Then chelsea’s pre season impression at the start of the campaign having struggled to return from that accolades injury really now rhys james he’s, going to let fly early on. This was a shot by rhys, oh decent enough across the face to go between his beltman Applause, twisting one way or another trying to get his cross, and he managed to do that too. Applause yeah whip him on it, it’s a brilliant ball birds in fatima could celebrate. I mean the ball. Is terrific isn’t it time? Another run was superb the header dreadful, but it there’s no flag. Chelsea are ahead, and timo verna has scored fewer than four then losing possession night was the decoy march centered in with his left, and it was a defend against. We should be getting tighter closer Applause. He kicked in a decent ball, as well. Defenders had stayed forward, for which we are grateful, but those are different times to what we’re used to so. This is what we’re making do with for this afternoon march. Seen plenty of the ball early on here, he’s going to go for it as well. Give him too much room. He still gets the shot away, but snatching the haze team. The first trophy of the season in women’s football here’s marcos, alonso his way through to james berners, touch off quite run for zh to have a shot might be able to now, though, on to the left foot couple here, t moon, werner’s goal Applause.

I think the referee is waiting to see what happened now. I think he was going to get them. They’Ve enjoyed the majority of possession since chelsea took the lead 10 minutes ago. Applause crossing looking for lallana chelsea away from their goal. Now james can cross from deep, though, has got some space Applause he’s locked his cheeks, the best header from christensen, here’s trossard, though by veltman Applause alone at the far part across our but james, had read, it sounds managed to get on the ball again and they Stopped okay from doing it there he is again he had a bit of space moved on for alonso down the line for hurts. At least we scored a goal. The man who has the blues ahead Music came inside, made room for the shot he gets hold of. This callum too much space, given.