That may not actually be true. There are a fair few of them that are but there’s, some of them that are complete light let’s get straight into the video there’s, only one place to start, and that is of course, a breaking news that came out last night, which is all about ben chilwell. Unfortunately, i was doing a live stream for the open league final, so i couldn’t actually film a video about ben chillwell, but from what i am understanding and what came out last night it’s been chewed and chelsea looks like it’s going to happen, which is fantastic news. However, a lot of people online are saying that it’s pretty much already done, which is not concrete correct. This is what i this is one of the main things i want to talk about people, so ben chile has undergone a medical, but that medical is nothing to do with. Chelsea chelsea are just being kept in on the information we’re being kept updated. Now he’s got a problem with his heel, which is apparently going to keep him out for three weeks to be completely real. When you do medical, you need to be 100 fit so it’s, not gon na happen just yet now it could be a similar situation. What happened with ziak and with verna, where the announcements come out way way before, which is what these major developments they say will happen next week could potentially be. It could be as early as next week that ben chile does become a chelsea player without actually signing the paperwork and all that stuff, but agree to join.

The fees been done, blah blah blah blah blah personal terms and the medical to be agreed afterwards, but that healed injury for three weeks is going to keep him out. So we are not going to see a medical and he’s not officially going to sign for chelsea. For at least three weeks now again that could change. Maybe i could be completely wrong, but do not expect him to be 100 done as a chelsea player until at least probably two weeks time, major developments and all this stuff. They keep talking about in sky sports which, to be fair, could happen. Maybe a fee gets agreed, maybe personal terms, to get agreed major developments, not to the full story. People are saying about 45, with 5 billion, add ons and stuff, like that. I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I think it’s going to be that personal terms have been agreed, maybe next week and then all of a sudden you’ve got to go and find out. How much is the fee going to be? They want to play. Hardball they want to go and get 80 million for them. We don’t want to pay that that’s what the wiggle room is going to be you’ve got about three weeks until the medical is completely done, all that stuff to get it done, dusted and sawed it’s not going to be over yet chelsea. He bent you well could still take three weeks to come to chelsea, but it looks like it is going to happen.

I will say that and i’m very happy. I must be honest, he’s not my first choice. I do have to be real. I’Ve said it from right from the word go i would love tagliafeco, but if you can get ben show up for the right price, i am absolutely all over it. He is good going forward. I still would like someone that’s a bit more defensively minded, but there we are you can’t, have everything i think is a good option for chelsea just to make sure that we pay the right price. Please make sure that we pay the right price i’m going to go into the goalkeeper situation very quickly. Now i am going to do a video on goalkeepers coming up in the next few days, so you’re just going to glimpse over it for now, but we are going to talk about kepper now, kepper. Obviously, a lot of people want him gone. People say that we can go and get 50 60 million for him, move him on or put him out on loan whatever it is for me, i’ve said it for a long long time. He is not going to move this summer. I would be very very surprised if he moves this summer if he goes on loan somewhere. That is possible. That is possible, but no one is going to sign him, especially with five years still left on his deal. Maybe with four or three someone could come and pick him up, but with five years no chance he’s going anywhere.

One of the major things we do need to consider, though, is what’s happened in the last few days. The rumor that’s come out and it is only a rumor so i’m going to touch on it i’m, not going to go into too much depth, which is apparently keppa is going to stay at chelsea next season. He is going to be chelsea, goalkeeper and petracek is going to try and work with him because they do see he has potential, but also, most importantly, is they f’d up with giving him absolutely ginormous contract and they’re going to have to deal with it for at Least, another season – maybe even two he’s – not going to be on the move, absolutely anywhere, and i know i’d like to see him move on and move on i’m, not a fan of him. I was originally i’m, not gon na lie. I did think. Oh, i look at him. We think he has potential. He does make some good save. He doesn’t have good performances, he’s young. He needs to grow, but i’m kind of done with that now. Kepper is not my goalkeeper of the future, but that’s okay that’s. As long as you can identify it now, i think chelsea is going to have identified that he may not be the keeper for the future, but we also realize that there is financial implications as well. This year is going to be absolutely nuts and a lot of people are saying: oh clubs need to sell before they can buy.

This needs to happen for all that blah blah blah blah blah. Well, if you can’t, sell, if you can’t buy before you can sell, then no one’s going to take the players so we’re, just in his marriage, massive merry go round of absolute nothingness, there’s, not going to be a lot of transfers. This summer, people are going to be on the move. That always does happen, there’s not going to be that many transfers that happen this summer, it’s just the way of the world. I should also say about ben chilewell as well, inter milan have come in for emerson. That looks like it’s going to be a done dusted deal, so that would be interesting to see if that goes through as a rumored about 25 million quid and obviously that helps towards the ben chile purchase, but because into milan can do it. Doesn’T mean that every cub around europe can do it. No one is going to come in for kepper and check, apparently he’s going to come in and try and work with kepper for this season and then see what the goalkeeper situation is at the end of next year. We kind of are accepting that we’re not going to be the finished article next year, which is absolutely fine. I am a okay with that. Are we going to win the league? Probably not? Are we going to be able to challenge you in the league yeah? Definitely but realistically, are we gon na be right up there with european elite? No that’s fine, accept it and be able to progress.

That is my main thing. If you can work with kepper, even if you get another year, two years off his deal and then move on and then go and find the right goalkeeper i’m, absolutely fine with that. This is a building process, chelsea fans. We need to remember that this is a long process, i’m, not going to go into any more about kepper, but the point still stands. We have got a really good position to be in here. We have got a chelsea goalkeeper that does probably need to move on, but we’ve got at least a decent world class, legendary keeper that’s going to be able to come in, and hopefully hopefully, hopefully do something in helping kepper even for a year two years until we Can move him on it’s, not gon na be possible to build a galactic coast team right now with the current market and everything that’s going on, so don’t worry chelsea fans. This is not breaking news. This is not anything like that. It’S just a realism of where we are as a club, let’s move into the third piece of news, which unfortunately does involve lewis dunk. Now people are saying louis duncan’s side in the five year deal with brighton, which is correct, but people are saying also that chelsea’s interest into this dunk is done and dusted. That is not true, chelsea and tottenham, both still like lewis dunk. I think he’s going to be a good player in years to come, he’s an experienced center off he’s a leader and that’s exactly what chelsea need, but the five year deal does not mean it’s done and dusted.

Brighton just do not want to lose their main man for an absolutely nothing fee signing in for a five year deal we want to get rid of kepler. With a five year deal lewis dunks just signed a five year deal what’s the difference. People are expecting that we’re going to go and be able to sell kepper, but then the brighton i’m going to go and be able to sell a little dunk it’s just going to take a big feed now for me, i think lewis dunk. The main reason i was going to bring him in is a solid center after he’s experienced leader. He is captain material which i’m absolutely all over, but the price tank was slightly off putting he is a chelsea fan. He has grown up a chelsea fan. He will not probably say it more recently, but it has come out that he is a chelsea fan. You can see it working, maybe not this window, but it’s not done and dusted yet, maybe in january, maybe next summer we bring him in. I don’t know i’m, not too sure he’s, not the long term future for chelsea, but we don’t know who that is yet we’ve got for kyra. Tomorrow, he’s gon na hopefully be an incredible player. We have signed the guy from holland well from barcelona. That is dutch. I’M, not even gon na try and pronounce his name i’m gon na get it wrong the young center off 18 years old, going into the under 23s.

He apparently is – and i hate to say it – the next van dyke. I hate that saying i hate the next anything it’s really annoying, but he clearly has got quality. Hopefully he’s going to come for as well. He’S gon na be one for the future. I don’t know only time will tell, but that time that lewis dunk could come in for four years five years maybe allows those two players to be able to grow and progress and get into normal kind of center half age, because both of them let’s be honest, Are very, very young to be starting 10 at half in the premier league, but again, you’re, looking 24 25 26 years of age should be about perfect for them for a four or five year. Stint. It’S gon na be really interesting to see what happens i’m. Looking forward to it, but lewis dunks interest of chelsea is not over and chelsea’s interest of lewis. Dunk is not over it’s a setback but it’s not over people and now we’re going to go into the biggest load of crap roma. That i’ve heard in a long long time, which is thiago silva, has been offered to chelsea as a free agent. You cannot be offered by the club you are currently at that does not happen. Psg cannot offer thiago silva to us. Tiago silva’s agent could turn around and go. We have an interest in playing for chelsea, but psg cannot offer the player.

He is a free agent after this guy. After the champions league final literally tomorrow, then, who knows what’s going to happen? He is a free agent. He cannot be offered. I want the guy, i really do want him at chelsea, but he cannot be offered. Having said this, this whole rumor and everything about tiago silva coming to chelsea is not complete crap. There is an interest on his part to come into chelsea. He wants a project for the future. He accepts that he’s gon na have to take a wage cut and i think we all know that’s completely reasonable, completely reasonable. The main thing for me is it is not money lost. We have taken the money off the wage bill with william and pedro moving on. That is what it is. We probably someone else will probably get a new deal sometime soon. Obviously, werner and ziak are going to take some money off that wage bill, but there’s money to be had, maybe not in the transfer pot, because again people need to be able to sell before they can buy but check yourself as a free transfer. If you take them as a free transfer at 36 years of age, offering a two year deal, even if you only do get those two years out of him, he has got such a wealth of experience way more than lewis dunk has he’s going to be able To help the people a lot thiago silva and zuma, tiago silva and rudiger thiago silva and tomorrow, whoever you want to play depending on what game it is.

Maybe you play at three at the back, which sugar silver could play in the middle of he’s, an absolutely fantastic player. I saw him play against chelsea and honestly after the game he went over to the psg fans and i started clapping him. He was absolutely superb. He keeps the ball so so well, he’s a proper defender, he’s not like christensen, who wants to be a proper defender, but he’s only really a ball player and can’t really go up against someone and muscle them. He can put in a good tackle but he’s lacking in certain areas. Zuma, rudiger let’s, be completely honest with themselves lads, they’re, big physical powerhouse units, but their passing isn’t. Quite there. They can both stick a foot in and make a decent tackle, but again they are as likely to make a complete cup than they are to make a completely blind tackle. It’S not the perfect scenario, although again thiago silva is not the perfect answer, he definitely is an answer he’s, not necessarily the guy for the future, but he definitely is one for now. Chelsea needs to get better now. The main thing i keep saying for me is the progression that chelsea are making in the next few years now. For me, we finish on 66 points. My goal is to finish on 75 and above that’s my progression that’s, where i see chelsea going next season, that’s. What i want to see the team going, people are saying: oh, we should be challenging for the league.

We should be doing this. We should be doing that 99 points. That will finish john 33 more than us. If we go and get nine points more and finish on 75 points, liverpool aren’t going to be the same team they’re not going to go and get 99 points again, they’re gon na drop down and then the gaps even less. Then both sides are closing down the gap and all of a sudden chelsea get closer and closer and closer to liverpool who do look like they have potential to go and be a powerhouse for years to come. If you go and get closer and closer and closer and closer and closer all of a sudden, you leapfrog them that’s, where i want to see chelsea going in and around the top putting pressure on whoever that team is at the top and eventually we’re going to Go on and win it, but for this season to have a player like thiago silva who’s, been in big title races before who has made teams better simply by going in there walking straight into the team. That is the kind of thing i need. Psg were a decent side before he came when he came in from ac milan different story. They were unreal. They signed a few players yeah fair enough. One of the major things they got was a proper centre off who knew how to defend. Thiago silva knows how to lead. He knows what he’s doing he will get the whole back four in line, and at least hey.

It may not be perfect, but with dave on one side, eventually going to turn into reese james thiago silva, probably chill well and then zoomer, i would probably say, starting as a back four that’s, very, very decent that’s. What the kind of thing i want to see at chelsea it’s, not the finished product but it’s, showing people what we can be it’s going to be a very decent one to watch tiago silva. For me, the whole offer thing is complete crap, but there is definitely potential in that story. Don’T, let it just slip away under the radar at all. So there we are that’s gon na, be it from me. There are a fair few: things are being fabricated fees and stuff. No one knows what that is the rumors going around. No one knows what it is. Just let it be. Let it happen. The interest is there, which is the important thing hope you’ve enjoyed this video.