We all know what happened yesterday between inter and sevilla beat them in the final and it wasn’t fair. So many things went wrong for, inter they really deserved to win europa league, but unfortunately the referee decided otherwise it’s in the past now, and we have to look forward now. Why i’m saying that antonio conte leaving inter could impact chelsea football club, because we all know that victor moses is alone from chelsea football club and the reason why he’s on loan at inter is because of antonio conte? Now that means, if antonio conte leaves he has no chance to extend his lawn or be signed by, inter because a new manager is coming with new system with new idea, and that is not going to be easy for victor moses. The second reason is antonio conte. Wanted to sign emerson palmieri from chelsea football club. Antonio conte is a big fan of emerson palmieri and he was determined to get him at, inter now that he’s leaving it’s going to be very difficult for the new coach who is going to be probably allegory to get emerson, palmieri or any other antonio conte’s target. Keep in mind, there are so many left back options on the market right now, sergio regulon tagliafico alex tellis alexandro. The list goes on and on and on. Some of them are better and cheaper than amazon. Palmeri and many teams already know that chelsea signed bansho up and they have to sell.

So we are in a very bad position right now we can’t command the price. We can’t impose the price that we want for amazon primary, and that is the danger of buying before selling. You know what i’m trying to say think outside the box a little bit here. We could end up by keeping amazon palmeri or maybe sending him on loan somewhere, because many teams won’t be able to afford 25 million asking price from marina. So marina has a lot of work on his hand. Let’S hope that she’s going to work the magic. The same situation happened when mauricio sarri left uv, and we are stuck now with georginio, because nobody really is going to take georginio. You know in the price that we would like to get so it’s going to be really interesting to see what is going to happen, because we need to get some of those guys out of the wage bill. So we can start paying. You know the players that are playing and performing instead of those who are sitting on the bench. So it said man, antonio conte living just create two problems or three, maybe because he also wanted marcus alonso. Remember at some point so marina need to find a new club for victor moses and she need also to find a buyer for emerson, palmieri and also for for marcus alonso that’s. Why? I am keeping my emotions inside before i go out and start celebrating and start calling marina the boss and blah blah blah.

She need also to fix the problems that she created to begin with. You know what i mean so far. We haven’t really balanced books. Okay, we are having some good buys, but the beds buys that we had previously kind of overshadowed everything for me right now so i’m not going to get too excited. Like other people, you know saying whatever they want about marina until she gets to the point where she will get rid of the zappa costa, the danny drink water and other players that she bought in in the past years. Because of that, we can’t even wrap up the deal for kai, have it. We have to try to penny pinch and try to balance books, putting ourselves in a big risk of missing out on our first target that the way it is man it’s time for people to open their eyes and see the light chelsea biggest issue for this transfer Window is going to be selling and not buying.