Yes, guys welcome to episode two season. Two um match week. Five of the english premier league chelsea play southampton. I don’t know if we should take a look at. I don’t know if i want to take a look at um, the other premier league game first, and then we do chelsea next or should we just do chelsea first and then check the other nine premier league games. I think we should do the other ones first and then we’ll do chelsea last we’ll save the best for last year, so basically we’re gon na look at um, basically we’re about to take a look at all 10 premier league games for match week. Five but we’re going to dive a little bit a little bit deeper into chelsea vs southampton, because blue is the color, because we’re gon na talk more in depth about chelsea, so without further ado i’m, just going to lay the cards on the table. If you will – and the first game we have is everton versus liverpool, this is like so arsenal plays man. City t2 as well. I don’t know i was going to say that’s much of the week, but i want to say: liverpool: everton is match of the week, because liverpool were premier league champions last season and everton are on top of the premier league table. This season so only makes sense to me for this to be um premier league match of the week so early kickoff 8 30.

Here i will be up watching that because that’s all i do is watch football uh everything versus liverpool. I don’t know predictions everything everything this is liverpool. Uh i’m gon na go Music i’m gon na go for two to draw everything for everton versus liverpool, i’m gon na go for a two two drawer um i’m, not gon na go based off the aston villa game and see everything is going to destroy liverpool. Doesn’T know how football works until i’m, just going to go to to draw everything liverpool and the next game we have is the next game. I mean we’re going to skip chelsea versus southampton, where the next game, but we’re going to go to manchester city versus arsenal. Now, city versus arsenal, my number two um game of the week. My number two game of the week city versus arsenal i’m, going to go. The brand is not going to play, but also it’s. Arsenal arsenal is not like the strongest side, but it just signed after party three manchester city, two i don’t know i don’t have a reason for going 3 2, especially um i’m back in arsenal, but i’m gon na go arsenal. Three manchester city, two, i think it’s gon na – be a game to watch. I think it’s gon na be a very interesting game. Every game this premier league season has been really interesting to me, but i think this is gon na be another good one.

I’M gon na go arsenal, three monster city, two and then the next game we have is newcastle’s manchester united. Now manchester united s, one tottenham six is that going to affect them? I hope maguire plays. I just wish nothing but the worst, which is the united st i’m serious manchester united versus newcastle i’m gon na go i’m gon na go for a one on one draw to be honest, i don’t see manchester united winning this. I don’t see newcastle winning this as well. I don’t mind just to see uh manchester united played um poorly against tottenham, but again that’s, not half football work, so i’m gon na go manchester united one newcastle one and if you’re betting, online don’t use this course by the way, because i’m, not like a genius Or anything, but if you do use them and we do win some money just send us on my way. Please shepherd united follow uh shepherd united arsenal last week. The last two weeks, but last match week was a very interesting game. Um shepherd united played very well. It was, it was a pretty boring game, but sheffield united played well and fulham hasn’t been the best team. I think fulham is going to relegate by the way, but i think it’s going to end sheffield three full on one that’s. What my prediction is um crystal palace, brighton, both crystal palace and brighton, have been playing really well crystal palace lost to chelsea.

But you know when you play chelsea you just you have to lose. Um crystal palace versus brighton. Brighton has been playing really good, too they’re right back um from chelsea right back, he’s, probably their player of the season right now, uh, i think crystal palace brighton is going to end. I think it’s going to be a high score game i’m, going to go 4. 3 um brighton. I think brighton – is going to win 4 3 against crystal palace next game. We have spurs versus west ham, um tottenham versus west ham well regularly and gareth build new editions. West ham has been playing really well too, but i think the momentum and the energy um turn i’m just going to bring from the manchester united game is going to be too much for west ham, so i’m going to go with a 3 1 yeah i’m going To go with a 3 1 ton, him wins three west number, one uh. Actually i wanted to go to zero, but i think um, west ham are gon na score yeah. I think once i’m gon na score, so i’m gon na go three western three um tottenham. Three with someone and then leicester, city versus aston, villa now, leicester city last season. I was against them a lot because they proved they wanted to knock chelsea off that river champions league spot um. Last season they weren’t playing really well like nearing the end of the season.

Um this season they’ve been playing um, i guess average, but aston villa. On the other hand, we saw what they did to liverpool. Aston villa just signed broccoli from chelsea who’s. Like a great addition to them to their team as well, and i think he’s going to help them really well this season – hopefully he comes back to chelsea next season if he decides to say that i still realize that’s the best decision for him to get more Play time, but i think um aston villa are particularly strong. This season and they’re going to beat leicester city. I think asteroids are going to be able to win against leicester city. I think it’s going to be a 2 1 aston villa 2, unless the city won. If all these happen to be right by the way, i will be blown away. If all these predictions end up being right, i will be blown away. I will record every day. I will just remind you guys every day about how i was right, that one time on every prediction: okay, next then we have west brom that’s, a bandai west, brom versus burnley um, west ham, no west brom versus barley, um was bomb have been playing. Well, i mean the three three against chelsea: hey son chelsea, what charles didn’t play that just didn’t play that good that day, i don’t know if westbourne played well well, chelsea didn’t play that good. Actually, if you think about it, what’s up west brom did not play well because they sat back and watched.

Chelsea, come back from um a 3 0 deficit in the second half, so chelsea only needed 45 minutes to get three goes back and i think that’s not good from west brom. So, even though they got three goals that game they didn’t do well. In hindsight, seeing as this chelsea came back from a three goal deficit, so i’m gon na go uh. This one’s tough i’m gon na go i’m gon na go for a 2 2 draw on this one as well. I think this one’s going to be a draw. Just because i can’t pick, none of the teams apart, i can’t pick a team that i i can say, will win so i’m just going to go for a 2 2 0 on this one, and i hope that i hope that i’m right yeah. I hope that i’m right i’m gon na go for two draw on this one and for the last game, before we dive into chelsea is leads and wolves. Now this is another big massive game leads um. We saw what they did against liverpool if, if it hadn’t been for that last minute, um penalty, it probably would have ended in a draw. Also, we saw what they did against um 1960 last match week. It was a 1 1. I think leads are going to be top six contenders. This season um, i think they’re going to be in the premier league for a long time, probably for the next.

I don’t know 10 15 years. I don’t think they’re gon na relocate anytime soon, uh wolves are also strong, but ronaldo got um. Ronaldo was affected by the virus and, like 75 of their players are portuguese, so i don’t know if they’re going to be allowed to play, but if they are allowed to play, i think these are going to win this one. I think it’s going to be 3. 2 it’s going to be a high scoring game as well um, and i think yeah elites are going to win this one 3, 2. Okay, so now we’re going to dive into chelsea vs southam south hampton southampton now we’re going to dive into chelsea versus southampton, and i think that chelsea, actually, let me not talk about predictions right away: i’m going to talk about um formations and lineups um ziac is Fit but he’s not gon na start, according to frank lampard, um pulisic is in the lineup. Child is in the lineup as well, but mandy is injured. So i think chelsea should go with the 4 2 1 3 formation. Just so kai harvest could play in the number 10 role because i know that’s, where he’s most comfortable but yeah. I think chelsea should go with the 4 2 1 3 formation and starting from goalkeeper i’m gon na go with um. I wish i could go with edward mendy, but i cannot because frank lampard has already ruled him out so i’m gon na go with hip hop since he’s our number two now keppa aretha balaga as chelsea’s starting gk left back ben chillwell, two center mids well um Thiago silva’s not gon na play because of travel um.

He just got back to london after flying from brazil with the international friendlies, so he’s not gon na play, so i think we’re gon na see christiansen and zuma. I think we’re going to see christian cinema, but what i want to see happen is obviously chow left back. I want to see um kepa now kappa cesar aspie in the middle pairing with um zuma, and then i want to see mrs james right back. If silva was fit, i would have picked silva to start and then our captain play on the right, because we seen that he’s the strongest on the right, even though um reese james, is a better crosser of the ball. I think, in my opinion, but i think um cesar, should play in the middle which zuma, arguably chelsea’s, best center met zuma and then we serious james on the right now, two in the middle uh, kante and kovacic, because kante, like i’ve, said in season one on This channel he is um, arguably the best cdm in football right now there was some rumors about how um frank lampard had some disagreements between. There was some disagreements between him and kante, because kante wanted to go to a wedding and frank lappert said no, but i don’t know sky sports reported that i think it’s just rumors and i don’t know kante just seems like a nice guy, and i don’t think That he is the type to get into any like confusion or misunderstanding with a coach or anything like that, so yeah kovichitch in the middle with angola, kante and obviously 4 2 1.

3. Just because i want to see kai howard’s play in the um number 10 row, so kai howard’s in the number 10 row and three forward on the left side chris and pulisic who’s fit, and i want to see him in the team. He came on as a stop stop against crystal palace, but i think he’s going to start tomorrow. I want to see him start tomorrow, so chris and pulisic on the left side, timo verna in the middle um. He hasn’t gotten any goals in the epl yet, but i think when his time comes and the floodgates open, he is going to be chelsea’s top scorer. This season, so um christian felix, is going to left tim moverna in the middle and mason mounts on the right side, but we might see things uh things change, i think um. He might play team over now on the left and play tommy abraham in the middle and probably play um christian pulisic on the right side or chris and pulisic and team over and might change, um wings, um flanks as time time goes on, because we see sometimes Um the wingers like to switch, so i think he might play tammy abraham in the middle and then just see. We might see kristen publishing and um what you call it. You might see chris and peopleissick and team over and has switched flanks, but i just want to see timo verna in the middle christian.

Felix go on the left and then may seem on the right. If we can get that, i feel like chelsea you’re going to be comfortable enough and maybe last 20 minutes we see um the magician the magician malam see it. We might see siak uh come in. I want to see zia coming to get his first couple of minutes in premier league um. You might see him come on maybe 20 25 minutes remaining depending on how the game goes. So with that being said, i think chelsea are going to win 4 1. I don’t think there’s any premier league team premier, league’s premier league side, who wants to go, who wants to play without having scored because chelsea beat crystal palace 3 0 last week. But i don’t know i feel, like we probably could have conceded a goal which we didn’t um. Just the premier league, the premier league teams, look um every team in the premier league. This season looks so hungry and i think that nobody wants to go a whole game without getting a goal. I think solomon’s not going to get a goal: danny ings, probably that guy right there um yeah, we should watch out for him. I think chelsea are probably going to win now. Probably chelsea are definitely going to win um. 4. 1. I don’t want to say comfortably because, like i said, every game in the premier league season, this season is going to be very tough, so 401 chelsea um.

Let me know what your predictions are. If you have the chelsea app, if you’re a chelsea fan – and you have the chelsea app the fifth stand up, you can predict there as well and you get points i don’t know what the final reward or price is. But your points keep accumulating and i feel like i think, at the end of the season, you win something i don’t know, but i just play because i’m a chelsea fan and i have the app so i just predict and my points keep going up. I think i missed the chelsea versus tottenham uh fa cup clash, but we lost so i don’t think i would have gotten any points there because i definitely would have predicted chelsea to win that one. So very good guys, hey, remember, do not forget to try new things. Okay, just because you’re inexperienced doesn’t mean you’re, not qualified. You are qualified and you’re amazing, seven, eight nice! There we go there, we go. You can do this baby. Try it try new things.