My whole. You know uncles aunties everyone over so hopefully we can top it off with a big chelsea win tomorrow, but today we’re here for the preview, i can’t wait till the press conference just going to be way too late, sydney time so i’m going to do it right Now, um the whole preview. So what i want to talk about is i want to talk about. You know southampton. I want to talk about. You know where they could probably hurt us. I want to talk about our injury situation who’s in who’s, not from all the reports that’s been coming out over the last 24 hours, 48 hours or so, and then i’ve got five talking points before i touch on the formation and the lineup that i’m going to Go with, but before all of that you know this upcoming week is a big week for chelsea. We’Ve got three big games coming up, we’ve got southampton on the weekend, which is tomorrow, we’ve got uh sevilla on uh. I think, wednesday morning or tuesday morning, something like that. Oh sorry, wednesday morning for me, thursday morning for me, it’s, either tuesday, night or wednesday, night uk time or european time, it’s one of those days and then we’ve got man united the next weekend. So we’ve got a blockbuster few days coming up and it could really set us up for for the you know next couple of months before the next international break sort of comes around, so we need to be very focused over the next three games: it’s, big big Teams and um: i just hope that team, isn’t, complacent and they’re really focused so guys let’s get straight into it.

First of all, southampton um. They are seven uh, sorry eleventh in the table. We are seven so it’s 11th versus seventh. It is at stamford bridge southampton. The last time they played us, they absolutely did us um. We had most the lion’s share of the ball, but they don’t really care about that they’re, very, very solid team under ralph, hassan and the way they got us last time was it wasn’t as if they just sat deep all the game? No, they they knew that when they were sitting deep and they allowed us with the ball that they still pressed us so that they can counter us, quick and that’s exactly how they got their first goal. The second goal was really really good movement from them. Poor. Defending from us all up and we ended up, i think it was two nil. The last time we played against them. I think it was two no two one i’m, pretty sure it was two nil and it was. It was sad that padilla game was so sad because, as i said, we had a lot of the ball, but we did nothing with it and and southampton got us uh. They were so prolific with their countering and they’ve got some really strong players, and i want to touch on that right now. Um they’ve got what’s that particular player um james wordpress, i think, is there. Is there um uh? You know set piece taker and really one of the one of the key play makers as well.

Uh they’ve got danny ings as, as you all know, is a prolific striker as well, and now they’ve got this particular player called musa de nepo uh de nepa. I hope i pronounced him correctly is going to be very, very lethal for southampton and then obviously, just before the lockdown uh, sorry not lockdown. Just before the transfer window closed, they got themselves via walcott as well, and we all know theo walker. He’S got a knack off somehow showing up against chelsea all the time so that’s a little bit about them. They’Ve had two wins to start off with and they’re coming off, two losses in a row right now, so they’re they’re going to be raring to go um. You know they’ll try their level best at least get a point out of this game. Uh and and honestly, i can’t see them get a win here, but they’re going to try their best together to get a draw. So we’ve got to be on top of our game that’s a little bit about southampton. I think we’ve got to show respect to them that they’re not going to be easy wins for us, but at the same time you know we should be confident enough to to clean them up now a little bit about us in terms of the injury list. Um we’ve been told that mendy’s 100 not going to be fit for this particular game. He’S going to be ready for severe uh severe gaming, the champions league he’s going to be fit for this, so kepo is going to get a opportunity again to be uh.

Chelsea goalkeeper and honestly guys this is one of the talking posts that i’ll touch on down the track. I just want to say that look i mean he got himself a clean sheet over the over the um international break. I just hope that us fans find some heart to back this guy there’s been so much banter there’s. So much talk about laughter every time people joke around about him in social media. I just hope that. Finally, we get a bit of time during this weekend and truly back this guy and put some positive note about this particular player over over this uh particular weekend. Hopefully you know he gets. He gets the job done against southampton because southampton i’ll tell you what they won’t have many opportunities that maybe have maximum three or four chances and they’re going to try and capitalize in those chances, and we need kepper to be on top of this game. For those moments and, of course the defense so mandy’s definitely out in terms of zh and chilwell they’re, definitely in um, you know – hopefully, chilwell starts for me, as i said in many of my previous videos, he’s an important player, an important dynamic player for us who’s. Honestly, changed our game, giving us that great sort of firepower on the left side going forward and backwards, as well with his recovery pace. We really need him to start at least ziesh. Hopefully he can come off the bench i’m hoping puller sits.

You know he’s already had an opportunity against palace uh. You know just before the international break i’m, hoping that he starts and i’ll get to that with the lineup in formation down the track. So that’s a little bit about the um. You know injury list in terms of chelsea players. I don’t think anyone else is injured besides mendy, so we’ve got a solid squad going into this match and going into this big week. So hopefully you know we can get the job done now. Let’S talk about the five uh talking points. First of all, one of the talking points is, i would love to see. Verna and kai have it. First of all, i want to see grown up playing center forward. I don’t want him to play in the wings, hopefully puller, siege and kellerman on the door can take care of that or ziesh. If he doesn’t, you know if he starts, i don’t think he will so vern. I want him up top and kaif is just behind him. I need this combination that they’ve had in germany to continue on for chelsea and to flourish. Let this sort of combination play on a little bit. I just hope that frank allows this to happen and that chemistry to keep building – and i feel like this duo – can do a lot of damage if given time to to sort of keep playing on and on with each other. They know their weaknesses and strengths.

They always tend to find each other other communication being germans. You know they just know how to sort of read the game together properly. So i hope this combination plays second one guys that i’m, you know really keen to the second talking point is i want natural sort of you know if it’s a if it’s a wing position or in the sort of um you know forward position or wherever it Is i want players to be in their natural positions, so that’s the thing you know i don’t really don’t want to see mason mound playing in the wings or as a 10 or as a wherever you know, because we’ve been seeing him play everywhere. I want to see natural suit players that play in their natural position, so if it’s in the wing let’s please play calamansonator if it’s, wherever else, let’s play players in their natural positions, that’s that’s, my you know one thing that i hope that we don’t forcefully try And put basement if we really want to put mason man let’s, try and figure out a formation that fits him as opposed to just throwing him wherever now. The third thing that i want to talk about guys, patience we’ve got to be very patient in this game. I feel like you know, southampton could come out and defend uh and sit deep and we’ve got to be very patient. If we play with a high line, you know we’ve got to be very concentrated and focused that we don’t get beat on the on the counter.

You know, defenders like uh, thiago, silva and zuma; hopefully they they will um. You know well concentrated and, and people like whether it be azpilicueta or reece james, i think it’d probably be as villa cueta cal uh chill well, hopefully, they’re smart enough to recover back whenever there is a counter. Uh we’ve already seen sure we’ll do that. Hopefully, hospital and in midfield, you know that gap between defense and midfield, hopefully there’s good um communication. So the third talking point here is that we better be very, very patient with the low block that they’re, probably going to use and they’re going to press as well. Hopefully we find enough solution, you know we stay patient to find the solution and not just drop our heads. Fourth talking point uh, as i’ve already mentioned, guys count i’m going to be so careful with southampton’s counter. As i said, they’ve got some really key players and clinical players that can finish the job off, so we’ve got to be concentrated enough to make sure that we are looking after their counters and lastly, the fifth talking point guys kepa let’s back keep our guys is. Is most likely going to be the keeper in social media wherever you guys are guys, go out there and back him post everything and show the support that you know these players? They actually see all this stuff online, so it’s crucial that we back with back our our goalkeeper and not banter here banter him around every time, every opportunity that we get so that that’s.

My five talking points now let’s get into the formation and line up guys. The formation that i would go with guys honestly it’ll have to be four two. Three one that’s, the formation that’s been working that’s the formation that frank’s been playing so let’s continue on let’s, keep building that in the back kepper as i’ve already mentioned, i’d probably play with espelicueta, because reese james has had that international sort of matches uh in the Middle i’d go with tiago silva and zuma chilwell on the left, as i said, he’s his left back sort of power pack performances that we’ve already seen with crystal palace and fear the other matches. I need that to keep continuing on in the middle i’ll have kante and probably georginio uh. It could be kovacic as well, but i want to continue on with kante and junior sc, knowing that they’ve done so well up against crystal palace, so continue that on continue that particular philosophy on so i would go with that up front guys in the right side. If zh doesn’t start – and i don’t think he probably will probably come off the bench – hopefully when we a couple of goals up and we can introduce uh hakim ziesh and he can really come out and showcase his talent and and those key passes that he’s going To make for us, hopefully he gets himself a absolute. You know a wonder striker, so that would be so great to see.

But if he doesn’t start, i want to see comments on the door start over there in the left wing. I want to see polo siege, as i’ve already said. You know guys. He’S already had a little bit of the sniff against um crystal palace, so hopefully he’s ready to go in the left wing up front timo verna and just behind him in the number 10 role. Kai events, as i said this, this too common, this combination has to carry on for us and i’m, hoping that we give this opportunity and hope that frank gives this an opportunity as well, so guys that’s my formation that’s, my lineup. Those are my talking points and a little bit about southampton guys. Let me know what your thoughts are about this game about this whole week as well. That’S, coming up big three games coming up: what’s your feelings about southampton man, united now sevilla in in midweek against uh in the champions league. How do you feel what’s your prediction? How many points we’re gon na get? You know how many wins: we’re gon na get in the next three matches, guys. Let me know your formation, your lineup, about this particular match in the comments below and guys here smash the like button. If you’re, here for the first time subscribe and uh hit the bell notification to stay in touch with all my content, hope you guys enjoy the background.