Joel veltman, you might thought jake clark, salter’s, not somebody we’ve, seen in a chelsea shirt for an awful long time future in front of him. I said silly hope he starts with chelsea this season. Doesn’T. Do it again? Is it unusual, therefore, that they’re playing a pre season game now, it’s, not a movement to return from that really Applause Music used to so this is what we’re making do with for this afternoon march. Seen plenty the ball early on here, he’s gon na go and go outside of him just to show him inside a little bit close to the goal. For me to give him too much room, he still gets the shot, here’s marcos alonso. This is in towards vernon. So that it could work its way through to james berners, touch off should have a shot might be able to now, though, on to the left foot couple of deflections moon werner’s goal four minutes in here’s march Applause, since chelsea took the lead 10 minutes ago crossing. Looking for he’s gon na cross from deep, though start of the season, Applause Applause link, that’s fabulous, isn’t, it okay, not interested in his attempts to get a penalty yeah. I don’t think it’s a bad too much space, given what is going to be first choice on corners. I wonder: Applause, Music Applause, Music, he’s, always nice for players in pre season, friendlies just to decent ball in that good lead from loftus cheek, although maybe he wasn’t Applause yeah.

If you didn’t have two such stellar players in front of him for right back here’s, the edge then got back in at him down the line for trossard. You see us just getting ready so well doesn’t. He just minutes. After coming on, he is ruled to have fouled, lewis, dunk and right difficult to see versus caballero. Oh it’s, a great kick well, it was far enough in the corner, but maybe not with the right side. Visit. Guess is right and i think that’s the answer. That’S, a good strong arm down to his left hand, there was a bit of pace on it stupid thing to do. Isn’T it. You know, you’ve got a defender coming around the back. Did he hurt himself by taking that okay side twinge of any description? That also tells the character of players. This is crosstalk gets underway in a couple of weeks time, oh and they almost got left chelsea team that’s currently out there that will be altered. They could enter last season, shane duffy bernardo the brazilian that’s, his first chance to attack really, and he goes down under a challenge from rudy inside here. Just flicks. It outside it’s only really good. Nothing in that at all just needs a chance. Perhaps 25 now clive viewers up for the doubt and sometimes it’s about timing and the times that you appear at certain clubs and what’s going to and this one he happen this time last year in terre atlantic.

So it is henry lawrence and ian martin who are coming on the ones with experience just to see how they come on. I thought perhaps connolly went down a bit easy, but when you look at the reaction of of dave, went it round the wall beautifully and looked always comfortable, it was going wide right matt. I thought this was going in good for a kick. I was very pleasing. I think what’s difficult to do is difficult to assemble about, but i think sometimes, as managers and coaches, you look at it and you go maybe a bit of double vision. There then that’s why he’s going to come off? They know he knows what he can see or feel has pounced on. An error from the goalkeeper almost got himself a goal, maybe no time at all on the ball and it showed again there. This is interesting at the end of the second either martin’s header on change of corners gallagher, Applause, the final shot, that’s, the young replacement they’ll, keep it sanchez who comes on, and then you get injured swishing it forward a nice influence to have on the rest of Your teammates, he has the same ass for the cueto almost able to get there mccormick brother gallagher then did get down and feeding it through. You wonder if their top end championship blow might be as beneficial as a team in the premier league, who lose more than they were lawrence Applause.

It’S good play, isn’t it in close attendance might be a late equaliser here finally goes down. The referee has win the ball from the wrong side: Applause regulation time brighton do get an caballero for me.