because i’ve got so many people saying what’s the latest. What is happening right now? Is he gon na be back? Is he in training again? What is the situation with dembele, so this video here just to give you the latest on when he could return, because, obviously, when it comes to dembele, it does seem such a long time ago now that we even seen him out there in a bathtub back in November, it was against dortmund in the champions league before yet another muscle injury ruled him out for a significant amount of time and let’s remember as well. He was set to return towards the end of january there. He was getting ready there to play under kiko setting. We were all really really excited, but he had a relapse and he was then ruled out for six months.

He underwent surgery in finland. That was all there completed on february, the 11th and from that moment on there, that was the timeline given six months of recovery. Before dembele would play again now, there have been rumors over the past few months about different relapses about dembele there being further behind that target, not quite ready to return on that date.

But according to the surgeon who operated on dembele and he’s still involved in his recovery, dembele does remain on track to that original timeline. But does that mean that he’ll be ready to face napoli well let’s, remember here the barsa against napoli is coming to us on the 8th of august. Now dembele’s surgery took place on the 11th of february 6 months. Exactly from that, time would put his return around august, the 11th so already there, the margins are very, very tight and i think it’s difficult. I think right now, as of today’s date, we are 18 days away from napoli that’s how far we are away now from playing that crucial game. The team now have got a week off from training they’re then gon na return on tuesday, the 28th of july and that’s gon na be crucial, because once the team returned the training, then we’re gon na be 11 days away from that game. You have to feel as though then, if dembele is going to have any chance of being involved, he’s got to be in that session first day back.

He has to be back with the group training again, because you’ve also got to put into account he’s going to need a significant amount of time working with the group working his way back in because by the time he returns, it’s gon na be over eight months. Since his last game and that’s, why, for me, when you look at the champions league, when you look at how quickly these games are going to come, it might be tough for dembele.

I think against napoli at least right now. I think that’s gon na come a little bit too soon for dembele. You look there at the quarterfinals that there is going to be from the 12th to the 15th of august. That might be more realistic, but even then it’s still a big ass to take somebody who’s been out of action for such a long time, maybe off the bench he can have a role. Maybe there is an impact sub, but again with dembele. You don’t want to rush it. You don’t want to throw him back in there too soon, given everything that’s happened with his physical problems. So, for that reason i think we’re gon na have to wait and see when the team come back is dembele there is he back with the group if he doesn’t return pretty soon after we come back for training i’m, not really sure we’re gon na see him In the champions league, definitely not against napoli, but let’s, wait and see.

I really do hope to see him back soon. I think when he comes into this team, there’s, no doubt about it. He can make an impact. I think he’s somebody who we are crying out for in the wider areas, but of course we want to see him back when he’s fully fit when he’s fully firing. We don’t want to rush that and it’s going to be interesting to see when he makes that return any more news at all guys and any updates.

I will let you know, but i just thought there would give you a bit of an overview on exactly what’s happening and the pretty tight timeline in which dembele has got to return here.