For all you guys, mr consistency, make sure you keep commenting that um, but yeah. This video here mainly going to be about tiago silva and some outgoings around chelsea. You know this news come around an hour or two ago, um, so guys, if you enjoyed this content, smash that, like button let’s, get about 600 likes on this video subscribe. If you’re new here hit the notification tune in daily and comment down below your thoughts and opinions on each topic, i speak but a quick reminder that tomorrow, if any news comes up between 5 30 pm uk time to about 8 9 pm, you get time. I won’t be able to upload as i need to go out, but anything before that from the morning to late afternoon to night time, i’ll be uploading straight away for all you guys, but just remember that time is a bit dodgy for me man. Hopefully, nothing comes out that time. Hopefully it comes up before and stuff, but we shall see – and from now on i’m going to be giving some shout outs randomly to people for tuning in every single day. Keeping me up to date, interacting so today’s shout out, goes to irene and bombo yeah. This guy’s been interrupting me for a very, very long time. Um you know thank you for the support always but i’m going to be doing a lot more shout outs to all you guys if you’ve got any twitter’s instagram that you want me to plug.

Let me know in the comments down below and then we can try and get something going on from now on, fantasy football will be out very very soon and from now on also every single week in the fantasy football league i’ll be calling out the top leaders. You know top ten keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on with the league and who goes in front who falls down something like that. You know something to keep us interacting every single time, so make sure you tune in to this channel every single day, and also giveaways information will be out very, very soon: free shirts, man, home away and third team ivana, hackenziest and kai havers. But anyway, let’s get straight into the topics. I was going to get into tiago silva straight away, but i have one very very small topic. I want to speak about. Car habits will cost three hundred two thousand and fifty nine pounds more than kepper as a world record fee. As i said, kepa will no longer beat our world record fee kai, havers, a very, very special player, generational player and i’m very, very excited about this player. As you guys are probably are as well, but a quick reminder: pepe and maguire still cost more. You know maguire the freezer, then what is it in greece, pepe on and off this season is his first season, but you know what we’ll give him another chance, but he really wanted to join chelsea’s chelsea fan by the way, but anyway, let’s get straight into the Main story, terrible silver fabrics, are a morning man.

I love this guy man, you know when he says here we go. You just get that feeling. You know it’s like a proper official announcement by chelsea for him to say here we go now. Of course, these things are going to be happening in the next 24 40.. Now this is the you know the best reasons why i love doing videos because we get this information beforehand. We can expect these deals and it’s not a surprise for anyone, basically so turbo silver waiting to know whether he’s going to join chelsea or florentina province. Romano has come out, said tiago silva to chelsea. Here we go. The brazilian center back today has accepted chelsea’s bid until june 2022, so the two year deal he’s going to leave psg and sign for the next two years. No chances for frantino it’s done finished, dilto completed on the next days, so i’m going to be expecting these announcements for carver’s bench or tioga silver in the next few days, it’s still going to take a bit of time, paperwork, etc. But these deals are officially going to be done. I told you guys the most exciting week monday. Usually annoying for me has been fantastic. Today is the third upload of the day and we’re going to be getting more and more content coming up for you, guys, man after this tiago’s uh silver signing chelsea will consider to learn up to mori. Now this one is a bit of a surprise to me.

Obviously i did speak about this still, you know happening him going out alone, but i didn’t think he would actually go. I thought he would play an important part on the front lamp on. He could go to um. The french league there’s many chances there. Many clubs interested in the playoff and also bakayoko to ace milan on loan advanced talks and then, after both of these deals emerson, is expected to be leaving um to inter milan or roma. We should be finding out very very soon, he’ll be moving back to intel. Sorry, italy, for a certain fee, whether it’s 15 20 million around that basically that price tag and that’s going to be helping out with the revenue the sales that we need to make for the cost that we take in, of course, like ivers um team of runner. Hackems, who still has money with the murata money, but we to make sure that we keep that net as low as possible, because right now, it’s looking about 45 million and i’ll be giving you guys up to dates news in news out in terms of what we’ve Done over this window from last season, which is going to look very, very amazing for chelsea’s books, as i said, rival, fans are worried. They’Re scared, they’re, commenting they’re just hating and they can’t take it. But as i said, we don’t care life’s, good man like honestly life is so good. Um it’s, also habits agreed and in paperwork’s time um, but also thiago silva’s contract i’ve actually got a breakdown for it.

It’S 6 million euros a year until june 2022, that’s 104. 000, a week now i think he was on about 300k at psg, so he’s taken a massive pay cut, so i think it’s a fantastic deal for chelsea. I think they’ve done a very, very good deal to try get experience and leadership in this team to help the ones around tioga silva. You know gel in this actual chelsea squad because we have no recognized leaders now. What does that mean for aspie? Does he play center back? Does he stay right back because i think reese james is gon na, be a starting right back next season, uh no disrespect to usb. I think he’s been here for eight years um. I think he’s got at least two more years at chelsea. In my opinion, i think, towards the end of the last season. He you know was one of our best defenders. 100. I think he had to start the season’s bit shaky but that’s. What experience and leadership gives you? You know, this is our captain. He stepped up. He done really well um. The goal against ix, unfortunately disallowed us all, which was one of the most beautiful scenes when he scored the fans going crazy. But as i said, he had a very, very good end to the season and i think he’s still going to play a massive part in this squad, but i just don’t see him playing as much as he used to you know.

He usually plays every single premier league game. We don’t need a left back anymore, because ben chill, which we get into and the telegraph are back. Matt law, nizar they’ve, been in they’ve, been on holiday. Basically well deserved, they’ve been giving us news left right center. They deserve the holiday they’ve come back and telegraph, saying defensive recruitment might not be done that’s. What i’m gon na say to you. Chelsea are not done it doesn’t matter. If it’s, like it doesn’t matter, if it’s like been chill doesn’t matter, sign um taylor silva, any other players that come in we’re gon na be seeing a lot more declan. Rice ben white are being linked to chelsea. As always, these deals will come alive towards september. Let’S get these free deals out of the way. First of all, but telegraph have spoken. As i said, lamport is also considered the recruitment of a younger centre back with declan west and ben white among his targets, chiago silva will sign an initial one year deal. This is what i mean we’re here in two year deal, but i think there’s an extension in between the one year. So after one year they decide to cover whether it’s the right move to go forward or not, but there’s never said he wants to play for another three or four years he wants to be at the world cup. So this is the mentality that he has right now he doesn’t look like he’s finished man.

He still looks young. In my opinion. He still looks 10 years younger to me i’m, not just saying that, because he’s going to be joining chelsea but it’s, a very, very big move for chelsea fans, but honestly exciting times also preseason has officially started today as front line. Past blues reported back to common for training for a small following a small period off front lamp under coaches jody morris, joe edwards chris jones put the players through their paces, with several fitness, drills, uh stretching exercises and, of course, plenty of ball work. Some assigned his team have run hacking. Ch, who have been, who have both been training with the squad for many weeks now, were joined by returning low knees, ethan ampadu, connor gallagher, among others, and a number of academy and a development squad. Players were also part of this session, so it’s good to see everyone back in train. I told you guys on friday it was a bit of health checks, but today, officially back in training, it’s good to see the new training kit as well timo vernon. Looking looking very good in it, i told you guys home away. Third kit will be, you know, part of a good giveaway but i’m thinking that training get my mind to get myself. You know i need to start wearing some chelsea stuff. I might need to start getting some chill stuff here. You know i’ve got my well watch us lighting right here, but you know the position of all this.

All my stuff will work and everything doesn’t really suit it. I prefer to film here. You know what i mean, but this is my bed right here and so it’s a bit tough. But you know if you’ve got any ideas. Let me know if i should bring some posters or you know, wear a t, shirt or chelsea. Let me know in the comments down below man: um we’ve been linked with mike magnum okay. This is a little goalkeeper he’s worth around 30 million euros, we’re linked with every single gold people. Oh, no, not this guy, pro uh, mendy dean, henderson or black to stay good, like the numbers of list of targets just keep increasing. At this rate, it wouldn’t be linked. 100 goalkeepers. I think kepper is going to get another chance. In my opinion, i think the czech words to lampard were serious and i think lampard might need to consider it over one more window, one or two more windows to give kepler another chance, because you know it costs us so much money. I think he had a seven year deal, which is a lot. That is a lot i’ve, not heard those type of contracts in a very very long time. But, as i said guys, i want to be giving you guys information news in news hour: okay revenue in revenue out or cost in across out putting it all together and showing you how clever chelsea are very very soon as soon as these signs are done.

But guys, if you enjoy this content, would you smash that, like button subscribe, when you here hit the notification tuning in daily comment down below false and opinions? My mr consistency back with the third video who knows, i might do a fourth video, no i’m. Joking. I definitely broke my butt it’s a pleasure talk to all you guys. Hopefully you lot enjoyed it.